Another huge turnout in Sibu


Another night, another large crowd in Sibu.

Photo credit: Sarawak4change via plixi

This was the scene at 11.15pm today. Tomorrow’s a working day but the folks over there are staying put to listen to political speeches.

The BN holds all three state seats in the Sibu parliamentary constituency: PBB controls one (Nangka, 4815-vote majority in 2006) and Supp two: Pelawan (263-vote majority) and Bawang Assan (2504-vote majority

Over in Limbang, at a 50-table DAP dinner, donations to the party have surpassed expectations. “Extraordinary unbelievable Donation Limbang breaks all Swak g/e records – RM26,759! Testimony strength of hurricane in Swak. Najib take note,” tweets Kit Siang. “Told Limbang crowd Najib has lost confidence in Taib n virtually taken over Swak BN g/e campaign. Does this presage entry of Umno into Swak?”

There are two state seats in the Limbang parliamentary constituency: PBB’s Abdul Rahman Ismail won Bukit Kota in 2006 by a 3229-vote majority against two independents. This time, Abdul Rahman is up against a DAP candidate and two independents. In Batu Danau, SPDP’s Palu@Paulus Palu Anak Gumbang emerged victorious in 2006 over a Snap candidate by a 1262-vote majority. Palu will now square off against candidates from PKR and Snap.

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11 Apr 2011 9.42pm

When one man hold so much power Chief Minister & Finance Me Minister , Corruption and abuse of power is guaranteed.
People of Sarawak wake up ! and STOP Corruption (and) further raping the wealth of Sarawak .

11 Apr 2011 12.36pm

A week’s campaign cannot reverse the feelings Sarawakians have against BN. Peh Moh said that it was he who talked Najib into releasing the Malay language Bible. But did he also tell Najib to ensure that the Bible became an issue so that he could show that he had an influence, like the usual two-hand game? To make it seem real, Pek Moh said that it was stupid of Putrajaya to stamp and deface the Bible. He had selected Kerismuddin as the fall-guy; Kerisman can’t ever stand straight, with the quality of the grey matter residing between his two years.… Read more »

11 Apr 2011 9.06am

The opposition have a chance to really turn on the burner with the Dayaks this time around, with Taib guaranteed to be ask to step down after the election, its now about WHO to replace him. Oppositition should tell the Dayaks, the bigger the vote against the BN, the better the candidate will be – if they want a Dayak … then they need to vote as big as possible against BN…

11 Apr 2011 7.10am

STOP … Taib ….!
VOTE Dap & Pakatan !

11 Apr 2011 12.01am

Well done, folks of Sarawak, let us once and for all “bury” SUPP like how Penangnites “bury” Gerakan/MCA/MIC with their votes! It is now your time Sarawakians! Just let us clean Malaysian politics of dirty and corrupt practises and politicians! Also let us wipe out all racists political parties! We must be one united Malaysian to take on the global world economically. Never never be fooled by BN again and never never allow dishonest politicians to divide and rule us! Show them we are their boss. Vote Pakatan Rakyat and make sure DAP wins the 15 seats it is contesting.… Read more »

10 Apr 2011 11.58pm


10 Apr 2011 11.53pm

I just hope the Sarawak people will take back the state from BN.

Sariah Saptu
Sariah Saptu
11 Apr 2011 12.16pm
Reply to  hopeful

We must not just hope, but must vote to make change happen. Please help to inform the rural people that the opposition party can bring development to them once they have the access to the state development fund when elected.

The very fact that many turned up for opposition ceramah has shown that people are thirsty for change,he being tired of the rhetorics of BN. No wonder Najib has to make alternative plan to base himself in Sarawak this week to help in campaining.

11 Apr 2011 3.11pm
Reply to  Sariah Saptu

Najib is getting desperate now…

(They) even have to give away goodie-bags with tupperware to draw people to his event.

11 Apr 2011 6.53pm
Reply to  Khalid

When (they) see the response for the opposition growing, the next few days wont be just giving tupper ware and goodie bag, it wil be cash cash cash …. Remember the Sabah case when Pairin won by a few seat. Within a matters of days almost all Pairin men jump over….