An early general election?


What can we expect from the next general election, which a few believe may coincide with the Sarawak state election?

The last general election was widely described as a watershed general election, but real change is still some way off, although we are now closer to a viable two-coalition system.

Much has been said about the next election being make-or-break for Pakatan, especially if the Election Commission manages to push through a constituency redelineation exercise (which many believe would favour the BN, if experience is anything to go by).

Full article on Aliran website here.

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Hi Anil, I think Najib will call the Sarawak elections first, and then hold the GE later. Having said that, he could also do it at the same time. Don’t know. As a Pakatan supporter, I don’t really want to speculate on what Najib will do, and when he will do it. However, I want Najib to crack his head about what WE will do. I want him to ponder, worry, guess, speculate, crack his brains, whether : 1. Pakatan will call, or not call, the state elections in all the four Pakatan states at the same time as when… Read more »

Y Sia

If you want change and a better malaysia, we need new people with new ideas. Malaysians, you decide


Elections?? just sharing with you all, 15 years ago, our house keeper said to me, she going to vote DAP, wah DAP GOOD lor but after a BN Van picked up her and the rest of the group.

She came back and told me, she voted BN, I asked her why? she said they (BN) give everybody inside the van (handouts). TRUE STORY, U better believe it!!!


I believe this time your housekeeper will still get into the BN van, and take the BN handout, AND then vote Pakatan ! Change do happen. Change We Can !


Sarawak state election aspected will be on october his year, dewan akan di bubar pada, 10.10.2010. lucky and strong number by bomoh. So sekira terjadi ramalan ini, maka rakyat akan pergi ke peti undi untuk memilih wakil mereka. Biasa nya bn di pimpin oleh dk taib dgn yakin dan berani mengumumkan dan membuburkan dewan lebih awal. Kali ini bukan mudah nak membuat keputusan ntk mencari tarith? INi bererti bn yg memberi kemenagan kpd bn pusat, najib biasa cakap fix deposit. Najib belum pernah di lagi mendapat mandat dari rakyat, biarlah org sarawak menentukan kemungkinan ini. Perubahan akan tetap akan berlaku… Read more »

Dr. No

There can be a unified Parliamentary election when Parliament is dissolved, but, that too for the Federal Government only, as far as State Elections are concerned, it is going to be fought on PR’s terms and conditions. They decide and not UMNO/BN. Good development indeed. There is a possibility of an early election, perhaps by the first half of next year, as economic indicators are again pointing that USA is again expected to go into a recession 12 months from now. And what happens in USa will affect Malaysia. And also the BN’s coffers, particularly UMNO is fast drying up.… Read more »


Mari undi ramai-ramai
Untuk menjatuhkan BN
Dalam pilihanraya akan datang
Demi menjamin masa depan
Untuk anak cucu kita
Sebelum negara jadi muflis
Apabila BN terus membazir duit rakyat
Dengan rasuah dan tipu helah


Come next election, with or without Anwar, BN is finish. People are feed-up with Umno, Mic, Mca, Ppp dll. They always play up with race issues and warn ‘May 13’ will happen again. They can’t compete with PR policy. Want BN can’t deliver in 53 years, PR will/have able to deliver them in 2 years time.


Trying to predict GE is like trying to predict dynamic systems – the whole thing keep shifting and its not so simple anymore. Firstly, the economic outlook will not be good until way into next year. So its not going to happen at least until then. Secondly, its clear they want to try to put Anwar away before they do it because Anwar is, by far, the best election campaigner in any party. In additin there is other key issues like TBH and PKFZ case which they want to deal with. Among the intelligent one in UMNO, its already accepted… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Let’s keep a mental note
Of what’s found in a tote
That will influence the vote
Of all inside and outside the cote

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120810
Thur. 12th Aug. 2010.



Lu boleh tulis pantun melayu tak?

Gerakan K

Next GE will be in 2012. BN government will fully utilize the budget allocated (budget 2011 and 2012) for more purposeful activities.


Was told by Credit Card salesman that the RM50 fees would be removed this year. Also note the waiver of blacklist for Traffic summons till Feb 2011. Anwar could be gong to prison soon, and further bail pending appeal may be denied. Haj season is around the year end, so looks like it could be all falling in place. Note that there is a 1/3 split among the Malays among PKR-PAS-UMNO. So if elections held during Haj season, PA would be on the losing end. Murugiah jumps to MIC promising to bring in 20,000 (or was it 200,000?) supporters, latest… Read more »


Why an early election. If you vote in BN again, you can expect price increase in the aftermath and all of you will surely suffer. The coffer of Najib and UMNO BN cannot stand anymore lest they wait longer.


Early Election date???

“NAH!!!”. I doubt so.

BARISAN NASIONAL will FINISH-OFF Pakatan Rakyat SLOWLY. Can’t you see BN is slowly but surely releasing all the WORMS in PAKATAN RAKYAT’s rotten can???

Let’s allow all these WORMS to come out 1st & then call for an Election will the BEST way to bid FAREWELL to our “ONE TERM WONDER” called PAKATAN RAKYAT….

Ahmad Syafiq

Yeah right. ;P As much as you would want to see BN finishing off Pakatan by whatever means, you better be worried that the people are not as stupid as they are last time.