AlJazeera discussion on Malaysian general election (Video)


Have a look at this AlJazeera panel discussion on the coming election, which quickly zeroes in on the problem of corruption.

Previously, in the Sibu by-election, it was “You help me, I help you (if my party wins)”.

But now with all the 1Malaysia handouts being dished out BEFORE the general election, it has become “I help you, you help me (win the election)”.

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Islam Channel’s Carl Arrindell Interviews Malaysian MP – Nurul Izaah binti Anwar, daughter of Anwar Ibrahim:


Good to see that Anil has place the video on his blog.

Good video. Really expose the shallowness of BN politicians!


Nur Jazlan is my gosh absolutely amazing. More Malaysian should watch this since Nur is considered one of the more capable MPs of BN.. For him to say the opposition has the internet and the government has the radio, tv and print media and they are fair is absolutely mind boggling. Where is his sense of fair play? The opposition don’t own the internet and have no control over it. On the other hand the government have absolute control over the print, radio and tv and this guy will brazenly call it fair. BN got to go and there is… Read more »


Better watch Al Jazeera or CCTV than the Umno mouthpiece TV3, NTV7 and Astro Awani. As for RTM, just heard it is ‘Rihat Tunggu Mati”!

dr hamid ibrahmim

1. corruption will be the cause of umno downfall 2 Maha should not interfere in the election process 3 WIKI MAHA has clearly shown the amount of hoarding by the maha, his children and the ministers… 4. Nothing short of an INDEPENDENT PEOPLES ENQUIRY COMMISSION WILL BRING OUT ALL THE TRUTH. THE CRIMINALS SHOULD BE JAILED FOR LIFE; THEY HAVE (AMASSED) SO MUCH MONEY; IT IS SHOCKING wHAT ABOUT taib of Sarawak. It is not understood why the people of sarawak are so stupid that they still want him. let us not forget that the whole world is watching malaysia.… Read more »


Mahathir & Taib Mahmud are 2 very good reasons why the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat should be given a chance to rule Malaysia. Syed Al Bhukari, a very close associate of Mahathir have been awarded billions of Govt Contracts -Gas,Electric,Motor Industry,Port,Rice,Sugar, Transport,Retail etc etc etc. Mahathir used his position as PM and Finance Post which he grabbed after sacking Anwar who refused to use public funds to bail out Mahathir’s son shipping firm. Taib Mahmud’s cronies & family own vast land in Sarawak aliented from the natives and ammased Billions from Timber logging displacing the natives. Why do these 2 …… Read more »

Mike Terrence

Agreed, so are those who represents the Government. Arrogantly tyrant remarks too…F
ull Stop!


The real reason why UMNO/BN is going to fall is THEY ARE SIMPLY BRAZEN and RECKLESS. Its INCREDULOUS that they show up something like this and try and defend themselves. The Zul Noordin and Ibrahim Ali candidacy is likely the HEIGHT OF THEIR BRAZENNESS and RECKLESSNESS..Its spitting in the face of BASIC COMMON SENSE. It also explains how Najib has RECKLESSLY spend OVER RM56 Billions already to BUY THIS ELECTION even before nomination day..

Ah Beng

Forum like this exposes the shallowness of BN politicians!


That shallowness is the exact reason why BN politicians dare not engage in any form of public debate.