Adun passes away; another Penang by-election


The Penang State Assembly member for Permatang Pasir, Hamdan Abdul Rahman from Pas, passed away at dawn, according to a source in Permatang Pauh who was informed by Hamdan’s personal assistant.

Hamdan, who suffered from heart complications, has been described as “a good man”, concerned about the people’s problems, humble and easily approachable.

Pas has held the Permatang Pasir seat since 1999.

In the 2008 general election, Hamdan had defeated an Umno candidate by a 5,433-vote majority.

If a by-election is held in Permatang Pasir, it would be the third in this part of mainland Penang since the 2008 general election (after the Permatang Pauh parliamentary and Penanti state by-elections).

The state seats of Penanti, Permatang Pasir and Seberang Jaya lie within the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency.

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Dear frens,
This is like playing AWAY from home battle for Pakatan in terms of football…..because incumbent is belong to BN. So is for BN to lose, and Pakatan to gain a seat. So, home ground for BN. I hope Pakatan field very strong line up and big guns for this by election, the main strikers, wingers, midfielders and very able and strong goalkeeper and defenders at the back. So far, Pakatan has all the talent players like in ManYoo, I doubt Muyiddin, Najib make very lineup and more like WestHam…


First, my deepest condolence to the family .

I bet EC will fix a weekday as the election date and it will be held when the 60 days are almost up….a way to help its “master”. ‘Yes Master. weekday it (probably) shall be and 56 days from vacant date to give u sufficient time… in this buy-election’.


Hamdan was a good man and liked by all – Malays, Chinese and Indians. He was a humble man. He lived to serve the people irrespective of race or religion. His soul will rest in peace.


My condolence to the family of Late YB Hamdan Abdul Rahman.


My deepest condolences to the late YB’s family and may God bless his soul. This by-election is very intresting as it comes at a very crucial time for both Pakatan and BN. Another factor is that this is being held at Anwar’s home ground of PP and this adds to the already high stakes. It is a little known secret that the relationship between PAS and PKR in Penang has broken down over the last few months. It is also no secret that PKR Penang is deeply divided with various factions. There is also bound to be intense competition among… Read more »



Score 6:1 grenti !



Nik Gnoek

Condolence for the family of the deceased… This is indeed an era of by elections – battlegrounds between people’s power versus oppressive forces. May the people’s power continue to make irrepairable dents to the power craze regime!


good man bade goodbye too soon,may god bless his soul.


EC what this time…blame god why people die????


My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family.


Kick BN’s bottom again.


Yippee!. Another by-election in Penang.
Now we test the voters sentiment again.


Anil, why Pakatan people always die and not BN’s.

Since Beng Hock’s death, i have been praying …

True, no stone will be left unturned. Those involved definitely will meet their Maker very soon.

They can do all sorts of coverups from from the Rakyat but they cant cover God’s eyes. He is watching from a distance.

Watch up, you evil men !!! I believe God is not dead yet !!!

PPasir Voter

my condolences to the family.

on a lighter note, i’ll be looking forward to another by-election in sbrg jaya in the near future. one more inane entry in the Malaysia Book of Records, for the most number of changes of elected reps by a single parliamentary constituency in a single term…


God bless his soul.
May he rest in peace.

Good chance for PR to increase the majority !


Seems the parliamentary seat of Permatang Pauh and the 3 state seats are all jinked for by-elections. Seems that left only the Seberang Prai state seat to go now. Wonder if that will not be jinked?

My condolences to family of Late YB Hamdan.

Guess its time to guage PAS’s recent issues on the “unity Govt” by semi urban voters and this time with more Chinese voters too. Lets wait and see.


May god bless his soul. A good and kind hearted man in nature.