A BN ceramah in Malacca


MediaRakyat has come up with a video of a BN ceramah in Malacca.

It says this ceramah took place at Taman Bahagia, Bukit Baru in Malacca last night.

In the Bukit Baru state seat, Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam polled 7644 votes in the 2008 general election defeating a Pas candidate by a 2708-vote majority.

Bukit Baru falls within the Bukit Katil parliamentary seat. Here, Md Sirat Abu of Umno polled 30975 votes, scraping past PKR’s Khalid Jaafar by a 1758-vote majority. This one was close, especially considering that 1173 votes were spoilt.

The BN won five of the six parliamentary seats in Malacca, four of them by large majorities ranging from 12000-15000 votes. The remaining seat, Kota Melaka, was bagged by the DAP.

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Han TK

Dato’ Omar Bakar: Saya Terlibat Dalam Perancangan Fitnah Liwat Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim


Is that guy a Malaysian? Yes, he spoke bahasa, but that does not necessarily mean he is a Malaysian. Shameful. There ought to be a law against politicians behaving in in this manner. Very bad example for the younger generation. Samseng character.

Gerakan K (Team)

I guess many of you do not have any live experience in ceramah whether by BN or Pakatan. Or just only attending the top top guns ceramahs. They need to manage their image. So you only hear the civilized language just like in anil moderated blog. Of course those foul language in this blog usually be replaced by dot dot dot by anil. If you try going to ceramah without the top top guns presence, then whoa !!! You will learn new breed of F language and bad taste jokes. If there are hot headed guys from both sides there… Read more »

Andrew I

If he had one, it would definitely be at the end of his comment.

Love this guy.


While BN and their sycophants from Perkasa CARI PASAL.

GK as always a WANNABE will try to CARI ALASAN

Anil just said it, find one but no matter how he dig, it will come to the Mongolian murder, the Scorpene 1 Billions scandals, PKFZ and the BLUFF ah cheat 1 Malaysia of which it is Malay first Malaysian second.

A Malaysian.....hopefully

Please, people in Melaka, please vote wisely for the ones who are reasonable and fair. We need good and quality people to be our leaders. Put aside race, religion and people who are cheats. We want the best for our country Malaysia.


What has happened to our level of politic? Shouting, screaming,cursing? Is this the reason why NR dare not debate with AI? And why do the police allow campaign of different parties to be held side by side?


Malu we have such people in BN UMNO
Just like the corrupted convicted traffic policeman.
Or the gangster like people in Perkasa
Or the 3 Trios who just have such thick skin that they DO NOT know what Malu is
To keep on commenting is just endless.
An endless stream of 55 years of decadence
Have we degenerated to such a low level.
Yes, that is why we need CHANGE

kepala pening

Is this the type of “quality” people that BN have? No wonder Malaysia is going down the drain. OMG! please help us. This man is more like the roadside medicine man peddling viagra.

Melaka mari

Ini Ali buncit daa….pengampu …sen pun tak guna…satu melaka tau

Eujin Tan

tak ada kuality langsung… Chap Dacing ini… barangan layak di tong sampah saja


A typical 3rd class campaigning…

tenggiling landak



Ali Rustam is a classic UMNO warlord in a small state and he has an ARMY of these people at his beck and call.. It won’t be close..THIS is really just pre-battle rally for the horde..


If I’m not mistaken this type of political hooliganism first started in Malacca and now has become a trademark for any “ceramah”. What has happened to our civil society?

1MSIA1 (@sonofmalaysia)

Are we voting for such character to represent us – barking …, such anger -> such malice > ever seen an angry person making wise decision?
Has any angry person solve anything other than put you into meaningless fights and wars and a colourful display of his bad ethics and behaviours!
Friends – stay clear of such persons else the will ruin your life and your next generations!!