80% don’t want Mahathir to lead BN’s Penanti campaign


Will he take the hint?

Or maybe most of the poll respondents are Pakatan supporters who are afraid that Mahathir will lead the BN to a resounding victory? 🙂

Actually, the real test of Mahathir’s influence over Najib will be seen when we find out if Umno will field a candidate for the by-election.

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Ha Mahathir better tell him to be quite and dont open his big mouth. The more he open his GUA B N will sure loose. This is not the 70″s when he ruled. Better he contest Penanti seat and he if people still need him. Gone are ur days save ur a…


Mahathir is going to prove to the whole wide world that he has no match for Anwar Ibrahim.Mahathir until today still think that he is great and capable,actually he is just a mundane person just like you and me,nothing special.

If there was any different,it is because he has made Malaysia a corrupt country which all of us couldn’t have done it in our life time.

Angry Citizen

TDM, please realise that rotten umno is like a sinking titanic, cant be saved. umno death sentence cant be changed. TDM, dont waste your time, enjoy your retirement years while you can!


This senile old M … still open his big fat mouth in front of the rakyat. As far as we are concern (he) is history.
It will be real good if he stand for the Penanti by-election.
This gives the rakyat the golden apportunity….
Real disgusting.


Hmm. All here are shaking their heads in shocked disbelief and in an absolute disarray of disagreement at this iffy poll result cos’ surely everyone really, really, really knows by now that the smiling foc appearance of a warm and fuzzy 8) sharp safari-suited DrM at every one of those buy-elections is a not to be missed must have experiential opportunity treat for every voter and therefore, a definite 😀 voter-attracting, poll-winning tactic for yukky UMNO/BN. WE SAY YEAH! & NO TO ISA! 😛 AND HARIS FOR AG & RPK FOR IGP! GO FOR DSAI FOR PM & LKS FOR… Read more »


‘We, the bosses, should start to come to our senses and fend for ourselves. The ruling & opposition parties are too engrossed in power play and we are neglected, period !’

Don’t know what change is going to be effected. Personally, now is the best time to sever politics from businesses. In fact, there are some signs of it happening. Hurray for 2 party system. I am sure, by now, some of the ruling politicians would like to see that happening soon to avoid the same embarrassment of not being in political favor again.


This M wants to lead the campaign? Better still offer himself as BN’s candidate. PKR can put up a m… to contest against this… Guess who will win.


It would be a blessing for PR if Mahathir leads the battle. He failed in Gantang and Lambau – the 2 Bukits, and he is going to fail again in Penanti. UMNO has lost its directions after Pak Lah left the scene. Mahathir wants to flex his muscles now and this puts Najib in a dilemma. Najib has ‘failed’ his first test. The sentiment on the ground is still against UMNO and BN. The latest issues on Perak assembly, some of the court decisions made of late and the MACC role in fighting corruption, Kugan’s case, crime rate, the economy,… Read more »


Dr M. please make sure your buddy Samy also campaigns in Penanti. We can use all the help. If BN-UMNO does not want the seat then MIC can ask Samy to stand. Sungai Siput – Penanti no difference. All Samy’s stronghold. We have to be fair to the Penang PR Govt. They have been working very hard to bring in better governance. Before we start to run them down, understand that the Federal Govt controls the purse strings. There is also a lot of resistance from the Civil Service both State and Federal in Penang. Its an Uphill task to… Read more »

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Hi Anil, You know what, I have been talking to quite a handful of folks on the ground and they are too pissed off/ fed up with these games by PR & BN. Instead of moving forward and looking at the RAKYATs problems, all we here & see are the bitching and endless politics from both sides of the divide. We, the bosses, should start to come to our senses and fend for ourselves. The ruling & opposition parties are too engrossed in power play and we are neglected, period ! We are trying to work something out with certain… Read more »


Fairdinkum ,
the return of the m gang part II .

MAHATHIR Is Getting Senile?

They say wisdom comes with age, but for some age comes alone. I think Mahathir falls in the latter category, I am afraid.


Hahahaha… sapa mahu orang tua nyanyuk tu lagi??? hehehehee…


Let it be. It is for him to taste his own medicine. He still doesn’t realize how much Malaysians from all walk of life hate this old man and also to make an awakening shock to his family.
Let it be, let it be …

Anak Malaysia

Why is he still so busy body.


Since when does he listen to other people’s opinion? Of course he will lead the poll.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and other Progressive Friends

Scenes I would like to see:

1) Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM (and TDM is still around and still lucid)

2) Chee Soon Juan becomes MP in the Singapore Parliament (and LKY is still around and still lucid)

3) PR wins the next GE and a Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the May 13th Incident is set up.


TDM should head the Penanti campaign. It will be a referundum on TDM whether the rakyat wants him or not.


Actually, I want him to lead. Then UMNO will lose by a bigger margin, hehehehehe…..

With regards to his youthful looks, rumour has it that he’s been on hormone injection for years!

Andrew I

Does he ever?


That’s a good one Anil! LoL!!!!


Awwww, come on Anil! Don’t be such a killjoy. Dr. M is a spry octogenarian that not only deserves to enjoy life to the fullest but who also puts to shame the health condition of those half his age. And if that means he shows the rest of UMNO and BN how to literally run an electoral campaign, then let’s just let him. After all, it’s a free country… And Dr. M is a great icon of healthy living. So, Dr. M. go for it. Come one! You can do it! Yabbadabbadooo..! Haha, okay then, let’s see if he can… Read more »