79% want new polls as Perak govt on verge of collapse


The clamour for fresh state polls in Perak is building up as two Perak state assembly reps from PKR have quit the party while Hee has also reportedly quit the DAP. If all three were to defect to the BN – as seems likely – then the Pakatan Rakyat coalition government will not have the numbers to rule.

Now 79 per cent of 439 respondents to the poll on this blog (as at 4.00pm) are calling for fresh state elections in Perak. That’s up from 69 per cent at 12.45pm today.


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Oliver Samuel

retract. just wait and hope that goodwill and tolerance prevails.

Oliver Samuel

It is truely a black day for democracy and the rule of law in this my beloved country. What else is this corrupt and arrogant Barisan going to do to further alienate itself from the Rakyat who have clearly sent them a clear message during the last General Elections that they are not wanted anymore. Now they try to get in by the back door to rule Perak. And it is a sad day indeed to see our beloved Sultan of Perak condone such acts of total disregard for the wishes of the Rakyat by Barisan National. Keep it up… Read more »

Cheng Poh Heng

There was a clarion call to His Highess for dissolving the State Assembly. Regrettably, His Highness … proceeded to swear in the new Menteri Besar.
It was to be a defining moment for His Highness to resolve the so-called political crisis in Perak, but sadly, His Highness declined to define such moment.
…As for the four frogs, including one, who did a double leap, all of you are downright disgusting and an unparalleled disgrace in the “Land of Grace”.
Cheng Poh Heng


Tuanku ! Pl listen to the rakyat and not to the
UMNOistic BN which is corrupt and unwanted by
the rakyat of Perak.
We had the trust and high esteem on Tuanku
thinking that a snap election will be called
but alas ….

Elvis Bob Marley

There is a perfect moment in everyone’s life where you get a chance to change the course of history. My children and theirs and that of theirs will judge you for the decision you will make at this moment. Of all the people that I had known in my life time, I believe god has chosen to bestow on you that greatness that is going to directly affect me, my community, my state and my beloved nation. This is the moment for the perfect swing from your heart.

Your loyal subject,
Beggar Vance
Son of Perak


Hope the Sultan will make a wise decision and fulfil the wishes of the people by having a fresh election.Something is very wrong with the way BN took over the State.


The Sultan should agree to call for fresh election. This toading around is not what the Perak electorates want. The People should decide and it’s against our wishes if BN is allowed to form the Perak government.

Let’s see if the Sultan is the rakyat’s guardian …


Sultan will usually not want to rock the boat too much … Come on sir. Allow your rakyat to make that decision. Dissolve the assembly.