10,000 at ceramah in Bukit Gantang


2356:  The ceramah is over now with no announcement of the candidate made. My contact is on his way out, wondering when they will reveal the candidate. His final estimate of the turnout is around 10,000.

2328: Gantangian adds:

There are shouts of support from the crowd and cheers for Nizar and Anwar. Looks like it’s gonna be an easy win for Pakatan.

2324: Blog reader Gantangian reports:

I am in the markas for your info. Helping with the sound system here. Estimated about 15,000 people are here tonight. Anwar is talking about the unfairness of the BN goverment, corruption, and Najib as the next PM.

2313: Anwar is now addressing the crowd, according to my contact.

2259: Nizar is speaking now before a crowd of 8,000-10,000. People are having to park their cars 4km away and walk to the ceramah site.

2158: Some 5,000 people are now at a Pakatan ceramah at an alternative venue in Bukit Gantang. More people are trooping in. Anwar and Nizar are already present. My contact at the scene expects them to announce the PR candidate for the constituency tonight.

Anwar is expected to announce PR’s candidate for Bukit Selambau tomorrow at 10.00am in Merbok, Kedah.

2115: Police roadblocks have been set up around Taiping especially around the Simpang area. Police presence has been heavy.

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We predict things with intelligence and not with emotions. PR has established a true Malaysian solidarity – people of all races and religions have to come together to stand for equality and justice.


As predicted PR won the 2 seats.


All Malaysian will be proud the result of bukit gantang and bukit selambau elections. T


May Allah save malaysia from the leader who lead malaysian now


yeah keep on praying to your god…i dont care much and i dont care less…saying umno doing so called dirty tactis is a lame acuzation…if u are not here dont say anything.as i am writing to u guys, here in bukit gantang, i feel PAS are the real culprit here.doing bad tactic overhear.most of the pas supporters come from outside bukit gantang.so they park thier car anywhere everywhere and because of that, massive jammed so people are scared and lazy to go out.now?UMNO still jahat?come on….

Lim Ee Jin

Dear Anil Netto,

Once again, thanks for bringing these reports to us from Bkt Gantang. I am praying unceasingly for all the voters to see through UMNO/BN’s dirty tactics. I pray that they will not be cheated out of having one of our finest leaders as their MP. I pray that all UMNO/BN’s slimy tricks will came to nought.

As for the Anwar who writes so busily above, I pray that God will open his eyes to see the truth.

Lim Ee Jin


mr karma i am glad u used to live in anypart of the world and i am feel sympaty for u because u cannot understand my english.2nd its about value of the country. value in US,England, etc is different compare to malaysia.in the US its ok to gay .. or free sex …. but malaysia u like or not they cannot accpt it. well if u dont like malaysia, be my guest, pack up your things and u know what to do.you also dont need rocket DAP ehhh sorry rocket scientist to think about it.my god im speecless u also… Read more »


Dear Anwar Allah has endowed us with intelligence and emotions. Use more of the former than the latter. Good and evil come from within oneself, not from the outside. Let PR prevail, let Nizar contest. He WILL win. You don’t need s rocket scientist to predict the outcome. It;s so obvious. We want a 2-party system. I lived in the US, England and Australia studying and practising. I cherish how democracy works there. We want the same here. No monopoly when it comes to politics. Dear friend, your English is terribly bad. Please beef up your English efore yo ]u… Read more »


As a local people, I strongly feel that BN will surely win this election..Bukit gantang has been a strong supporter for BN ever since our country’s independence..


hi anwar, All the reasons that you have brought up suggest one thing. Malaysia should be only ruled by UMNO . Is that it? You are through and through UMNO mentality. What does UMNO want ? They employ the divide and rule system. On education, why cant they emulate Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew? Please read this book FROM THIRD WORLD TO FIRST BY LEE KUAN YEW. He had the will , so he created the way. He said no to chinese schools. Except that all mother tongue languages is compulsory to be taught in all schools. It takes sincerity to… Read more »


sorry mr JLC, 1st of all PR is not like BN. its all started when DSAI was accuse of wrong doing in 98.its start with BA then suddently so called PR.actually PR is not what they claim to be becasue u see 3 major parties in the PR have diffrent objective and have diffrent what they are fighting for.most of them are from umno, MIC,MCA and Gerakan.u just name it, DSAI, Tian CHua, etc they all come from BN and fedup with BN and then make a new party. Even PAS also is a division of UMNO last time. so… Read more »


Hi Anwar, I don’t really know when were u born. I tell u, the amount of open corruption in our beloved country if unchecked does not augure well for this beloved nation.BN is a party that has longer experience because they were given a longer mandate. Tell me if PR is given that same years of mandate I am sure they will be experience too. What I only see now is the amount of open corruption is their experience in BN. Please wake up and stop talking about race when the Malaysian race as a whole is going down the… Read more »


karma where do u live alaska?if yes no wonder lah because u are in the US, either u are republican or democrate. here in malaysin dont be confuse…where got such thing…as BN yes.but i dont thing PR are ready yet.u see in PR, there is a semi taliban movement, they also got chinese/minorities pro sosialist who love change the perlembagaan, and not forgeting the pary who enjoy free sex. so u see how can this PR want to compeat with BN whice got experince some more to manage the country. yes i admit there is a problem here and there,… Read more »

Uncle Leong

good luck and Daulat Tuanku.


hahaha karma, now u all talking like masjid or tokong people.let the democracy bla bla, last time hantam sana sni.hello where is your stand?either u are with PR or u with BN that’s all. if u are with BN welcome abort joint the club. if u are with PR then i love to what are your comment about PAS aka semi taliban movement in bukit gantang?.


The country needs a 2-party system. Stop the character assasination. No party is perfect and no candidates are perfect. Let democracy prevail. The people will decide who they want as their leaders. The country needs a healthy political system. If the people choose BN let it be and if the people choose PR let it be. After all the rakyat can always decide when the time comes. It is not the issue of who should monopolise power. It is not the issue of race or religion. It is the issue who could govern the country well. Let the people decide.


And what makes you think that being an UMNO member makes one a racist ? Just because DAP doesn’t claim to be a party based on race, that doesnt mean they are not racist.


Be strong and get the right next Prime minister of Malaysia……Don’t get a criminal or a corruptor.


Act like the Thai use people’s power to get our next prime minster.
We have to be strong to be heard, don’t let Umno n BN bullied us.


The crowd was huge. Really huge. Over 10,000. Malays, Chinese, Indians and O Asli thronged the venue.

hello where got orang asli in bukit gantang?really karang mengarang lah!


karma on March 20th, 2009 at 3.19pm The crowd was huge. Really huge. Over 10,000. Malays, Chinese, Indians and O Asli thronged the venue. The police were not harsh, but frendly. Most of them smiled at the people coming to the ceramah. They were just doing their job as ordered. The roadblocks all over did not deter the people from attending the ceramah. A positive sign for PR. If this is an indicator, then PR candidate will win the coming by-election. To every 10 people I talked to almost all were not happy with what happened to Nizar and the… Read more »


Balasi on March 20th, 2009 at 3.57am
time & tide waits for no one…..so be it, it’s time for UMNO / BE END to be thrown off shore.

hahahah keep on dreming.no people will choose rasist party like PKR whice in the party got sodomiser…


if you come to university, they have all sorts of programmes that expose you to racism.

but we all know that . both malay and chinese students. we despise their’ intentions .

i have been to university for a long time ago young man. mind telling me what are the programmes that expose u to rasism?go back to your room study first.get your degree and get a job dont be like puchong samseng or idiot klana jaya MP.


Any segregation or selection according to race is apartheid.

huh u dont even know what is aparthied?i think u never been to south africa and i bet u dont even born yet.if u dont know about something dont simple say.if malaysia is apartheid state, do u see sigh as no cina or indian allowed in this shop?or only malay can buy food at this malay place?i bet u dont find it.if u talking about dasar, i never see about any dasar in this country say only give project to certain people?do u?pls give some strong evidence regarding this matter.


…come on this is malaysia and something will never change..dont waste time on alternative party politics. its well said only BN got experince combining 3 major race in this country as well as the bumi,s,.i still remember my friend a y.b from PKR parliment Kelana jaya selangor dont know anything about politic, enter then parliment, doing nothing, talk nothing asik asik pergi tandas, then go for a long coffee break.is this kind of MP that u guys want?yes i admit umno and BN got problem but those PR also got alot of problem.unexperince canidate, canidate who dont ever speak malay…… Read more »