Nomination day immediately after Umno assembly ends


The Election Commission has fixed 29 March as nomination day and polling day on 7 April for both the Bukit Gantang  and Bukit Selambau by-elections.

Nomination day thus falls a day after the Umno general assembly concludes on 28 March.

How convenient for Umno that the by-elections are scheduled for after its general assembly.

Najib is thus spared the embarrassment of leading the BN to two more possible by-election defeats ahead of the Umno assembly.

For the Kuala Terengganu by-election, the Election Commission announced on 5 December 2008 that polling day would be 17 January 2009. That’s a gap of 43 days.

This time the announcement is made today, 13 February, for polling day on 7 April. That’s a gap of 53 days, one of the longest in recent times. That’s cutting it close to the maximum 60 days allowed.

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pray for the downfall umno/bn


In my opinion, PM, KJ & 4th floor guys giving PM wannabe more rope to “hang himself forever” with this date as there will be controversy at the 28 March 2009 UMNO General Assembly when he takes over, with so many factions fighting against one another for the other positions, etc. Yes, it will be to BN’s disadvantage ! This great nation, its assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia have been abused for the last 40 years by these “Moronic Idiots & their ….” through “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”. Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Leaders &… Read more »

Angela Ooi

Najib, a yellow-livered, no b… coward.

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

the coming bye-elections is a foregone conclusions;
both the seats will be won by the OPPISITION.

Angered Perakian

My birthday is on the March 29. I’ll pray hard for BN to crash out and humiliated on the April 7, as the birthday present for me from heaven, and as my birthday present for the Rakyat!

Ong Eu Soon

Good for Najib, he can blame his deputy for failing to campaign for BN’s victory if BN loss in the by elections.


Its so obvious the EC are bending over backwards to “help” BN

Well, they are still keeping to the letter of the Constitution, so I can’t accuse them of acting beyond their powers.

CL Lim

By now everyone knows that EC is another tool for political leverage for Umno-BN. This is only the beginning of (possible) evil plans towards polling day. Remember to highlight what’s predicted now. Would there be another Operation-Crackdown, is it in progress now? Just keep tab on news that’s developing form hereon. No matter how remote or looks insignificant, it’ll all fit in like a Jig-Saw puzzle. Every attempts to follow up on reports against the PKR (no matter how irrelevant or stupid) will be at bullet speed whereas Cases against Umno-BN will be at snail pace. Malaysia boleh. Sit and… Read more »


This is obviously a set up date to avoid date clash with UMNO meetings. What a shame.


no matter. the rakyat will give him a double dose of rejection on apr 7th.


FYI some demo is going on in Karpal’s residence in Penang. There are FRU’s and the like surrounding that area too’ Please take a look Anil and give minute to minute reporting.

Anti Judas

Please wrote to Hee’s parent and put pressure on her parent, and this may lead to this … to resign her Jelapang ADUN seat.


the one million dollar question now is this,

anil, which by election r u going to cover? hehe


How come Jealapang haven’t being detained under ISA for her own safety until now ?
Oppppps i forgot in Malaysia,own safety only the Home Minister Botak guy can define.
Sorrrrry …


Samy Vellu should stand in Bukit Selambau since he is MIC chief,mana boleh chief also no DUN.Might as well give up .
Guess his ….. lost after GE 12 ….


When a cyclone is approaching, nothing can stand on its path.
UMNO-BN at best is to recover some lost ground, even that, I doubt.
It is up to PR to choose good candidates to stand in these two by-elections. Bukit Gantang does not seem to have any difficulty but,
Bukit Selambau may pose a few hiccups. Let us hope the spirit of
PKR alliance will show goodwill and the spirit of ONENESS to regain
this seat. My money is still both wins for PR

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Isn’t it rather convenient or is it mere coincidence that the EC fixed the dates for nomination and by-elections on 29 March and 7 April? TO avoid possible further embarrassment to the TPM before the UMNO General Assembly? Note that the polling date is near the end of the mandatory 60 days period after a post becomes vacant!

Is the EC TRULY independent in its decisions? Seems likely prior consultations with vested interest party before decision made!


whether the umno fellas getting there to campaign or not doesn’t really matter as long as their pockets is filled with dollars & cents. Oh I almost forgot TV3 will definately be there to cement the victory for the opposition with their ever unethical media, TV3 Oh TV3 your prime time is going to be over soon…


Dear anil…

maybe najib’s gonna be spared from the brunt of the elections’ results…

but, putting the 2 by-elections not that far away from umno’s assembly (i mean, only by a day?) is still not really good for umno, as far as umno is concerned…

people will start campaigning for both by-elections any time soon…

perhaps we will witness again people from umno campaigning for themselves rather than the party…as what we’ve seen in permatang pauh and kuala terengganu…

i reckon the internal bickering in their party is going to be much uglier this time…

please disagree with me



It occurs to me the dates of nomination and election (could have been) picked after some serious consultation with the famous priest from Kerala. Numbers 29 and 7 are said to be regarded as best matching pairs by Indian astrologers and numerologists. Number 29 gives 2 as total and 7 as by itself.
A strategy to win or to reduce winning margin of opposition? Perhaps the businessman who heads the Indian business group knows better.