Pakatan opts for political greenhorn in Bukit Selambau


The PKR’s S Manikumar, a 35-year-old marketing consultant, has been revealed as the Pakatan candidate for Bukit Selambau. According to a source, the multilingual (he knows some Spanish, apparently!) businessman is a party newbie, having joined PKR only a couple of years ago.

An MBA holder and and graduate of Universiti Utara, Manikumar will square off against the MIC’s S Ganesan, a former Lunas state assembly member familiar with the local people.

1040: A crowd is now in Bukit Selambau waiting for the announcement of the candidate, according to my contact at the scene. Anwar is present.

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StevenO..go ahead and keep smelling Anwar’s … It is very typical of PR’s cheerleaders to live in delusion and denial.


I am just an ordinary citizen living in Malaysia. Don’t tell me what I know or don’t. I am living in it and I experience first hand all the living s*** of the BN.


Dej K the Cybertrooper,

Shzzz….tell you a little secret. Even if Anwar were to put up my old smelly underware to contest under the PKR banner, I bet you the underware will still win.

Cheh..cheh…che….you really talk nonsense! Why in the world would an intelligent soul like you come here to let people hurl insults on you?


Dear WandererAUS The only reason Manikumar was selected because of a deal between Anwar and the bigamist ex-ADUN Arumugam. And not because Mani is a talent from a new generation. Also there is a reason why Mani was suggested by Arumugam…If you want to know, read the papers or other sites. It bound to be exposed. By all means do debate with me but your usage of profanity is so typical of PR supporters who fight for free speech and human rights but cannot accept criticism against them. As for Nizar, please do give me a better example. Nizar is… Read more »


A little off topic here. May I suggest ALL bloggers to use pitch dark background in their blogs to signify the darkest moment of Malaysia on the day Najib is appointed PM(in the event that he is)?

M not a blogger so I hope u or someone will take the lead. If possible include Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today ..etc.


HEY MAYBE THIS’D REALLY WORK!! THIS IS HOW WE CAN PREVENT NAJIB FROM BECOMING PM… THIS IS FROM A POST IN SHAMSHUL ISKANDAR’S BLOG. QUOTE “shong, di Mac 19th, 2009 pada 12:43 pm Kata: sokong!!! “tak nak, najis!!!” and i have an idea. i think we can’t oppose him directly as he will use all the government agencies to frame us, the simpliest way, ISA…. in this case, let’s launch a campaign “boycott France!!!” as the France newspaper which reported on the altantuya case has badly tarnished our country image at the international level!!! make it a big huha!!! invite… Read more »

bangsa Cina Malaysia


i am chinese and will vote manikumar as long as he represent
Pakatan Rakyat who represent all Malaysians..

InsyaAllah PR will win hands down..



It is a young businessman versus a lawyer by profession. Both have their strong points. As human beings, they too have their weaknesses. Let’s not character assasinate them. If they are worth the material,let them contest. Let the people decide who their choice is. Let it be a fair contest. In politics, people’s sentiment plays a more crucial role when voting. BN candidate or PR candidate both are well-educated and possibly well-liked by the people here. BN or PR, they are just political parties. The problems faced by MIC and the many issues faced by BN at the moment may… Read more »


Never mind Manikumar is a newbie so long as he is representing the people of Malaysia and not MIC/BN.I’m sure the voters of this constituency will support Pakatan Rakyat and give all their votes to Manikumar.


Agree with you on this. It’s time to stop this nonsense

If you would have done in Singapore, May God have mercy on you? Guess what happen to Tang Liang Hong! Freeze with Mareva Injunction! Forced to flee. Not really sure if it’s true with Liang Hong as chinese chauvinis but PAP has definitely done it according with law. With much references & precedents such as Mareva Injunction
You would have been ‘dead’ many times. Karpal Singh is one such person!


k; You guys must be joking… ———————————– Good try! I will be disappointed if I expect less from a running … Don’t waste your time in this blog, you will get no sympathy…I feel sorry for an unwanted …. …. Huh, not worth wasting our time. Yes, PR made the right choice. A new face from a new generation…this experience will be a tremendous boost for him, the future augurs well, when new talents are given the opportunity to contest…like in Perak, how wonderful for PR supporters that we are able to see a rising star in Nizar…a real leader… Read more »


The PR leaders have made their choice, all members will have to give full support to this candidate.

Remember, the people are strongly behind the party, not on any single individual.

For other potential candidates, in the next GE, there are plenty of chances.

The important thing is not to become a POLITICAL FROG.


You guys must be joking… Manikumar is a nobody and a parachute party member. The only reason why he was chosen because of Anwar & Arumugam (ex-ADUN) who “resigned” amid the bigamy scandal. I can foresee PR getting thrashed. Even among PKR Indians Mani doesnt have the support. Many of PKR veteran Indian leaders will rather vote for MIC’s candidate. As for PKR Malays, they are also furious of the choice of an Indian (and this is supposed to be a multi-ethnic party). So Mani will be soundly defeated. Even Makkal Sakthi folks are angry with DSAI… All the people… Read more »


i beleive with a newhorn Pakatan can win bkt selambau. Mic is an old history party.


young to make change. go for it!


yes we are Malaysian! support PR


Yeah. Kick (out) Samy…. MIC candidate don’t matter. He is just a faceless nonentity.

Ramazi- Caucasaus

Abang Dragon, throw all the flames from your jaws and support PR. All patriotic citizens of Malaysia should call themselves Malaysian.

k c low

In selecting Manikumar as the candidate, DSAI, you have made an excellent choice. Its about time yoy get a young man with integretiy, honesty and well educated to join your party. I am sure he will win.


Yes abang Ramazi you are very right…..we going to support Pakatan Rakyat.We all are malaysian .I hope all the people in Bukit Selembau will vote for PR.


Manikumar I know of is a credible candidate. His leadership qualities shone even when he was a university student. He is very much liked by the people here. A friendly man, he lives a simple life despite his success in business. He is a man of principle. A right candidate for the PR.

Ramazi- Caucasaus

…Whether is it Samy, Muthu or Sockalingam in the future, it is not going to make any difference to Malaysians. We should stop calling ourselves by race, we are Malaysians.


If you refer to Singapore in the 70s, you would see the battle between technocrats & hustlers. Whether Ganesan is good with crowd is secondary, the party is sinking into oblivion. Ganesan would be known as hustler. You wanna what’s the percentage of popular votes garnered by PAP at the time, just check out the website


the BN govt should know by know that semi valueless is a bad omen of the ruling party in all the 3 by elections. the day he starts campaining for mic,after nomination day the results are known, pakatan will sweepbukit gantang


ha…ha…..ha….what bulls***! ….