Free 1Malaysia dinners: Photos of the day


The BN thinks it can ‘buy’ Malaysians by treating them to free dinners. These scenes capture what it thinks of Malaysians.

This was the scene at Mount Erskine:

Queuing up for food at 5.30pm even though dinner only begins at 7.30pm
Queuing up for food at 5.30pm even though dinner only begins at 7.30pm – Photograph: Aliran

People having been lining up early to make sure they get their share of free food. Read the full article and find more photos at ‘1Malaysia ‘welfare’ dining farce’ on the Aliran website.

Now what is this next photo all? This was shot at the 1Malaysia dinner at Bayan Baru.

A 1Malaysia lucky draw winning quickly putting on a 1Malaysia T-shirt before claiming his prize - Photo: Lucia Lai/
A 1Malaysia lucky draw winner quickly putting on a 1Malaysia T-shirt before claiming his prize – Photograph: Lucia Lai/

You can find the full photo story on the Citizen Journalism website.

You see what is happening here in Najib’s 1Malaysia? The BN gang are making Malaysians grovel for food and ‘lucky draw’ prizes, hoping they will return the favour in the general election. “I help you, you help me.”

Are Malaysian voters willing to be bought so easily?

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The voters are NOT that greedy as all the expenses for the consuming items are already paid for and it will be a waste if the people are not kind to participate, since they are the public’s monies. Why for the last 50 years, these politicians are not so generous ? Only this moment . Because of fear in losing as to get the betrayal of the voters. Who knows it is the people’s choice in the voting. As God helps those who do NO evil deeds to others. Since the Truth says, “good begets good, bad begets bad” remains… Read more »

Mlaysian In Action

All this just snake oil marketing to get crowd. They will come for the goodies all right. But it is sheer stupidity to think that we get a crowd through this manner and we will get their vote.


Where is Jakim to vouch for the halal status of the food when I see many poor malays also go for such free food?

Such fanfare will also backfire on BN as many hawkers are angry for losing business as their customers are flocking for free food.


Do you know that MCA dinners in JB are so cheapskate? They are haggling with the suppliers on pricing due to it being a free dinner. Compare that with the dinners organise by DAP and PKR, they is no haggling and the people pay for the food to listen to the rallies. Not only that, they are also donating generously to their campaign funds. What a difference?

Ini Kalilah Rakyat Malaysia, Kami UBAH Malaysia for A BETTER MALAYSIA.

Mt. Erskine resident


I was there, I enjoyed the food. Took some home too for my kids BUT I AM STILL VOTING ROCKET !!!! Bring more dinners, I WILL VOTE ROCKET !!!!

Justice Pao

BN has make a lot of malaysian poor that they had to go to these handouts. Shame on you BN. You should be giving these throughout the year, not at election time. Don’t you understand what is corruption?


Put money in pocket, eat the food, drink the beer, but vote for Rocket.

the mythbuster

It just reveals the FREE LOADING mentality of some beggar Malaysians. They just can’t resist food or any freebies. Haven’t we all seen the long queues at open house events during the festival seasons. Najib, UMNO/BN are just encouraging and exploiting these simpletons who think any thing FREE, be it money, food, drinks or hampers are the way to better living standards and a free, well governed government.

The suckers who line up at such events don’t realize that they are helping to perpetuate the image of all Malaysians as UGLY, GREEDY and CHEAP.


Don’t these people have any dignity left ? Desperate for food ? Go early. Real KIASU !


BN creating an instant generation of beggers – “U help me, we help U” for votes! Sometimes got food, also no come, pitiful, ..ask Donald Lim!

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Free food, beer, handouts, ang pow, lucky draw & wearing 1Malaysia t-shirt ? Really free?

You are the one who do free advertisement for them. You are the one appear on newspaper & tv as BN supporters. You are the one who help BN to promote they have huge crowds & strong supporters. Worth? Do your own thinking & calculation.


Phua Kai Lit

These scenes capture what it thinks of Malaysians.

Just like Tunglang always said “` Tham Chiak Kui “`


How many months left before Hungry Ghost Month & we are ‘seeing’ early bird, flesh & blood Tham Chiak Kuis (hungry ghosts) lining up before dusk.
Even the King of Hades is surprised that the well fed living is no different from the hungry dead.


Pornstar Chua is busy kissing Ibrahim and Noordin.
No wonder he says Noordin is now remorseful.


My relative, a hawker at the Rifle Range was asked to participate in 1Malaysia free dinners. The (person who approached her allegedly) offered her RM2000 for 2 nights’ work, blatantly told her ( and others) that they have (allegedly) pocketed RM2000 or half of the allocation in the process! The hawkers (seem to be) therefore encouraged to ‘masuk pocket’ another half, selling food less than RM500 per store!!

This is how the money is (allegedly) trickling to our poor citizens!


This is a legacy of a kutty of Helang Island. Anything touched must turn into ‘kang tau’ xxx%. Now this disease has spread sky high during election campaign & will be an acceptable norm of societal behaviour of Malaysians for generations to come. Imagine every kind of business dealing with a xxx% tambahan.
Malaysia is now gone to the back street dogs for freebies handouts & bleeding ‘kang tau’.

So much of this Blue Ocean Strategy boasted from Putrajaya of Nak Cheat.
Vote Responsibly. DO NOTE VOTE for Kutty leeching legacy.


The issue really is the cost of doing this. The returns on such campaigns actually is not high. At a min cost of RM500/table. 200 table plus prizes and venue its RM120,000min. At best you going to get 1%-5%, meaning of the 2000, you get 20-100 votes. Which comes up to RM1,200 to as much as RM6,000 or more per vote.. IT STUPID spending is more like it. People who do these kind of math, you think they won’t bankrupt the country? Its likely they doing this because someone is (allegedly) skimming money from these activities..Someone (linked to) BN is… Read more »


Apart from the greed of malysians for free food ,one should also see the picture on donald lims free dinner cum ceramah in one of the blogs. [forgot which lah]
Looks like he was talking to himself .HeHe What a pity mr donald lim, you are screwed.Thats the biggest egg in malaysia you’d get. Cheers ! Dont yam seng tonite !


Two pictures on a chinese newspaper yeterday showing the contrast:
1) showing many people at tables eating at the free dinner provided by mca rawang
2) showing same tables but now empty after people finished eating while Donald Lim talking to 3/4 empty dining hall!

Andrew I

Gherks has been awfully quiet these days. I hope he’s not ill from overeating.

You see, it’s a lot more than just cake on the menu. Look at all those empty beer bottles.

Only thing missing are China dolls. Where’s grandpa Chua?


this one must also ask grandpa anwar.


Called the monggolian models too.

Andrew I

No, because:

1. No blue film.
2. No admission.

Andrew I

3. Not PR event.


Malaysians are no longer na├»ve. Free F&B, gifts etc. under normal circumstances everyone would want. But when 05.05.13 comes, the votes goes to ABCD. Don’t they ever learn.


Never mind the free food. It won`t bring in the votes anyway.
The other day I was at the Chowrasta market dinner and met a friend. He told me to register and get a free 1M T shirt. I was puzzled, where is your T shirt. He pull over his normal T shirt and inside was the 1M T shirt. I smile and walked away.

Jin Xiang

We should threfore never trust those newspaper pictures of so-called ‘BN supporters’ in blue 1malaysia t-shirts. They are likely been given some sort of goodies prior to putting on the blue 1malaysia t-shirts for use by the BN propaganda unit, ie. for show to those kampung and rural folks taht BN has regained its lost voters in the urban area.