Najib’s tweet says it all in Sibu poll


What do you make of this tweet from Najib at around noon today?

I also handed out 1Malaysia People’s Computers to 50 students from Sibu area. In all, 1000 units will be distributed to targeted groups.

Can it get more blatant than that? What more evidence do you need? Over to you, Election Commission.

(Don’t hold your breath, though.)

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BN, DAP, keADILan, or PR is just the same … monster. They will sucks ur money if u giv them POWERS.


RTM is full of BN propaganda and political lies.

I hope the rural people will come to know this soon.


Who he thinks the money is from? This is not your father’s moneylah? If this is the way he spends money, can I choose not to pay income tax??


People of Sibu, tell the BN and SUPP in no uncertain terms their neglect and empty promises of development given at every election for the past 47 years can no longer hoodwink you. Send them your … message this coming Sunday!


what can you say if govt of the day is in control they wii throw the tax payer money for nothing we must change the a new govt PR that is what we must dobbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeend

KF Chan

“Which news report do I trust? Malaysian Insider or The Star? The Star mentioned a 50,000 crowd greeted Najib, but Malaysian Insider reported 7,000. 7,000 and 50,000, that is such a huge difference, just whom should we trust now? Someone please help?” Well, do you remember Nov 10, 2007? The Star reported only 4000 people causing traffic jams in KL. But on that day, it was a war zone at the center of KL during the Bersih March. Probably more than 30,000 people gather there suffering from tear gas and chemical water cannon from FRU. Who should you trust? Certainly… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Penang & Selangor have ongoing welfare programs BEFORE the by-elections whereas Najib does it only during the by-elections, that’s why it becomes an offence. Simple thing your mind cannot see. You need to get your brain checked. Even a primary school child can see the difference.

It is wrong to bribe voters during a by-election.


PDRM,MACC and SPRM deserves to be demonised by allowing this SIBU by-election to be manipulated and exploited into a BUY-ELECTION right after the HS election !!!!!!!!!!!
East Malaysians esp SARAWAKIANS should take this as a wakening call to join our fellow RAKYAT from Semenajung to oust all these BN BIG $PENDERS who has nothing to offer other than OUR OWN MONEY – THE RAKYATs MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!

clear conscience

Gerakan K

You don’t have spine if you understand the Chinese saying as you are selling off your integrity as a Malaysian. If Malaysia is not saved, then you are doomed as a Malaysian.

Can’t you see the billions lost through the 52 years of rule by BN? Or are you so insensitive to the needs of the many Malaysian generations to come (which you will also have)or would you just let it flow by being not your business to care for now?

Hmmm…..needs eduction to teach many of you think properly, rationally, constructively and positively.

May God save Malaysia!!!!!


I say the most important point about Sibu is this. During the HS buy-election, BN kept silent and in private told Malay voters there is no sport gambling license issued to Vincent Tan. It was issued this week. In this Sibu also buy-election, BN not only have kept silent on the issues of religion and in private says there is no restriction on use of ‘Allah’, they have in fact ban any public discussion of it. If BN can cheat their core Malay supporters of Hulu Selangor, who are Sibu Chinese non-Muslims? When they need it and have to face… Read more »


During the HS buy-election, BN kept silent and in private told Malay voters there is no sport gambling license issued to Vincent Tan.

I sincerely hope you can substantiate what you said above.

If BN did that, then we can go to the Malay voters and tell them BN has lied to them.

If BN did not do that, you would become yet another liability for the Pakatan Rakyat, along with Lim Guan Eng.


Well, what is new….they totally forget the the poor and then suddenly wake up during the by elections and give them all the goodies. As i mentioned during the Hulu Selangor elections, this is the new so called 1 Malaysia politics of bribery towards the rakyat. This is not going to end anytime soon. I can see BN winning but with a small margin-this it self is a 1 Malaysia slap on the faces of BN….the chinese cannot be bought. And lastly i am Malaysian first and a Muslim second… BN can forget its 1 Malaysia concept which is just… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The magic of Bolehland; bribe openly and nobody will come after you if you are in power.

Joshua Ong


This is not corruption lah…

‘Commission’ only, you know – just like the two Scorpenes…


that’s not what I wrote. If you’re so scared, just don publish my comments, no need to waste time deleting ALL I wrote and writing your own and publish under my name.


Its called ‘Feeding time!!. Just like a Zoo or Circus master choose when to feed… I bet there are still many ppl who didn’t know these ‘extras’ given were rightfully theirs in the first place. These are crumbs left overs.



Words are that PR is catching up. With two more days to go, words from Sibu are that it is now 51-49 still in favour of BN.

Allah issue is impacting the Dayaks and Ibans, even Taib could not get good response, they say.

And bookies are now having many betting for a PR win! This is extremely bad for PR! As it may affect the votes.

Hope to hear your views!

Gerakan K

I expect next 2 days you will say, now it is PR in the lead !!! Same tactic used in HS by-election. Boring lah. Bila nak sedar, O ??? Sibu is BN fixed deposit cum super strong-hold. With my 1Malaysia PM Najib support in campaigning, possibly another few thousand votes will swing back to BN. Noticed the welcome parade shown by people of Sibu for my great PM, I upped my prediction to 4000 votes majority in favour to BN. Finally, thanks BN government for well manage our economy[1], unlike dropping FDI in Penang. Reference: [1] Malaysian Economy Grew 10.1%… Read more »


Gerakan K, Stupid dude like you make stupid comparisons! Tell me which Company operating in South east Asia is not experiencing a growth or an increase in sales and revenues, when compared to 1st quarter of 2009? If the revenues or sales do not increase by 30-50 % the CEO or COO would have been sacked! It is people like you who will jump at every “good” news from the Government that makes the Country where it is today. 10.1% is nothing when we had contractions of 6-8% during the same period last year dude! Do you actually know what… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Dude, read and comment…! Read the latest on Sibu then talk. Don’t shoot without knowing what you are talking.

Get me dude?

Leong Yook Kong

Our brothers and sisters in Sibu are much wiser than our brothers and sisters in Hulu Selangor, especially in Rasa.
Don’t worry, our brothers and sisters in Sibu will out do our brothers and sisters in Sepetang and Rasa on Sunday, 16.5.2010. They are ever ready to tip the scale. VOTE DAP FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.

Gerakan K

That is welfare program. We should thank to 1Malaysia PM Najib instead.

Penang also got RM100 welfare program. MACC ada bisingkah ???

Selangor also got free water welfare program. MACC & Election Commission (during HS by-election) ada bisingkah ???

Election Commission also had explained before that this is purely coincidence with by-election and preplanned welfare programs.

No need to spin too much when anticipating BN will win in Sibu by-election. DAP candidate there is a repeat loser.


Why help only during election time? If welfare than it should be ongoing right? How’s sucking up working out for ya?


Coincidence that your mum gave birth to you, is it? This is a case of pure bribery! Why should we thank Jibby for giving something which was bought with our tax money? …

Dr. Pang HC

Once again, fat chance EC will act at all, a chance fatter than Rosmah Mansor.


Which news report do I trust? Malaysian Insider or The Star? The Star mentioned a 50,000 crowd greeted Najib, but Malaysian Insider reported 7,000.

7,000 and 50,000, that is such a huge difference, just whom should we trust now?

Someone please help?

Ah BEng

Semua-nya OK says EC & MACC


dont worry, the more computers people have the better. At least the truth can be circulated better rather then just relying on controlled media.


Those computers were arranged by someone from … Penang, believed it or not.

They are rebranded Lenovo laptops.

They have ordered 5,000 of them.


Please proof them and report to mata2 if they are true and a good citizen of 1Malaysia. Othherwise your cheap empty talk follow Cheap Minister?


Holy cow, look at the amount of goodies shamelessly thrown into this Sibu buy-election. It has reached a point where it has become an insult to the voters of Sibu and generally the people of Sarawak. Are the we Sarawakians so cheap and ignorant that our votes can be so easily bought?


Well at least this time he was not as blatant or arrogant as when he told the Rasa school folks not to go and see him for the RM3m cheque if BN lost Hulu Selangor. Perhaps he learnt a lesson? Or the recent “First Lady” hoo-hah has driven home to him the point that excesses can come back to haunt him and may cost him big time? Still, such beli-hati tactics, and with the rakyat’s own money to boot, only proves the lack of integrity of those who indulge in it. As for the EC, I won’t hold my breath… Read more »