16 September beckons…


What an eventful day:

  • Malaysia Today blocked – surely the government must be aware that it is futile to block sites in this day and age?
  • Anwar to be sworned in, in Parliament tomorrow, and
  • We have a new Parliamentary Opposition Leader

Meanwhile I had to get this article out for Asia Times on the implications of Anwar/PKR’s win:

PENANG – Opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim’s victory in a crucial by-election in the Permatang Pauh constituency in Penang on Tuesday has thrown wide open the political possibilities in the coming months. Standing under the banner of his People’s Justice Party (PKR), he cruised to a 15,671-vote majority on the back of an over 80% turnout among 58,000 voters on the electoral rolls. Read more

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29 Aug 2008 3.59pm

BN partyman! This is ridiculous! It is clear that even amongst our malay brothers and sisters it is only the UMNOputras (a small minority) that benefited from these ridiculous attempts to create a class of “rich” malays. And you think that our malay brothers and sisters should continue to support such a warped UMNO policy??

You guys are bankrupt of ideas! UMNO desperately needs to re-think its philosophy. Come to me. I can give you some great ideas about how to reinvent yourselves. It will cost you $$$$ big money though!

Makkal Sakthi!

BN Partyman
BN Partyman
29 Aug 2008 11.08am

Dear Anil, I note that you had given an earlier comment of mine some prominence. And the comments that followed all seem to oppose my view. I wonder if you edit or just omit comments that may support a view contrary to yours?!! I urge you to read the comment below and request that you give this comment equal prominence. I bet you will soon be receiving thousands of comments agreeing with my views expressed here. … KEPADA SAUDARA-SAUDARI BANGSA MELAYU SEKALIAN Asalammualaikum semua, Dengan rasa berat hati terpaksa saya nyatakan di sini mengenai kebenaran yang amat memedihkan berkenaan masa… Read more »

Kenny Gan
Kenny Gan
28 Aug 2008 7.32pm

Malaysia Today has a new web address:


Those overseas can still access MT at the normal address as the block only applies to Malaysia.

malaysian niah..
malaysian niah..
28 Aug 2008 7.17pm

wah i agree with phua lar …

28 Aug 2008 1.38pm

I fully agree with the letter by Romerz. In my own words, there are things Anwar has to do: (1) Find the middle ground of common values – and I propose distributive policy in my blog, not distributing wealth but ensuring that every family has the equal opporunity to acquire property through a system of meritocracy and social incentives. A housecleaning agenda is also part of the policy platform. (2) To ensure that the rakyat is not voting for one leader but a viable alternative coalition, Anwar has to get DAP and PAS leaders and members to speak in the… Read more »

28 Aug 2008 12.34pm

Some people might be playing Frank Sinatra’s My Way in loop mode nowadays. That timeless swan song of those in perpetual self denial.

Yes, it will be the final curtain for those who subjected us to that stupid song in the 80’s.

28 Aug 2008 12.09pm

down BN. Down UMNO!

28 Aug 2008 11.42am

why the hell malaysia-today is blocked……its not fair….we have the rights to get information, true or fake we know how to judge…….come on bloggers…raise ur voice………

28 Aug 2008 11.19am

Dude, kinda tired hearing the word ‘opposition’. PKR is a legitimate party nominated into Parliament.

If you do intend to continue using the word opposition, I suggest branding the real opposition as an ultra-fascist right wing party.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
28 Aug 2008 9.27am

Can people continue to profess
What they want to fully confess
As their own solutions to progress
Without having deemed to transgress

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 280808
Thu. 28th Aug. 2008.

28 Aug 2008 9.22am

“The return of the King” The script will be written this way Marching his soldiers right to Putrajaya The throne is his……..so it is The falling regime Hurling cases after cases to derail his plan Using the police and ACA to block his way ‘The return of the King” Nobody can stop him then He has learned his lessons well In prison, got black eye Yet when he is free The falling regime wants to make him Falling again on sodomy There are many obstacles One time closed friends got into the game Spinning tales of decade ago As if… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
28 Aug 2008 8.57am

Dear Anil

What do you think of this scenario?

1. Crossovers lead to the fall of the BN regime
2. PR forms new govt
3. After a few months, PR calls for a snap General Election
4. PR wins snap General Election by a super landslide
and silences all those who question its moral authority to rule
5. PR implements pro-people public policies
6. A 2-party (2-coalition actually) political system emerges in
Malaysia. This provides checks and balances and prevents a
return to the bad old days.

agadam magadam
agadam magadam
28 Aug 2008 3.47am

Also alternate way to MToday..

28 Aug 2008 2.52am

BN government is following Chinese communist in blocking dissenting views from bloggers. The promise of no internet censorship is broken implies how desperate BN people now.

This country is hopeless and no future under the dictatorship of a bunch of … racists.

Let’s say sayonara to BN!

28 Aug 2008 1.54am

WE in NZ have no problem with Malaysia Today.

What block???

Pete, keep ’em coming.


28 Aug 2008 1.39am

The sooner the better. We need the Central Government in order to further our vision and mission. See how difficult it is for the five states under PR’s control to move forward. Every inch of our way is being laid with mines and barbed wires. Just take the case of free water for Selangor residents. Didn’t Syabas under instruction from the BN Federal Government come in the Selangor Government’s way? Look at what is happening in Perak. Two of our men are being victimised with charges of corruption. Next, hasn’t the DNA Act undergone its second reading in Parliament? What… Read more »

28 Aug 2008 12.14am

Alternate way to MT

28 Aug 2008 12.03am

Dear Anil, Permit me to reproduce an open letter written to the YB from Permatang Pauh which is somewhat related to 16 September. Dear Yang Berhormat, Let me start off by congratulating you on your magnificent victory in the by-election and also your return to parliament on Thursday as leader of the opposition benches. I know its only been a day since the by-election and you deserve a rest but unfortunately YB, you’re no ordinary man. Since the rakyat placed so much trust and hope in you, we expect you to start working for us immediately, unfair as it may… Read more »