16 April Sarawak polls: This is it!


The moment of truth is nearing. The Sarawak polls will be held on 16 April, with nomination day on 6 April.

It’s time to vote for a clean government, a government that truly has the interests of the long-suffering people at heart.

All Malaysians, all voters must demand justice and accountability and work hard to protect Sarawak’s resources.

Don’t get diverted by all the other issues now. That can be put on hold from now until 16 April. Work for justice and inclusive democracy and public participation in decision-making. Focus.

The quality of candidates selected is important. And some folks in Kuching are questioning the role of Snap in these polls and the calibre of their candidates. Others are seeing them as playing the spoilers’ role.

Of course the question of calibre of candidates applies to all the parties involved. Those parties that want change must look very carefully at the calibre and credibility of their candidates if the rakyat are not to be betrayed.

In the meantime, it continues to rain money and projects in Sarawak. So it will take a real desire for change to manifest itself before opposition parties can make any serious inroads. Opposition parties cannot rely on younger voters: from what I hear, only 6 per cent of Sarawak’s registered voters are under 30 years of age. And only 25 per cent are under 40.

So how are the opposition parties to counter all that money and on-the-spot allocations? One analyst told me they should drive home the point that all this money is flowing only because the opposition is gaining, and that should the opposition be weakened, the money would stop flowing. They could also tell voters if they go with the opposition this time, it would make sure the money would keep flowing for the federal polls, he added.

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Ahmad Syafiq

Anil, I read insider reports that SNAP is now financially backed by BN. If SNAP get their demands from PR and win the seats, THEY WILL JOIN BN, regardless of whether they win the seats or not. SNAP IS THERE TO SCREW PAKATAN RAKYAT.

Gerakan K

Baru tau ke ???

Ong Eu Soon

I don’t see Pakatan able to make any impact in Sarawak. Pakatan fails miserably in making sure that the people get their birth certificates and registered for voting. Pakatan just lack the political will to make any real change. The only thing you can do is dream, dream that the votes will fall from heaven.


Anticipate the dirtiest State election Malaysia ever going to experience.
This is not just, “Gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua”. It will also be, “LU dak tolong gua, gua dak tolong lu”
Gerakan K, is that music in your ears?….my kind of world!!

Gerakan K

Actually, I always wonder, what is wrong with “I help you, you help me” ??? Pakatan also said “you vote me, I give you free wifi in Penang” ??? Pakatan also said “you vote me, I give you free water in Selangor” ??? Pakatan also said “you vote me, I give you toll-free highway” ??? Pakatan also said “you vote me, I give you hudud law, the god law” ??? Pakatan also said “you vote me, I ban beer in Shah Alam” ??? Pakatan also said “you vote me, I ban lottery in Kelantan” ??? So, what is the problem… Read more »


It’s long term policy for the well being of the people VS one off election goodie for crony and to buy vote.

Anyway, this is just a cybertrooper belting out spins and lies to confuse people. Some of those example are pure lies as well.

If you have to do this for a living, cant blame you really. Otherwise, think deeply for your own good.


Remember also that DAP is a PAP puppet, PAP is a US puppet and US is a Zionist puppet. Vote for Orang Asli only not DAP. Every Adun or MP post MUST be taken ONLY BY Orang Aslis to topple UMNO-BNpuppets. AFTER winning all seats in Sarawak and Sabah by focusing on winning ALL seats and ONLY voting for Orang Aslis, demand FULL EQUALITY… Sabah and Sarawak had better get Orang Asli candidates in ALL districts andreturn the racist favour. After winning, make sure that Orang Asli are considered EQUALS… Either way Orang Asli will never be second class citizens… Read more »


If it is a clean elections with no alleged “phantom votes” and unusual “surges” in “postal votes” then Pakatan Rakyat will win. But if there is “main main” voting going on then as usual BN will win.

Ong Eu Soon

You can only dream, with supporters of Pakatan not registered for voting.


The spirit of the indomitable Sarawak Hornbill has risen from it’s decades of innocent slumber and mind-poisoned by a white hair ‘regime’ of mass… destruction of million years old rainforest for commercially unwarranted greed and lustful profiteering. Together with the watchful spirit of Along Sega who will ride the magnificent Rhinoceros Hornbill, the cry for democracy, justice and return of ancestor land to the natives has never been … louder and clearer. May the Law of Nature / Karma work its way into the hearts of Sarawakians for the final battle cry for the long awaited fair deal since that… Read more »

Gerakan K

I hope for a total clean state election.

That including the voters and the politicians. The voters must not ask for bribes in exchange for vote.

The party workers also must not encourage voters to ask for bribes. Only morally corrupt people will ask voters to vote out somebody because of any alleged corruption (that is without proof) and at the same time ask the very same voters to ask and accept bribes.

Wonder why our Corruption Perceptions Index went down ??? You have to ask that party worker that encourage voters to ask and accept bribes.


Sarawakians, masanya sudah tiba untuk tukar kerajaan negeri, kemudian kerajaan Pusat! Sarawakians, please take the lead, we will surely follow. Together we vote in a new Government and be united as One United Malaysians! Anil, I bet that BN will lose at least 20 seats in this State election! SUPP like the politically bootlicking and apple polishing impotent Gerakan may possibly be wiped out! I think there is one Gerakan representative who jumped over, if I am correct, and I bet he will lose his deposit. Parti Cari Makan? Mesti hilang wang pertaruhannya! Come on Sarawakians, show us you can… Read more »

Gerakan K

Interesting times ahead in this short campaigning period. What are issues affecting Sarawak polls ??? The ex-CM already promised to step down after the poll. So no more personal attack against the ex-CM will work. Then will the sex tape plays an important role in this election ??? The bible issue already settled. How about the spat between SNAP and PKR ??? How will PCM performs in this election ??? Then MCLM ??? K.I.T.A then ??? Will PAS able to spread its islamic agenda in Sarawak ??? Will DAP take the opportunity to lead pakatan in the polls ??? Or… Read more »