15,000-crowd roars Anwar’s campaign off to flying start


Show of strength in Seberang Jaya

This is a section of the 15,000-crowd that packed the Seberang Jaya Expo site last night to listen to a stellar cast of speakers: Anwar, Guan Eng, Wan Azizah and Husam Musa. The crowd chanted the old battle-cry “Reformasi!” and when Anwar declared, “Lawan tetap…“, they roared back, “Lawan!” with much steely determination.

It’s not going to be easy for the BN at all.

Seberang Jaya lies within the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency.

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nick gus dur

Anwar Boleh. Reformasi.


we all proclaim that DSAI is our PM by now. ….


Anwar Boleh. Reformasi. We will always support u.


With a caution.

According to some internet news, (a certain political party/parties) is allegedly planning to bribe voters upto RM1000 per vote. So how do we counter this? All PKR supporters must get ready to apprehend perptrators so that we could bring them before their own court to embarrass them.


It is an opportunity for PTg Pauh’s voters to show their disgust for the government. VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY FOR ANWAR TO SEND THE MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNMENT.

Kenny Gan

Come every election, all the BN politicians squabble for postal votes. The EC should announce now how many postal votes there are for Permatang Pauh. But if most of the people come out and vote and the majority of them vote for DSAI, no cheating … will help.

I don’t think bribery will be effective. People can take BN’s money (if any) and vote DSAI. It’s only the postal votes we’re worried about.


Top 5 reasons why DSAI will win by landslide in by-election:

5: Voters there have strong affinity with DSAI and family in past decade
4: Voters of PP are street SMART
3: Voters of PP are well sighted, thanks to eye specialist Doctor Wan Azizah
2: Voters of PP cannot be bribed or cajoled by talk-c*** BN and cronies
1. PP will be voting for the next PM of Malaysia!

Anak Pulau Pinang

Elizabeth, You say “Rumours of big money pouring in”. I will just say to all residents of Permatang Pauh constituency, take the money that the BN pours in to you, contribute PR 10-20% for their elections campaign (up to you lah) and throw a few kenduris for your family and friends – maybe a few out of town Pakatan supporters too and then GO OUT and VOTE for DSAI. It is obvious that the BN has not grown up at all and still think that brute force, trumped up criminal charges and a Police Force, Army, Civil service, Attorny General… Read more »


Anybody who still demands “proof” that Umno/BN is corrupt and evil beyond redemption is either trapped in a 19th century timewarp… or themselves corrupt and evil beyond redemption.

I’d like to hear a public demand for the immediate sacking of IGP Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail. …


Victory is coming towards you DSAI, go for it.
We are behind to support you. GOOD LUCK we want you DSAI.
Hidup DSWA!
Hidup DSAI!


Since the latest election roll by the EC has been completed, can we get the figures as to how many voters (normal and postal) there are in Permatang Pauh? We don’t want to see many additional bags of postal votes coming in at the last minute now, do we?


I call on the people of Pematang Pauh to rise up in this defining moment in sejarah Malaysia Baru!!

Rumours of big money pouring in notwithstanding… we need to think MACRO…. not personal gains but the survival of Malaysia. Reject BN and you are sending out a loud message that we reject corruption, injustice and racial politics.

You have the privilege to be tasked with this important mission. You got to wake BN from its slumber and complacency with your ballot paper. All Malaysia is counting on you.

You can do it!!!!


Vote for change. Vote for peace. Vote for DSAI. No umno leaders are as good as DSAI. No umno leaders as capable as DSAI. No umno leaders are internationally recognised and have the same calibre as DSAI. Most umno leaders are jaguh kampong only. Talk big only in Malaysia.


WE rakyat must stand up to Anwar. Those blood suckers and (those allegedly implicated or linked to murder) running the government must be replaced at once.
Have enough of corruption/murders/flip flops/racist etc… issues.
Malaysia must move forward irrespective.
The government are more concern with people personal sexual activities rather than crimes/murders/corruptions and welfare of the rakyat.
PK, PAS and DAP must join together to save the country slipping into third class country like Zimbabwee.


without dirty trick, my bet dsai might swept the vote clean.
really curious to know what … ezam will be saying once DSAI comes to power?


Why should the people of Permatang Pauh make it easier for BN? What have they done so far for the residence there or the country. They are fested with corrupted leaders who is raping the people and the country. If change is the call of the nation, Permatang Pauh will be the site of reference in the future. Call upon all the Permatang Pauh constituents to vote for change as we need good leaders in the parliment to spearhead the country towards a better direction. Let’s bury the dead concept on race based politics by BN and vote for change.… Read more »


I’m more than convinced Anwar could walk away as winner even by blindfolding himself. No issue at all. But Barisan (has within its ranks the) … most unscrupulous, unethical and the …dirtiest politicians. They (may even include the) … corrupts, criminals … who will resort to anything.
That is what Anwar needs to prepare for and I believe he could overcome them.

Fortified City

BN is trying to fight against the sweeping current,they will be sucked into this one.


15,000 people came Races blinded of color change Smiling happily to listen The good son has returned Anwar Ibrahim On the stage he played The ground swelled This is the challenge Changing the wind for change The road to Putrajaya The obstacles stand on his way The UMNO and BN leaders wait They defend the goal post Afraid to let the ball slips in So he must know the tricks The UMNO leaders will try to do EC will bend its way to take orders The UMNO ways to make cake The people of Permatang Pauh Now it is the… Read more »


orang penang tanduk reformasi!


Penangnites bersatu!


He will need all the support he can get.

Check out Tulang Besi’s latest expose!

Its criminal how BeeEnd is using Govt resources to counter Pakatan and DSAI.


Anwar has to be very careful. This is likely to be the dirtiest fight that the BN could muster. The reason is simply that Najib survival depends on it. Anwar must make sure that he is not disqualified by dirty tricks such as his normination papers get rejected. Make sure there is a second candidiate and a nominee on standby and, get a good trusted lawyer to go through his nomination papers thoroughly. As usual, the EC will (probably) conspires with their BN masters. And watch out for those poster votes.


I can only wish DSAI the very best. I wish I could cast my vote but I have faith in my fellow Malaysians who want justice and economic development.
Watch out for the phantom votes and all the irregularities.


we love Anwar IBRAHIM