15000 attend 308 anniversary at Penang Esplanade (Video)


On 8 March 2013, exactly five years since the watershed 2008 general election, some 15000 people gathered at the Penang Esplanade for a celebration to commemorate the occasion.

The event was organised by the Pakatan parties.

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Latest breakdown of eligible voters in GE13:
– Malays (52.63%)
– Chinese (29.68%)
– Indians (7.31%)


Can the Indians be the kingmaker?
Some analysts said the Indians could swing votes in Selangor.
What is your opinion?
Is Hindraf still influential among the Indians?

Billie cudk

Kindly correct me if I am wrong. For Malaysians now (at this political climate in 2013), the voters choose party over candidate ?

My thoughts would be how wonderful if voters get to choose and determine the Menteri Besar/Chief Minister elect too? Better still, choose the Prime Minister?

Then at least selection of character based on ability, vision, character and humility can be determined? Arrogance could be sniffed out.

Wild thoughts…..sorry!


To those hardcore supporters of Lge ,DAP and PR,read the article “Lousy weekend for Pakatan” in Free Malaysia Today”.Pakatan Rakyat is doomed!



SL Wong (@wong8898)

To BN supporters & associate party members:

Very soon a big racist, corrupted & hopeless ship is going to sink. Is it still worth sticking to it?

Let’s jump now for a better Malaysia.


I think Johor is finally feeling the Tsunami 308 now as people are responding in hugh number to attend Pakatan ceramah in Johor.

Apparently MCA is fighting a lost cause in scaring the chinese of PAS, knowing that Tok Guru has unveiled a Chinatown masterplan in the heart of Kota Bahru!

Do you know that the road signs in JB has Jawi?
You do not see this in PAS-controlled Alor Setar.
So MCA should not scare the chinese in JB as the Chinese in Kedah are very happy with PAS administration as there is no corruption!


JB folks can gather at Taman Sutera 6pm on 18 March for the 47th Anniversary of DAP event that has interesting ceramah by the likes of LGE, Karpal Singh and DSAI.

I think this event will generate the ripple for Tsunami Politik in Johor!


I will be there. Ceramah starts at 8pm. JB folks will feel the Han Chiang 308 spirits 5 years late. Lim Kit Siang is expected to announce he is contesting in Johor, either in Gelang Patah or Kulai.

Tonite 17 March, 7.30pm DAP ceramah is at Kluang.


11th Day 11hours 11 minute is he best for the cheap but he miss it out.
Scare and staring into defeat. No matter what day, hours or minutes Ah Cheap is staring into the RAHMAN prophesy. A defeat !!!!!


This GE is going to be night after night of packed audiences everywhere for PR. Najib is still distracted by Sabah and not even an inkling of when the GE will be..Yet the crowds even in rural areas are packed already and its not just Anwar – so long its just one of he coalition even NGO anti-UMNO/BN its packed


I was also there. Its an overwhelming YES YES YES to Pakatan Rakyat.


Last hurrah for LGE and partners in deceiving the general public before they get trounced.


Destined to be last mammoth gathering for PR supporters because of LGE and PR pro capitalist policies depriving Penangites of basic necessities such as affordable homes.A shattering defeat for PR is awaiting in Penang.


Keep on dreamin’ dude! Time to wipe all BN parties out!! Including your superior UMNO!