Mahiaddin’s last-ditch offer smacks of desperation


What do you think of Mahiaddin Yasin’s invitation this evening to opposition parties to come together.

Flanked by a phalanx of sullen faces, the PM has conceded he has lost his majority though he was quick to come up with an olive branch. But if he really has lost his majority, constitutional provisions and conventions should follow. No two ways about it.

We need to strictly follow parliamentary conventions and our Constitution in a situation like this. If we don’t get that right, what is there to talk about?

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Gus Pubba
Gus Pubba
14 Aug 2021 2.15pm

The end of PN leads to the demise of PAS in national administration and if many believe they will soon rally for perpaduan ummah again

14 Aug 2021 1.48pm

where is teh susu and wyatt? BC lobbying for support with teh susu sessions to bail out sinking ship? No see, no hear and no smell?

14 Aug 2021 1.17pm

UMNO has tumbled from its height of power

If enough UMNO MPs defy the party line, one of two things could result. They could mount a coup to eject Zahid and his cluster from the party leadership or the party altogether. Or the rebels could simply join Bersatu.

And if UMNO slides further, history might look upon its descent as the revenge of Reformasi that began with a popular revolt against the party 23 years ago.

14 Aug 2021 8.01am

PM8 and his cabinet everyday busily devise new tricks to stay alive as politicians, instead of new strategies to keep Rakyat alive from Covid-19 and non-employment.

Ray of Light
Ray of Light
14 Aug 2021 12.51am


Do rakyat still have TRUST in him to fight Covid19?

Do rakyat still have TRUST in him to save lives when economy is strugglung?

May be some of you are like Tony Pua who sees no better alternative then to TRUST him ???????

Ray of Light
Ray of Light
14 Aug 2021 12.28am

Scheme of things live on national tv!

Clear to rakyat now PM has lost majority of support in Parliment.

So PN 18-19 months in power compated to 22 months of PH.

Agong to decide next.

14 Aug 2021 1.26pm
Reply to  Ray of Light

If Muhyiddin was sincere and not power-hungry, why not he resigns and supports Anwar as the next premier, and in return, Anwar promotes him as a Senior Minister with a commitment to execute all the reforms, plus a bonus to lock up Najib?