Mahathir withdraws support for Najib – but how valid are his grounds?


Uh-oh, the news that an incumbent Umno prime minister dreads – Mahathir is withdrawing support. Deja vu.

Let’s look at some of the reasons he gave (in bold), with my comments next to them.

Mahathir didn’t like it when:

Najib repealed the ISA – Of course, Mahathir wouldn’t be happy with this. But other oppressive laws such as the Sedition Act (which Najib had pledged to repeal) remain in place, and this really should keep Mahathir contented – though not many of the rakyat.

Crime has risen because gang-leaders were freed with the lifting of oppressive laws – Or are there other short-comings in the police force? What about the wide income disparity and youth unemployment? Are they contributing towards social problems?

Indiscriminate handouts were dished out and not just to the poor – This one I somewhat agree with Mahathir. But then there are corporate handouts too. What about the RM3bn that Proton is requesting from the government, when Proton is now a private company under DRB-Hicom?

Imported goods are encouraged while local goods are neglected – Is he referring to lower taxes on imported cars such as energy efficient vehicles, by any chance? More imports and foreign makes would have hurt Proton’s market share even further.

Holidays for workers were increased – have they really now? I have spoken to security guards and cleaners who complain they don’t get even a day off.

A higher minimum wage has been introduced – Hello? Let me quote the late veteran unionist K George writing for Aliran in 2007:

The sum of RM900 as minimum wage was proposed in August 1998 when Mahathir met the MTUC leaders at the meeting called for by him. At that meeting, Mahathir surprisingly maintained that RM900 was not enough for an average family of five persons to survive for a month. Instead, he proposed that the minimum wage should be RM1,200. His excuse for not implementing his proposal of RM1,200 immediately was the financial crisis at that time in Malaysia. But when the economy started to improve gradually, Mahathir left the scene in October 2003 without resolving the minimum wage issue.

(August 1998 was just before Mahathir sacked Anwar from government.)

Now, 16 years after Mahathir made that RM1,200 proposal to the MTUC, he thinks RM900 is too high?

Najib’s policies, approaches and government actions have damaged ethnic relations, hurt the economy and the nation’s financial position – Mahathir may have a point here, but the worsening ethnic relations and neoliberal policies had their roots from way back. As patron of Perkasa, does Mahathir think Perkasa has improved ethnic relations?

Err, I notice Mahathir didn’t mention rampant corruption and cronyism that has cost the nation dearly.

Of course, Najib has a lot to answer for and should be criticised for his ‘elegant silence’ on a host of issues. But not for many of the grounds Mahathir has given.

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1 major reason M’thir withdres his support for Najib’s controversial 1MDB sovereign fund, which is deeply in debt after having funded a long string of controversial projects linked to Penang Poster boy Jho Low and his alledgely godmother.–1mdb-included-7-reasons-why-dr-mr-decided-to-withdraw-support-for-najib&Itemid=2#ixzz3B5l3XmQy


Mahathir is not happy that Najib can offer rakyat a house and a car for less than RM100K as PR1MA is only RM70K and the new Perodua Axia is only RM25K.


no frills basic Perodua Axia at RM25K (1 litre patrol drives for 21km!) is suitable for Penang island roads (cannot speed anyway even if you have bigger cc cars these days!)

anyway, car is a BIG bin chui factor. Don’t worry if need to take bank loans as face value to some is very important. Typical Penangites think a car can cover one’s background deficiencies ?

care to comment.


Read this article and think hard about Anwar, LGE and the Kajang move

As I have written before at length, there are two possibilities. Either Anwar created the campaign to remove Khalid because of controversies surrounding Khalid, or Anwar created controversies surrounding Khalid because he wanted to remove Khalid, and replace him with a pliant menteri besar.



Have you receive the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

CM Lim Guan Eng will be doing The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on 24 Aug 7.30 am at Occupy Beach St after donated USD100.


We really have a Cheap Minister

Nazri not waiting for Guan Eng: Tourism chief douses himself in Ice Bucket challenge

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had also been nominated to take up the dare by a radio deejay, however he has yet to perform the act, saying that he wouldn’t mind doing it if it was for a good cause and if he could have someone to do it with him.

Full article:
Follow us: @MsiaChronicle on Twitter


I am surprised that so many, especially the bloggers herein,are falling for this repugnant Mahathir gimmick to distract you from the real issue. His real intension intension is to keep you busy focusing on the many controversies he has been creating especially in his ‘retirement’. Instead of focussing on how to trace the where about of all the ill gotten gains or discussing about the atrocities … Just remember he is supposed to have ‘retired’ and spend his twilight years playing with his grand children and tending to his garden, right, aren’t these what a ‘retired’ person is supposed to… Read more »


Have you read the 7 demands from Mahathir to Najib?

Among others, he demanded that ailing national carrier Malaysia Airlines be turned over to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary.


Syed Mokhtar has been eyeing aviation business since he bought the Senai Airport in Johor. He could be responsible for the Kulim airport in Kedah next.


The Kelantan state government today said that the state’s move to ban male spectators from a netball tournament next month was based on the prior positive response it had received.

I was why is the DAP and the Kucing silent on this. !!!!!!!!


Attack on social activist: Holes in PPS story

Read on and see the thuggery …. Its a shame we have (a) govt that cannot lead bvy example.


The state government claimed that there were political motives behind the call to disband its controversial Voluntary Patrol Unit (PPS). Penang executive councillor for welfare and caring society Phee Boon Poh targeted Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) vice-president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan and environmentalist Ong Eu Soon for asking the patrol unit to be disbanded. “Huan fears that the unit will be turned into a political organisation,” said Phee. He said that Huan was an ardent critic of the patrol unit from day one. As for Ong, Phee said, his Facebook postings had received support from PCM and other political parties.… Read more »


If Perkasa is UMNO then PPS is DAP Perkasa. Funny thing is PPS dare not do such thing to those aligned to UMNO …. 18 months ago it also happen to a Guang Ming journalist
Read on


If Perkasa is UMNO then PPS is DAP Perkasa. Funny thing is PPS dare not do such thing to those aligned to UMNO …


Mahathir biggest criticism is that Najib has done nothing on many issues even after he has given his advise – when he knows that Najib has not done anything about the issues because Najib think Mahathir is the one that created the problem in the first place and he is right about that. All the drama and including the self-delusion about what the real end-game is. Mahathir wants Mukhriz to be front-runner for the top job, eventually and Najib want to stay as long as possible because, well, he loves the perks and basically worthless doing anything else. (can you… Read more »


The racial issues are mostly started by Perkasa whose patron is Tun M himself. Also the likes of Ridhuan Tee are given immunity from sedition act so Najib has to be accountable too.

tokidoki s/o rilakkuma

If Finas makes the reality show like Survivor series, contestant like Ridhuan Tee will always get the Immunity by arrangement(?)


Ridhuan Tee must apologise for stoking racial tensions by linking the Selangor menteri besar crisis to a pig farming proposal, making reference to ‘Darul Babi’.


Anil ; Your good blogger supporter Ong Eu Soon is in the NTV7 news tonight.


Ong ES is said to be provoking thus getting the consequence.
One can be critical on cyberspace but ought to be careful with words in a face-to-face situation.


According to report, Ah Soon (allegedly) intimidating gesture landed him into trouble. Now we know he is aligned to PCM.


But then is it not wrong to use violence as propagated by the opposition especially DAP. Looking at it they are no different from Perkasa or UMNO either


Mahthir never has good things to say about about his successors or deputies. He always deemed himself as right. His adversary are also just the same. Anwar said he has done nothing wrong but Mahathir sack him. Khalid was praised by Tony Pua and Anwar but Anwar did Khalid what Mahthir did to him. Both are the same stock. Even worse is the kucing. He is (team up) with Anwar to do what Mahthir did to Anwar and now Anwar to Khalid. Even worse he is willing to cohort PAS for the sake of power at the expense of of… Read more »


Commentary from the Malaysian Insider:

It is really nauseating that ministers are trying to milk tragedy for political gain. It is also interesting that Hishammuddin talks about MH17 but no mention of the vanished flight MH370, which is a more accurate barometer of the Najib administration.

You want another barometer of what people feel about the current government in Putrajaya? Dr Mahathir put it succinctly when he said he couldn’t imagine that Najib fared worse than Tun Abdullah Badawi.


M kutty is always not satisfied. He think he is the best. He criticize his deputies and predecessor from Razaleigh to Anwar to Pak lah and now Najib. He think he is the only one that can do the job but the country worsen because of his 20 years in power. Can we believe … Not only should not we believe in this … we have to be careful with the … as well as the kuching that could make our country turn islamic. Kelantan is one good example for us to see while the 3 billions may soon be… Read more »


You guys should start paying royalty to me because I was the first person who accuse Najib, BN and Nar Nar Boy *Ananar in milking the cow


A wake up call for Najib indeed since he is surrounded by Yes Men that brownosing his every move. It is now up to Najib to prove that he could deliver his promises beyond rhetoric slogans. MH17 incident is a tragedy but Najib must move on from there.

I have just viewed the youtubes of Singapore PM’s speech as recommended by one reader – we can see how he could relate to the issue of his countrymen.


Razaleigh, Anwar, Pak Lah and now Najib. Just ignore this sampah. He think he is only the good one that can do the job.



Do you know that Ong Eu Soon, one of the regular posters in your blog, was beaten up by DAP machais ?

And that beat-up happened in Farlim ?

Why is it that you put so much attention to Mahathir or whatnots while what is happening in Penang you do not care ?

You still call yourself a Penang Lang, Anil ? Shame on you !


Better to hear both sides of story of this OES drama:

The two volunteer patrol unit members arrested over the alleged assault of a man Sunday night claimed today they were the ones beaten up while they were not on duty. The duo, Lee Yew Kuen and Lee Chan Kwong, lodged police reports on the incident, insisting they were not in uniform on Sunday night and were first attacked by the man who accused them of assaulting him.


If you ask those from DAP, they will say that only government leaders can be criticised. Opposition party leaders must never be criticised. And if you do criticise your own party leader you will be punished, as many ex-DAP leaders and members have now discovered.


Potato, you are really a potato…


Mr. Potato is very good. Many like it very much. It does matter whether he is one or not as long as he is telling the truth and facts. … DAP machai (allegedly) did beat up OES


I agree. Why so concerned about Mahatir? The attack on Ong is an attack on all Penangites. Would Aliran & Anil behave the same way if let’s say, P. Rama was attacked by RELA ? The alternative media not say, let’s wait for the police to investigate, but would have taken a very speculative approach and would have blamed Najib himself for the attack.


Anil : And in most cases of the opposition such as PR both sides BN & PR have also come out with conflicting version just like Teoh Beng Hock but the opposition still harp on it without evidence although the govt have come out with an inquiry.

tokidoki s/o rilakkuma

i heard that Ong ES has previously provoked the other dimensional folks during 7th month (hokkien call it HoHiaTee) with many of his spirit-ual comments in
There are now conflicting reports on who whacked who. So many believe this is the work of HoHiaTee ?

Plain Truth


You obviously have never seen OES in action during the many NGO forums.


He shout, he yell but then there is no cause for violence is it not as propagated by DAP and Pakatan. So DAP and Pakatan is saying that violence is OK(?)