Mahathir announces new cabinet line-up


Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is expected to reveal his cabinet lineup at a press conference after Najib Razak announced his resignation as Umno president and Barisan Nasional chairman.

First let us take a look at the result of the election:

Number of parliamentary seats:

PH and allies

47 – PKR (the biggest winner, increased by 17 seats)
42 – DAP (increased by 4 seats)
13 – Bersatu
9 – Amanah
113 – PH
8 – Warisan
1 – Batu independent


54 – Umno (dropped by 34 seats)
13 – PBB (dropped by 1 seat)
3 – PBRS (Parti Rakyat Sarawak)
2 – PDP (Progressive Democratic Party)
1 – MCA (dropped by 6 seats)
2 – MIC (dropped by 2 seats)
1 – PBS
1 – SUPP
1 – Upko
1 – PBRS
0 – Gerakan

18 – Pas

1 – Star

2 – Other independents

222 – Total parliamentary seats

Coalition – Popular vote share –  Share of parliamentary seats

  • Pakatan Harapan 48% (54.5%) – so gerrymandering and three-way contests actually worked in PH’s favour
  • Gagasan Sejahtera 17% (8.1%)
  • Barisan Nasional 34% (35.6%)
  • Independents 1% (1.8%)

Source: Wikipedia

PM – Mahathir (Bersatu)
DPM – Wan Azizah (PKR) (where was she during the announcement?)
Finance – Guan Eng (DAP) (former ISA detainee)
Home Affairs – Muhyiddin (Bersatu)
Defence – Mat Sabu (Bersatu) (former ISA detainee)

Others to be announced later. We know that this morning Mahathir, Wan Azizah, Muhyiddin, Kit Siang and Guan Eng met with Anwar in hospital; so there have been consultations among them.

Special advisory council

  • Daim Zainuddin
  • Zeti Aziz
  • Hassan Merican (Former Petronas chief – left the national oil corporation in 2010, during Najib’s time as PM, and then snapped up by Singapore, where he was attached to SembCorp Industries Ltd, SembCorp Marine Ltd and Singapore Power.)
  • Robert Kuok
  • Jomo Sundaram

Jomo is an outstanding choice. I have my reservations about a couple of the ‘old guard’ personalities in this council and exactly what role this council will play. Is it to steady confidence in the economy? If so, then this council should have a quick expiry date. What is its scope and level of accountability? And what would happen if there is a conflict between private business interests and public interest?

But then again, some of these people in this council were very much part of the old system, so the would be well placed to find out what has happened to public money and assets. Perhaps they need Daim to figure out what happened to public assets held by Umno proxies. Zeti needs to explain her role in 1MDB, and maybe she could help trace the 1MDB funds. The capable Hassan Merican may be needed to plug any leakages in Petronas.

PH should stop accepting crossovers; otherwise it would morph into a BN 2.0. We wouldn’t want that, would we.

Meanwhile, Kua Kia Soong has come up with some excellent insights and a timely reminder of the reform agenda for the new team in power to mull over.

4. A Progressive economic policy

We need to renationalise these assets, especially land, water, energy, which belong to the Malaysian people instead of local and foreign capitalists. This will not be that difficult to do as at present many of these assets are under the ownership and/or control of various government funds and Government-Linked companies (GLCs).

A pro-people government will be able open these GLCs to democratic control of the people and direct them to implement good labour and environmental policies. It is time that Petronas’ revenues are invested in a Sovereign Wealth Fund as a pension fund for future generations and the oil-producing states. We also want a strong and fairly distributed public-sector health, education, housing, transport services including highways which have been privatised to crony capitalists at the expense of the public good. Our small & medium enterprises, farmers and fisherfolk need adequate support in order to develop our local food and industrial production.

5. Redistribute wealth fairly

The increasingly serious gap in income inequality needs to be addressed through progressive taxation on the high-income earners, their wealth and property and effective tax laws to ensure there are no tax loopholes for the super-rich. Transfer pricing that enables the largest corporations to stash their profits in off-shore tax free havens has to be curtailed by proper legislation. Capital allowances and tax holidays for foreign firms must be reviewed while a tax should be imposed on all international financial transactions and hedge funds.

6. A Far-sighted and fair education policy

Education should not be politicised as it has been since Independence. There should be equal opportunities for all without any racial discrimination with enrolment into all schools including tertiary educational institutions. Besides building national schools using BM, mother tongue schools for the various ethnic groups should be built in education precincts sharing facilities to promote integration, ensuring proportionate financial support and training adequate teachers for these schools. Schools should be built according to demand by the local communities under the respective elected local councils.

7. Defend workers’ rights & interests

The right of all workers to unionise is a universal right and we want a progressive guaranteed living wage for all workers, including foreign workers. Workers must be given the right to association, full employment, retrenchment, pension fund and workers’ representatives should be part of decision-making in enterprises.

We want a Retrenchment fund for laid off workers and implement universal pension for citizens aged over 70 years. At the same time, we would promote self-governing workers’ cooperatives to produce goods that are useful for society.

8. People-centred and caring social policies

Institute a Housing Development Board, managed by elected local councils to implement an effective low-cost public housing programme for rental or ownership throughout the country for the poor and marginalised communities, with adequate space for community activities, recreation and green areas. For too long, the BN federal and PH state governments have allowed free rein to the private developers at the expense of the poor and marginalised.

We need to prioritise the public transport system in the country for the benefit of the majority while regulating highway construction and car traffic in city and town centres. We also want child-care and crèche facilities in all public and private sectors for working parents, homes and day-care centres for the elderly and disabled through benefits, support services, including access to mobile health care.

Further, allocate at least 4% of the GDP in the annual budget to healthcare; a separate Service Commission for Health Care workers so that better conditions for doctors, nurses and hospital workers in the public sector can be instituted while the expansion of private hospitals should be frozen to nurture the public health sector.

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Reggie Teoh

We do not need a bloated cabinet like the previous one. Allocation of ministerial positions should be based on the number of sests won by respective parties within Pakatan.

Ma jiji

All in all, LGE has done a good job by getting a post of finance minister, Bravo !!!


The immediate task for LGE is to stabilise and possibly reduce food price, which is a source of anger among Malaysians, especially the low income Malays.


A cuppa of Kopi+Susu costs Rm1.70 @ HongKong 97 (Paya Terubong).
This is way too much!
Will they profiteering reduce prices if LGE comes up with a solution?

Johan Khun Pana

With LimGE holding a federal position therefore Penang will be having a new CM in a few hours time.
Harapan set up a panel of well respected advisers. Maybe it is to enhance their pool of talents .
Maybe as to counter measure financial impact in the short and mid term. Brilliant move there.
Since Mr.Robert Kuok is included, he & family are our unofficial ambassadors & brokers to China as well.
And big Thank You for temporary banning Najib and wife from flying away.

Mah HS

Muhyiddin menteri dalam negeri first task to check in MO1 to Hotel Sungai Buluh – can check in but can never check out!


Just like Hotel California (sang by The Eagles).
This is the last part of lyric:
‘Relax’ said the night man,
‘We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!’

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

Check out of Seri Perdana but cannot leave for Jakarta enroute to elsewhere.


Guan Eng names Chow as new Penang CM

Brighter days head for Penangites as we have a new CM who is also well-received by many & a new Finance Minister who previously as Pg CM was begging for Federal fundings for Penang who now can decide more favorably for Penang development fund as opposed to that Naik Jeep discriminatory deeds against Penang.

Another matter, hope LGE will overcome his corruption case so prove his integrity. Karma with you.

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau!


Lim Guan Eng has announced Padang Kota assemblyperson Chow Kon Yeow as the new chief minister of Penang.

“With a heavy heart I am leaving Penang, but Penang will always be in my heart.

“You can take me out of Penang, but you cannot take Penang out of me,” he said during a press conference in Komtar today.


Tunglang, awang, ah soon kor, engineer finally your wish come true. If he goes, please do and not kau beh and kau bu. Go snd stand for adun, if tokong vacate his adun


YEEESSSS! My wish comes true. Just like Malaysia Baru!
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau kau!

You want to keep our mouths shut?
Pls lah! Who in their mind is practicing shut-up kleptocracy in this new age of Malaysia Baru.
Or you want CM Chow to enact a new Penang legislation?:
Penang Lang Tham-tiam!


Congratulation LGE as Finance Minister!
Now your dream of fair distribution of Federal fund for Penang may come true.
Hope you will push for Penang development funding & spare us the environment.
Maybe, we don’t need the 3 islands to finance the Master Transport Plan or any other swap deals which were the reasons for lack of Fed funding.
And we are sure Chow Kon Yeow will be Penang CM. A cool guy who is also well liked by Penangites.

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to both of you.

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

1+2 kopi from MCA after 7-11, 1 kopi o plus 2 (creamer and sugar), for export to China via WeeKS Sdn Bhd as no market appeal to local Malaysians.


Now ah pek said toking is pg lang not malacca


Tunglang, with gst and millions are living in hardship and east malaysians are in fourth world, you want toking to photostat money?


Now, nobody to attack, You want to attack me?… Go get a job!


I just started on this new job


Shriek don’t shriek! YB Chow is the best Penang CM news for a long while. A CM with Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Be open to democratic practice of Pakatan, ie 2 terms is more than enough. Otherwise, Chow KY will wait till the Pg cows come home & never to realise his fullest potential. Agree? Awang Selamat Ori. Hope from now on, the contentious environmental issues caused by recalcitrant approval (by who?) of hill slope development will be tackled with not arrogance but empathy of concern Penangites & NGOs. And respect of the law. We expect the still missing-in-action Penang Local… Read more »


Ah pek, always kay beh kau bu. Dummo has been demon isd the rockst all the time trying to bring pg gomen down or to disgrace. They orso play race just like how they treat the cm dr and macai party. If not strong and fight back, dummo shallow using macc and polisi. Look how macc threaten him like kgb.

Xiong Yee The Anchor Boy

PG1 Mercedes now handed over to new CM Chow.
Hope Chow keeps his humble personality and does not anger some folks who dislike Mercedes.


At least Chow follows the rule of traffic law, not simply ask driver to park at no parking zone just to drop by at kopitiam!


Daim: Abolishing GST, reinstating fuel subsidies won’t affect economy The new government under Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad will ensure that the abolition of goods and services tax (GST) and the reintroduction of fuel subsidies will not adversely affect the Malaysian economy. The government’s newly set-up team of eminent persons is confident of shelving GST and reinstating fuel subsidies as they have the relevant expertise and experience. “We have got to analyse GST and fuel subsidies. Once we have removed GST, most importantly we’ll get rid of corruption and wastage and become more efficient. We have done it before,… Read more »


Rafidah: Tony refused my resignation, and got crucified

Rafidah revealed how that Kleptokrat bullied Tony.


AirAsia boss apologises for buckling under BN gov’t pressure

See the video. Know why Tony buckled under BN evil tactics b’cos it feared 26, 000 voters flying Air Asia low fare flights (120 flights) going back to vote.
And there are other reasons why Tony buckled.


This morning shares in AirAsia Group Bhd also fell as much as 10% after its chief Tony Fernandes apologised for endorsing Najib in the election.

Tony can buckle under political pressure? Surely he needs to update his autobiography. The 120 additional flights was purely a business decision to make more $, while providing a ‘Hebatkan Negaraku’ AA plane with blue-attired stewardess for Najib was purely his personal decision for political gain, as he could be doubting Pakatan to win GE14.


Mariam Mokhtar wrote:

Many Malaysians have been arrested, jailed for sedition, subject to lawsuits, and like Zunar, had their lives turned upside down. Many do not have the clout, nor the resources, to fight political bullies.

At school, and in real life, we are urged to stand up to bullies, or report them. Why didn’t Fernandes? The rakyat would have rallied behind him. A refusal to kowtow to Najib would have been a metaphorical slap in Najib’s face. Instead, he allowed himself to be bullied.


An over-reaction by Mariam Moktar? Look from the perspective of Air Asia owner who has a passion for his ‘baby’, not from a knee-jerking accusation by comparing to what Rakyat have suffered. If you are in business as a businessman, this sort of bullying by BN is not uncommon esp. if one has received previous ‘support’ for going big just like Air Asia. “You help me, I help you” understanding with no principles at all for right over wrong. Hope Mariam will understand. Unless Tony & Air Asia remained a small airline with no string attached to Putrajaya & earning… Read more »


Tony Fernandes … The fact that he went overboard to paint his aircraft blue and changed the uniform of his cabin crew from red to blue indicate that his was a full blown willing support for Najib Razak. The question of acting under duress does not arise. He bet on the wrong horse and lost and now is trying to do damage control. Tony is a … hypocrite and an opportunist. Like Mariam said his new tagline should read “Now everyone can lie.” If AA owe any money to MAHB make sure this is paid in full and immediately. Do… Read more »


You think Tony was betting on a wrong horse?
If so, his ears must be out of touch with the ground to feel the battle coming! As do most businessmen, knowing the odds of the final battle is a homework done & not a betting! Esp so if one is a big corporation beholden to the gomen.
Do it, you are damned. Don’t do it, you are bullied.


The Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) on Tuesday (May 15) refuted claims made by AirAsia chief Tony Fernandes, who had said that the aviation regulator had told him to cancel all 120 additional flights to help voters return home for Malaysia’s recent election.
Mavcom said it has lodged a police report against Fernandes and branded his claims as “serious accusations”.


Seems like Tony and MAVCOM are taking the general public and passengers for ride. Maybe we should start some kind of boycott for certain period of time to teach them lesson. Something like we did to BN but shorter time. We need to beat Air Asia’ cash flow? Then they will be more careful especially that Tony fellow.

Heng GS

Tony should have sold AirAsia at its peak and started new venture like what Virgin boss Richard Branson.
Tony if loves Malaysia could start public transport system in Malaysia. Be on ground rather than too airy.


Being a Penang Lang I want the new CM to lay out the state govt objectives for the next 5 years & how he expects to achieve like methods & time frame i.e. a business plan on how to make Penang great again & we will watch with an eagle eye to make sure they are achieved.


You can follow Buletin Mutiara FB/newsletter or Chow’s FB to keep abreast with Chow’s vision and implementation plan.


This pkr cheng have dummo mindset. Dpm, oredi goes to pkr, wong chen so greedy.? What about bersatu, amanah and other component parties? Tun knows the country needs these 3 services to run first.. Others can follow up. Mp so simple does not know

Mah HS

Is Mahathir trying to strengthen Bersatu within Harapan by recruiting Umno’s kataks?

Johan Khun Pana

A tactical move to make sure that umno cannot mount any counter measures for at least a few years. By making BN sterile for the time being is necessary for Harapan to work unhindered. And we cannot stop any MPs or Aduns for crossing over on their own accord. Since Kit Siang, Mahathir and Anwar can shake hands and promised to work as a team, the trio are already setting a good example to Malaysians. Germany and Japan emerges better after the bitter WW2 Let by-gones be just on history. *In my earlier comment, i wrote that Mahathir should not… Read more »


Don’t condone political frogs, DAP MP tells Pakatan Harapan KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 – Pakatan Harapan should not condone Barisan Nasional MPs crossing over just so it could have a louder voice in Parliament, Bukit Gelugor DAP MP Ramkarpal Singh said today. He said the influx of BN representatives to PH will see an erosion of confidence among PH voters who wanted a change from the BN regime. “Our voters’ choice and confidence is paramount and must be respected. “True reforms which PH needs to embark on in its quest to save Malaysia must necessarily exclude such BN representatives… Read more »


Job vacancy: AG of Malaysia
This is a job of high responsibility & non-partisan in duty.

Shoe polishers, frequent liars, irresponsible characters & fact-spinners are not welcomed to apply.


Ambiga should considered for the post.


Malaysia’s first Lady AG! Why not? PAS, don’t you agree???

Awang Selamat Ori

PKR creates discord in Harapan again! Rafizi the “mind” behind the Kajang move is at it again. This time disputing Tun’s Cabinet announcement as final. We are sick of the politickings we want proper governance, what Tun is doing now no one can do it, not even Anwar, least of all Rafizi. Allegedly, Najib had been in constant touch with Anwar and offered the 57 UMNO MPs to work with DSAI and frogs here and there will make Anwar the PM! Anwar should learn to be patient, Rafizi can close his Invoke. The public is not going to support an… Read more »


You orso dont politic here. You go and tell the royalty. You better go abd celebrate dummo anniversary and do your part to prop up your dummo. Your bugis pirate lost his ship. Go and help him to submerge with sinking submarine


U better go celebrate dummo anniversary. Btw you send tokong to a ministerial post. He is still in pg as adun and mp. U better help your bugis pirate. He cant sail away as his submarine sink