Live: People’s Congress


Share your thoughts on the Citizens’ Declaration and the People’s Congress. Will it really make a difference?

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Superman v Batman at DC.

Najib v Mahathir at Umno.
But will it be a dawn of justice?

David Loman

Kamalanathan (MIC) v Chong Sin Woon (MCA) soon?
Dawn of Justice of UEC?


Now its revealed by ABC that over US$1billion was deposited into Najib’s account AND ITS STILL GOING ON.. The willfulness is astounding on the part of Najib – even caught they continue to break the law..

David Loman

Muhyiddin said this at the Kongres Rakyat:
‚ÄúThis is a historic moment. I never imagined I would be sitting next to Lim Kit Siang. Maybe it is because now Malaysia has achieved a kind of political maturity. We are no longer tied to a narrow ideology. We realise that Malaysia is in a serious situation and we have to stand united in order to save our nation.”


David loman, cant agree with you more.


No report on this kongres rakyat on mainstream newspapers controlled by Umno.

Phua Kai Lit

Phua Kai Lit

Senator Bernie Sander’s movement for change in the USA, the Citizens’ Declaration for
change in 1Malaysia