Live – The Big Debate: Soi Lek vs Guan Eng


Live streaming of the run-up to the Chua Soi Lek-Lim Guan Eng debate on the weird topic “Is the Two-Party System Becoming a Two-Race System?” Actual debate starts at 5.00pm.

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Dear Ahmad Sobri, Please dont be let down by the debate. I didnt tune in to the debates as i could not stand the … face of Chua Soi Lek. That old … Dr Chua is as cunning as ever, Lim Guan Eng should be cautious and smart enough not to accept the debate based on the topic as the title itself is misleading… The intention of the debate is to create distrust among the Malay voters when it is translated. The Chinese who support Pakatan will remain firm as we are not even perturbed with the hudud issue. Let… Read more »

Bowen Liu

Ahmad Sobri could not understand the debate proceedings in mandarin. he cannot use his malay psyche to comment on chinese issue. His logic is flawed, maybe too much reading of utusan.


Who let the raging-mad … out from the Moronic Chinese Association/ Mad Chinese Association ??? These morons put me to shame!

I will celebrate with joy when this ‘Make Chinese Angry’ party gets obliterated in the next GE!!!!

Gerakan K

After this great loses, I believe DAP will lose millions of Chinese WARGANEGARA Malaysia votes.

For most Chinese WARGANEGARA Malaysia, education for their children is the MOST important priority. And they will reject Pakatan Rakyat non-supportive policies for vernacular schools.

Support BN to support Chinese and Tamil schools.


What great loses. The camera clearly shows the rowdyness of MCA imitating UMNO such as what has been done by Ghani in Penang. This is clearly their desperation and the desperation of CSL in repeating about hudud which is outdated. This is good for Pakatan Rakyat. For the Chinese, hudud is no more an issue while this issue which is kept repeating by pornstar CSl will certainly scare away the Malay voters from UMNO and Barang naik.

Andrew I

Well said, Yang. Gherkin K likes to limbo rock. If you don’t go down to his level, he won’t understand you.:-)

ong eu soon

Final round: Chua CD who has outlive his expiry date, is now given a new breath of life by LGe. To Karpal , this Chua CD is not worth even to mention. Stupid LGe think he can fight this worthless politician, in the end make Chua CD a hero among the supporters of Mentally Challenged Association.
Chua CD win again LGe lose. SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD! An overwhelming defeat to …………….


Biggest contribution of this debate. IT sets up Anwar with more weaponry against Najib..

Ahmad Sobri

From the translation and the actions, I feel LGE was out debated, he was out foxed and out performed by CSL. Granting this debate to an almost dead MCA is LGE’s greatest blunder, DAP was not prepared like MCA. Now MCA’s members are surely encouraged by the performance of their President. One more debate DAP will probably lose an awful lot of seats back to MCA and GERAKAN. Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ketanah juga. This LGE must learn. He was absolutely embarassed and was tongue tied when the MCA delegates shouted insults at DAP and Pakatan with the… Read more »


I don’t think this has changed the mindset of Pakatan supporters. If LGE had declined the debate, he would nevertheless be branded a coward. Since he had now debated, this confirms to the whole world who are those on this “very biased debate platform”. Looking at the way the mob behaves during Q&A, I would have thought MCA stands for “Mentally-Challenged Association”.


No, I don’t think Lim GE was out-debated.
He, like many of us watching the televised debate saw how the mca crowd took control of cameraman’s attention the whole evening.

He merely played smart since it wasn’t worth his effort to dirty himself with display his ‘street-best’, seeing rowdy and hostile atmosphere that surfaced but allowed cameras to capture and record.


Yes certainly agree with you.

But then he was really being played into the hand by being in a debate that was organized by MCA. He should also have set the conditions such as the number of DAP supporter and question to be forwarded by either party. He should also not debate in Mandarin but in Malay or English to show its multiraciality.


LYE did not lose debate. We the viewers were aghast by the disgusting male n female q&a antics – so unprofessional. For that LYE wins sympathy from us the viewers.


You meant LGE for Lim Guan Eng?

ong eu soon

LGE stand for Lame Great Excuses

Sze Tho

OES = odd empty-headed simpleton.


Ahmad Sobri cannot understand mandarin.
He listened to the translation from Astro Awani.
And he was made to believe that CSL was a beter speaker.
Cannot blame him. Blame Astro Awani.

komtar boy

Ahmad Sobri
Watch the debate again and get a professional Mandarin techer to explain it to you.

If you observe the gestures throughout the debate, CSL was very restless.

mca become rowdy with jessie now leading wanita mca to behave like …

ong eu soon

Hi, Chua CD also restless lah, he is full of energy, otherwise how he end up in CD!

Bowen Liu

Here is the transcript of the debate (LGE portion) in BM for Ahmad Sobri:

never trust the commentary on Astro Awani!

ong eu soon

Round 9: Seem like there is quite a number of commentator sharing my view.
Chua CD win again LGe lose.


One goon woman from MCA asking totally irrelevant question


It was obvious, that woman was ‘planted’!
MCA supporters(members?) practically took ownership of the micro-phone during Q&A time, typical rowdy BN samsengs seen.

Andrew I

Must be one of grand papa Soi Lek’s angels.

ong eu soon

Round 10: There are still a lot of LGe’s sychropent supporters who can’t accepted the fact that their idol has been outwitted by Chua CD, the most sneaky politician who was catch in CD.
Chua CD win again LGe lose.


DUDE!!.. sneaky??!!!… sneaky in bed perhaps!!.. stil got caught!..


ong eu soon

Round 6: LGe talk about inflation, about his commitment to help reduce the burden of the people. Yet his housing policy in the island, is making majority of Penangites unable to buy a home in the island. LGe’s low cost houses cost more than RM75,000. How can the poor and the middle class buy any house in the island?In less than 4 years, LGe has make the properties in the island become so unaffordable. Chua CD win again LGe lose. Round 7: Chua CD accusing LGe only know how to issue press statements, don’t know how to run the state.… Read more »


I totally disagree with you. LGE has shown Malaysians of all races and creed that there is an alternative to BN. we don have to remain in the same old ways…..bec of fear we continue to vote BN thru MCA or Gerakan… Sure there are problems of affordable housing, bec of the lack of land (esp land owned by the State Government)…..but these problems can be better mitigated by a less corrupted government than one is is interested in feathering their own nests and the nests of their cronies…. To expect them to solve problems in less than 4 years… Read more »



Sze Tho

Only an idiot would make these kind of claims. Properties in much of klang valley, Penang, and Johor have risen due to pent up demand, excess liquidity and scarcity of land. To claim the CM of Penang is single handedly responsible, is either wilful ignorance, sheer stupidity or pathetic attemp at being dishonest. Take your pick Ong. On the net, you are so outspoken. In person, I doubt you dare look up from the floor to open your mouth. No substance , better to keep quiet …please.


To all the moronic MCA’s supporters, just ask yourself ONE question, what was MCA before and the MCA now?

Is MCA under UMNO???

Was MCA toiled for the Chinese community for the past decades or they worked for themselves and their very own families ??? Ling Leong Sek’s court case?

How many percent of the Chinese have emigrated and why?

It is really mind boggling why still there are so many ordinary Chinese believe in MCA? My answer is they are just dumb !!!

ong eu soon

Hi Kzeez,
They are Mentally Challenged Associates what do you expect? Soon you will b one of them too. Don’t laugh!!

Ahmad Sobri

Soon, LGE and DAP made the greatest blunder. They should not have entertained MCA just like Najib is not entertaining Anwar. It once again proved that LGE is very immature, he is still very much a street fighter and not a stateman. This one debate will serve MCA so well, it does not have to go round the country to speak to the Chinese. LGE can go round and speak like an opposition leader, but really who cares? Porah LGE, please resign, we need people with grey matters to lead and that certainly is not you. At least we still… Read more »

ong eu soon

This is exactly what I try to tell. Why debate with an expired politician at his term to the detrimental of PR. LGe getting too arrogant and dumb, he is turning DAP into Dumb Ah Pek party. What a shame!


Still, there are so many morons who believe in MCA??? Sad !!!


Moronic Chinese Association??


Good one, besides ‘Make Chinese Angry’ !


Anil, after posting, when I tried to ‘edit and saved’, there was no changes done to my original posting. Have tried twice and still show the original posting after saving.

ong eu soon

Anil, just disable the plugin, and enable it back again. See it help or not.

Ahmad Sobri

Kee, I think by granting this debate to MCA was like giving a life line to MCA. Those morons in MCA took the opportunity to bash DAP and PR instead of concentrating on the debate topic. Just look at the response of the MCA and DAP supporters, the DAP supporters were so demoralised by the weak performance of their leader. CSL perhaps had taken a couple of viagras prior to the debate. What matters is that LGE must take responsibility for this failure of enormous proportion, resign, let someone more capable within DAP to take over. It will take perhaps… Read more »

Gerakan K

Hello Sob,

in any open debate, we talk about FACT. The SCARY fact is that PR failure to support vernacular schools by not providing any land for them.

LGE and Khalid must resign for not supporting Chinese and Tamil education.


Chua said DAP is not the same as DAP before.

I agree! DAP is different from before. DAP is more open (not arrogant) now, DAP is more caring, DAP has improved a lot.
MCA is also different from before. MCA has gone backward and more more irrelevant.


Dap was not arrogant, had never been. It’s just that they had to make alot of noise all these decades to attract attention and be heard. Can you blame them when they had no platform whatsoever to say their piece or voice their dissatisfaction and remember whatever good being said and done were never reported in BN-controlled media and if at all, most times were twisted beyond recognition! Even their party newletter “Rocket” came under sever scrutiny by the ruling BN government! Same goes to PAS – “hudud” lah, chop hands, chop feet for thieves and corrupt etc are being… Read more »

king kong

This debate wil raise the awareness of all malaysian just as there are debates in USA, UK and Australia. Without this debate, there will never be another debate among BN and PR component parties.

So now it the time for Anwar and Jibby. Anwar has ask for it. where is jibby? Supporters of jibby where are you? It is not matter of winning the debate but as to the stand. Best is to get a neutral ground, questions not asked by party members but by NGOs.

Gerakan K

LGE kalah teruk !!!

LGE gagal memberi jawapan mengapa TIADA sebarang tanah di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor diperuntukan bagi tujuan pembinaan sekolah Cina.

LGE dan Khalid sila jawap mengapa ???


Hohoho, one term to clean up that back-door minister boss of yours – Boh-Hoot’s 18+ years of garbage mess, and you expect wonders from LGE?

In case you forget, the 54 years of BN in power, where is Malaysia today? ….falling behind Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and even poorest country in the world Myanmar is catching up with us, no? And of course many umno/BN billionaires are born at the expense of the others but Madame Cowgate and that new Dogtor are not amongst them in the list, how come?

Gerakan K

This is FACT that you cannot deny.

Only BN administration will support vernacular education by providing adequate lands, funding, manpower and others.

Vote BN to ensure there are lands, funding, manpower for Chinese and Tamil schools.

Pakatan Rakyat state goverment in Penang and Selangor failed to allocate even a single piece of land for Chinese school according to MCA President, Dr. Chua.

LGE and Khalid responsible for Chinese schools congestion due to inaction to solve the problems.

Support BN to support Chinese schools.


That’s why calls for ABU – “Anything But UMNO” is justified and must be done else we are doomed!

So why do MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP,
PBB, PBRS, LDP, PRS, SPDP and UPKO still hang around Umno for? …be used in colloboration and to maintain Madame Cowgate and Dogtor Rosie with diamonds, branded handbags/shoes and condos for the bulls from Bangsar, Singapore to London, New York to WDC, Los Angeles and Toronto?

Gerakan K

Mr blur-blur,

the state government has full power in land matter and according to MCA President, Dr. Chua, Pakatan Rakyat CM and MB in Penang and Selangor failed to allocate any land for Chinese school.

That is nothing to do with UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP,
PBB, PBRS, LDP, PRS, SPDP and UPKO, condo, etc.

It has solely to do with DAP and PKR.

Andrew I

Do you hear the Chinese who have migrated shouting and screaming for Chinese schools, for example, in Australia?

The fact that they don’t and that they have migrated should tell even a pea brain like you something.

Gerakan K

You should be warned that Chinese in Malaysia are not immigrants as you try to tell me by providing an example of chinese migrated to Australia.

The Chinese got MyCard with WARGANEGARA status.

The CHINESE WARGANEGARA Malaysia have full rights to demand adequate chinese schools for their WARGANEGARA Malaysia children.

Dear, readers, please see the true face of this Andrew I. He maybe Ahmad Ismail best friend. One for pendatang and another for calling you immigrant.

Andrew I

Nice spin to try to reach such a conclusion. And this Ahmad Ismail is from your camp, isn’t he?


well.. It is not about allocation of land to build chinese school. It should be allocation of land for schools, residentials or commercial. Then it will branch out to having what type of schools in those land dedicated for schools. A certain area should have a balanced amount of chinese schools and SMKs.

We don’t need special allocations of land to chinese or indians, we just want allocation of lands to malaysian whereby any buildings built on this land cannot be sold to non-malaysians, period.


There was much dissatisfaction from the floor when only MCA guys were given opportunity during Q&A thus depriving DAP supporters their share to the mike. Typical BN samseng behavior! Disgraceful indeed.


MCA clown-president and bunch of MCA developmentally-challenged-supporters!!.. as always MCA are a bunch of gangsters,low IQ/EQ!! Idiotic MCA supporters can’t even formulate an intelligent question, crying like babies it is as if their … were SQUEEZED!!..kinda reminds me of that character in POLICE ACADEMY!..whats his name? that short fella ?..everytime he speaks its like a serious case of Tourettes Syndrome!!!
LGE, you had class n good effort from you!!.. it was never gonna be a “debate”,irrelevant topic anyways!!


..that barking… “lady” during Q&A.. she is Jessie … from MCA Selayang,.. her question to CM LGE was something about car being towed away somewhere in penang after 10.30pm!!.. she actually blames and holds LGE accountable for it!!… LAME!!..THANK GOD LGE did not answer her bark!!.. JESSIE OOI u r such a shame …

Salute you CM LGE!!

Super Senior

The parking auntie of Selayang has a facebook:


he he thanks super senior!!!… i gotta bash her more on facebook!!!



The MCA crowd was a disgrace, waving slips of papers with MCA written and need Dr Mah come to his president’s aid? It was obvious DAP supporters were much better behaved. Congrats guys!

“Hudud” is already a non-issue, the Chinese are voting for PAS in hundreds of thousands dah! But why did Chua Soi Lek bring it up again?
This “batu api” should watch over his shoulder more often for the two sons of “Ali”. Dare not? …how come?


This President of MCA is out of touch with what’s happening on the ground, past his shelf life!


One thing is for sure. Penang do not need a ‘half-penangite’ Jessie Ooi (car tow girl/拖车姐) who is encouraging indiscriminate parking after 10.30pm in Penang. Penang should not follow the lawless practice of Selayang.


A person that can go berserk in a public forum – this is call Leader?

ong eu soon

Round 11: This half Penang Girl cannot tahan the money face of LGe who still insist of implementing enforcement on illegal parking on towing zone well after 10.30pm even when there is no traffic or car at the vicinity. LGe’s penchant of making the highest profit is what Penangites need to learn to live with if they still support him unquestionably.
So this out of topic question again make the money face RED and HOT!

Chua CD win again LGe lose.

Fook Wing Lee

Come to Kuantan-Pahang even during public holiday, our MPK is giving out summons day N nite, if U do not have a parking ticket. For your info, Pahang is currently undeer BN….

True Penangite

I dont thk that Chua CD is win and LGe lose.
You should have a look with the拖车姐webpage about the comment of others to her. Her question is out of topic and considered as low standard with misleading facts. In fact MCA is lose in this round because of this low standard car-tow woman.

Andrew I

Sounds like our very own Gherkin K.

komtar boy

she is not aware that Penang now uses lock not tow-car to move parked cars that violate traffic rules.

live debate surely proves to us that the desperate mca
1) continue to use out-dated old tactic of PAS to frighten the non-muslims in Msia.

2) Education issue as if using federal funds to build chinese schools cannot be carried out by Pakatan if DAP/PKR/PAS have access to federal fund ???

3) Corruption & Brain Drain isssues not being openly addressed by Chua.


Who is this woman, i wonder her mother is ashamed of her !!!

Barang Naik is under Federal la, so bodoh !

Richard sim

Next debate must be in Chinese and no translation will be required !


i don’t know if you are stupid or ignorant.. or you are one of those MCA goons.. wait.. i think.. a fool suits you more..


This debate has hidden agenda. By the way u look at the topic is very fishy. Why they highlight Chinese at the topic. Instead it should be Malaysia. MCA is trying to trap LGE, the main objective is to show to non chinese voters that, PKR and PAS are working with a radical chinese party. So the opposition may loose some non chinese voters. As for chinese, there won’t be any changes as chinese voters won’t go for MCA for sure. Wait for next few days, UMNO will used what LGE debate point as weapon to attack PKR and PAS.… Read more »


Good observing!
Now Najib says a vote for PAS is a vote for DAP!


Sigh….. this is not a fair debate.

It’s held in a MCA … den and questions are reserved for MCA goons…


Was really surprised that LGE agreed to this debate. This topic is irrelevant against the Malaysian vision espoused by PR. So DAP needs to clarify their participation especially when they are trying to shrug off the chinese centric image. It seems a strategic mistake…..but still wish him the best and look forward to LGE excel.


LGE is smart to use this live platform to reach out to the chinese community, despite not debating fully to the topic.

How often do we get to see opposition speaking live on TV, minus those unfavorable edit from the BN-controlled TV station?

No wonder those mca flers were agitated. They are stupid to ask so many irrelevant questions during Q&A, as LGE was only given 3-minute to answer.

ong eu soon

Round 4: Whatever you said will be used against you in the pro-BN media. Since the debate is in Mandarin, majority of the Malay will not understand, it is now up to the editors to clever spin and distort whatever LGe said. Chua CD win, LGe lose.
Round 5. When LGe getting angry, the pro-BN media will portrait him like his robotcop father, LKS. Arrogant! Arrogant! Arrogant! Chua CD win, LGe lose.

ong eu soon

Too bad LGe believe what I said and try to be a gentleman. How can he perform when he is not his true-self, the street fighter CM?


aiyo Mr Ong!.. if lu boh siok mah meian kheng ah guan eng loh.. guan eng hor lang, ah soiled-leg boh hor lang eh,ai char boh phiak phiak bang bang chor video niah!!.. ..get the drift?.. assuming u understand hokkien!!… anyways soiled-leg admitted defeat towards the end of the debate, so pathetic he said “.. we both from same fujian province why we , blah blah..” .. see mr ong words of defeat from an imbecile ( say the least!). lastly, it was … hilarious when CM LGE rebuted with an opening sentence..”.. i don’t know about CSL but we… Read more »


Aiya, Ong, we know you are anti LGE. So no matter what he does or say are not sweet to your ears & eyes. No problem. The end result is the majority supports him and vote PR. LGE & PR will continue to rule Penang for many many years to come. Maybe you won’t live that long to see him fall.

ong eu soon

How Chua CD score point? When Chua CD send out invitation, he only sent it to Chinese based political parties. When LGe accepted the invitation, he confirmed that DAP is a Chinese based political party not a multi-racial party. Round 1, Chua CD win, LGe lose. Round 2. The debate is conducted in Mandarin, it shown that LGe’s insensitive to the multi-racial facade of Malaysian societies. Chua CD win, LGe lose. Round 3: Chua’s party is an appendix of UMNO, whatever it said has no meaning to the general public. Now Chua CD can shameless pointed out that DAP is… Read more »


Dear, I guess your comment is worth the “ratings” given to you. Did you even follow the recent news about this debate BEFORE this debate? LGE wants a debate on a topic named “MALAYSIAN AT A POLITICAL CROSSROAD” and your beloved CSL made it into “MALAYSIAN CHINESE AT POLITICAL CROSSROADS”. Please do some research before you post, thank you.

ong eu soon

Round 8: LGe gave in to Chua CD on the title of debate,”MALAYSIAN CHINESE AT POLITICAL CROSSROADS” instead of insisting to debate on “MALAYSIAN AT A POLITICAL CROSSROAD”.
Chua CD win again LGe lose.

ong eu soon

The Chinese votes are solidly behind LGe, without the debate LGe will not face the risk of losing Malay votes. After the debate, LGe might lose some Chinese votes and a lot of Malay votes if he fell into Chua CD’s trap. Chus CD is one of the most sneaky politician in town while LGe is the most arrogant and stupid politician in town. It will be interesting to see how LGe fall into Chua CD’s trap. Chua CD has nothing to lose since 308 his party already left with zero seats in Penang. Chua CD will use the opportunity… Read more »


after this the rakyat should ask for live debate btwn Najib & Anwar.

Anil why not have a polling if the rakyat fancy such debate ?


Super Senior

2 points (one by CSL and one by LGE) raised during the debate are close to my heart, as explained below: As a Johorean, I must thank MCA for donating money to Chinese private/independet high schools (as CSL has said in his debate) despite MCA’s failure to get the BN government to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) from these chinese indepndent schools. My son graduated from JB’s Foon Yew High School (top chinese indepent school) with Unified Examination Certificate (UEC). The results was good but IPTA could not accept for the reasons we all know. He got admitted to… Read more »


Many thanks Senior, at least now i know why Johore Chinese support MCA. Am glad that your children are doing well. However, Senior, please spare a thought for those who are not as fortunate as your children to get scholarships from the SG government. The parents have to fork out chunk of money to send them to Taiwan for further education. So, what good is MCA under UMNO? Do you think MCA has any futre under UMNO? Do they have equal say under BN? A good example is UEC is still not recognised under BN for the past decades??? Why?… Read more »

Super Senior

Not to worry. My family does not support MCA. We took the money, including the RM500 BR1M as it was our money afterall. Our votes will go to Pakatan. Revolusi Tionghua is brewing in Johor.

My purpose of writing the above note is to highlight why Johor Chinese are supporting MCA. They are selfish for their own gain.

NKKhoo please comment since you are a Johorean singing praises of MCA.

Bowen Liu

By your account, MCA has actually help the brain drain of smart chinese students in Johor to Singapore!

Ah Loy

I appeal to Ong Tee Keat and his supporters to abandon MCA.

Why ?

Because CSL has openly in live national telecast debate declared Tee Keat incompetency hence he was brought down in less than a year helming MCA leadership !

So the next appropriate step to redeem is for Ong Tee Keat and his supporters to abandon MCA. No point joining NGOs but can Tee Keat and supporters (like Jui Meng) seek refuge under pakatan’s umbrella ????

Stay tune to Anil’s update via my inside news.


LGE by bringing up Tee Keat has invited CSL to antagonise Tee Keat camp within MCA. This strategy works brilliantly and today Tee Keat (because of “maruah”) has responded and this will cause MCA to disintegrate from within.
Thumbs up for DAP !

Andrew I

Many thanks to Tee Keat for bringing up PKFZ.



NK Khoo

Najib knows he will be beaten by Anwar. He is no stupid to commit political suicide for having such open debate.