LIVE: Nizar speaks to Penangites


Nizar Jamaluddin speaks to Penangites at the Caring Society Complex.

Some 700 Penangites attended the talk and hung on to Nizar’s every word – Photos by Jong. (Click on icon on bottom right of box to toggle to full-screen slideshow mode.)

<a href=”;task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=96877bcd0f” mce_href=”;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=96877bcd0f” >LIVE: Nizar speaks to Penangites</a>

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the grinder

You are great Anil.
I thank you
Nobody can do your type of jobs.Your live comments are very informative.


Personally I reckon CM LimGE did right by declaring he may not have the #of engineers for the Investors. Putrajaya crudely bulldoze its muscles around the PR_Govt. Its time make these bullies take responsibility on the bullying impact they administered. At Iskandar they gave 15% tax rebates on all who work there. Hey – this is a daylight (robbery) to the employee supplychain in other states like Selangor and Penang. Done by PutraJaya – no less and with no shame. Alot of grants/funds to the PR-states are being played and toyed pettily around by Putrajaya. Grants/funds are necessary to oil… Read more »


Lim Guan Eng is doing great in Penang, the MSM is spinning stories to deny his popularity.The world is acknowledging his feats as the CM of Penang. Penang will prosper under his leadership. A few ‘paid’ BN workers wasted their time the other day demonstrating. A stupid act nobody condoned. BN cannot take over Penang. The Malays, Chinese and Indians would continue voting for Pakatan to rule the state. Nizar’s star is bright. He is well-liked by the people. The day will come when PAS, PKR and DAP will form the next government at the federal level. Gerakan, MIC, MCA,… Read more »


That is true Karma. PR is not supported by one or two political struggles. The State Government was totally supported by Chinese, Malays and Indians and others. If there is a party better than PR, I think all Penang people will reject PR and go for that superior party.

At this moment, people who used to bribe are really frustrated because Penang State Government is so clean. The reputation will speak louder than propaganda. Well done PR and continue your good works.

Plain Truth

Nizar’s 10 months tenure as MB completely transformed the non-Malays perception of Pas and is the reason why the non-Malays are more than happy to vote for Pas.


My dear Fatimah, Yes, I have heard the PC by our responsible CM, LGE with regards to declining the investment, it is not LGE who declined the investment but your very own Gerakan eunuch, KTK, did the same because they were not able to meet the requirements of the potential investor. Actually, it is stale news. LGE, being blunt and to the point, had correctly stated that the State was not able to meet the requirements of the investor. Dear Fatimah, like doctors, engineers are also a professional career and specialized in different fields. There are so many kind of… Read more »


I was there at the forum and was one of those guys who gave the loudest applause to Nizar. Nizar was an average speaker. However, I could feel what he revealed that night was done in full sincerity and he couldn’t hide his excitement at the crowd and his disgust with UMNO and BN. He spoke in Malay and English but mainly in English to a mixed crowd. I was indeed surprised when several Chinese youths took to the microphone during question time. Most of them asked in Malay. This augers well for the future of this country. However, I… Read more »


Gerakan K See the comments from Gerakan K, Malaysians? All too drowned in a world of his own and continuously on denial mode? This is the kind of sick mentality you get from Gerakan. Were you in the protest that burned the poster of LGE? Were you the one who commented that the one who burned the poster was from KBP to the press, when in fact, he was an MIC youth leader…? Want to continue with your absolute lies Gerakan, K? Malaysians and Penangnites, we must in our endeavour once and for all end this sick party Gerakan, from… Read more »


Though I have much respect for Lim Chong Eu, his decision of entering the allegiance with BN has casted the ultimate downfall of Gerakan.


As far as the current admistration is not voted out, there will never be a chance for Malaysians to savior true democracy. The current group of rotten to the core UMNO, MCA, MIC, the party run by the political eunuch, KTK, and all the BN parties cannot be saved or expected to introduce changes to the Country’s administration. Even if we are to increase their salary to that of their Singapore counterparts, it will not help the BN robbers either, as they are just waiting for that opportunity, just one opportunity and they are millionaires or billionaires!!!!!! Just one opportunity… Read more »


Perakians are lucky to have a leader with great aspirations like Nizar, and unlucky to be forcefully bestowed a … to take over Nizar. The difference between a good and corrupt Government shown so clearly in every PR held state that BN should bury their faces in the mud in shame. Efficiency or otherwise, the check on corruption, has shone like a beacon in the AG’s report in Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah. Has any BN run state then and now ever got an “A” from the AG’s audit report? Even, Pahang, the PM’s state? But then……… ahhh it… Read more »

Gerakan K

Very pity for Nizar the ex-MB and now the unemployed. What is the purpose to make all these talk and roadshow? Stop being a crying baby and grow up. Try your luck in next GE. Do something meaningful and stop all these cheap publicity. Be a good opposition my dear EX-MB!


Who is crying? The real person is your GERAKAN Taikoh. Lost his seat, said he will not enter from the backside but then accepted backside entry to be a minister of KPI. Your taikoh keep to his words?


Nizar is not irresponsible. He voted by Perakians. He was ousted by Najib. You have no right to put down a hero Nizar. He still answerable to Perakians.

He still has the courage to defence for Perakians. That is the true Malaysian Hero. What he has done will be rewarded by God.


Gerakan K, What you said is a reflection of yourself and UMNO, Gerakan, MCA, MICA & BN. Who cried for sympathies… Remember a few years back your tyrant Mahathir does that, or some year ago your good MIC boss Samy Vello also did that and recently your fellow MCA guys. Do you want more examples…. Who are the cry babies…… Nizar don`t cry, mind you, ignorant fool… He fight for it every inch even against the might of one of the most corruptible and devious UMNO regime… Of course he have his time next GE but Najib UMNO is so… Read more »

Fatimah Zuhri

My Dear Anil, 1. Have you heard LGE’s latest shocking decision making? 2. He used a pathetic excuse of “don’t know where to find engineers” in order to reject a once in a lifetime opportunity of a USD 3 Billion foreign investment! 3. USD 3 Billion! Thrown away out of a window because of a pathetic excuse. 4. When the previous government invited Intel and all the other mega foreign companies to invest in Penang, I doubt such a lame excuse was being given. 5. It is his job as the Chief Minister to find a way to overcome… Read more »


Very encouraging indeed, a good crowd and a packed audience. Nizar’s very articulate; there’s not a doubt the man’s a PM-material! It’s a shame the Perak Sultan failed to see it.


If Nizar is PAS President, all the more I will support PAS & PR…. It will be the downfall of not just Perak but NAJIB…& 52 years of corruptible UMNO ? BN rule…..


nizar is a good and honest man. way above the power grabber who calls himself mandela king gandhi.

God bless Nizar and his family always.


Nizar a true hero

SH Tan

I am blown away again by your live reporting. Crisp and clear. The hall was full with more than 700. It was a good mixed crowd. Great job and keep up the good work.