Live discussion – GAS or hot air?


The Gerakan Anti Samy protest is due to start at 3.00pm at the Mines Resort, after a one hour delay. We discuss whether it really makes a difference whether Samy Vellu stays or not.

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I fully agree with you that at this juncture, Samy Vellu stays or not is irrelevant. Indians have no future supporting UMNO/BN. UMNO can never tolerate equality among themselves much less among the coalition partners. All Indians can hope for is short-term gains from UMNO/BN but long-term wise their future is with PR. Will they get equality with PR, not likely. Honestly realistic speaking equality of Indians has to be self-made by the Indians not gained politically. There is no political solution for that. If politics don’t stand too much in the way, its already well-done. The same that Chinese… Read more »


Muyiddin like Mugilan and so wanted him to be the candidate for HS. Semi Value objected so another one was fielded. Just like Muyuddin who call for Badawi resignation, Mugilan & co. now acted like UMNO and Muyiddin clone when they called for Samy Vellu’s resignation. Its not a matter of whether Samy Vellu was a burden to MIC or not but a matter of revenge by Mugilan. Mugilan & Co. are calling for UMNO and Najib to intervene. Isn`t that more of relying on UMNO and Najis crutches. If that is the case MIC and the Indian will be… Read more »


Yes, BN or the Alliance started with a noble motive. It has since been hijacked by UMNO. Why does UMNO need a strong MIC and a strong MCA? To help them? I should say to strengthen UMNO, is the main aim. Beyond that is ‘another hidden agenda’. The MIC and MCA gave solid support to UMNO and BN in many past occasions when UMNO was sinking. So undivided was the support for UMNO that BN remained in power for the past 52 years. Then Samy Vellu was a hero to UMNO. What did the Indians get in return? Some of… Read more »

Malaysian Malaysia

Further to my comment the fact of the matter is the component party was run on racial lines which was further watered down with UMNO supervising them or more apt these component parties dare not voice their genuine views always fearing UMNO. There should be dialog so that things can be overcome by sincere mutual acceptance of ideas.

Malaysian Malaysia

It is no use blaming Samy alone. The BN should have monitored all the components parties and ensured that is run properly. If there were malpractices BN should have taken proper measures to put the party in order. After all any component party should stray then it will affect BN as a whole. Instead what has happened all the component parties became too independent and messed up the whole system. The BN was started with a noble motive accomodating all the relevant parties to form a grand alliance. Instead each components party strayed of from the common goal. And look… Read more »


How many of you supported MIC(BN)and your headache is gone? Please wake up. Why not give the opposition a chance for at least once.


hello bro.. it’s been quiet sometime haven’t seen you around..


Why won’t you Indian Malaysians just resign en bloc, yeah the whole supreme council and give the party to Samy Velu & Son? Right now you have allowed this mad man to continue sacking everybody, soon there’ll be nobody left in MIC except him and son anyway. 😀

I wonder

seems like a group of (political) eunuchs decides to get together just to fart.



Aduh, Mr. Anil, why did you just call off the discussion so early? Just warming up and really enjoying the discussion with a new group of enlightened Indians who care for their kind.

You know it is such a breath of fresh air, after constantly bickering with my dear K, which I do not wish to.

Anyway, thanks so much for the live coverage but you should have informed earlier so that there will be greater participation, or are you worried that you will not be able to handle the volumes of comments coming in?

Cheers, have a pleasant evening.


It is not going to make any difference. The country is going to go bankrupt in 9 years’ time. Now, it’s time to give Pakatan a chance. I suggest all Indians join PAS, DAP or PKR. Form a strong presence in Pakatan. Khalid and Lim are doing good to the Indians in Selangor and Penang despite not helming the nation in governance. The Indians in kelantan and Kedah are generally happy. No racial or religious condemnation in these states. PAS is very much a liberal Malay-based party. Vote for PAS, DAP and PKR.


It is obvious that a signal was given to indicate that
those who initiate a move to topple good old Samy will
be given support and rewards.Almost certainly Samy will bite the dust and it will be interesting to see if he loses his cool and reveals some interesting things as he lashes out.


It’s only HOT AIR. MIC is doomed not because of Samy Vellu. Remember when some UMNO goons condemned the non-Malays before the last general election? The failure of the previous PM? The arrogance of some UMNO members? Don’t blame Samy alone. The poor among the Indians being neglected? The temple issue? The Hindraf issue? Many more issues did not favur the poor Indians. No one bothered. The Indians showed the anger through the votes. BN deserved what they sowed. Samy has the right to stay as he was legally chosen to lead MIC. This HOT AIR show is not going… Read more »


Najib and Samy are in the same boat, staying in power to be immuned from their (misdeeds).


Just exited the hall, everyone is leaving, the turnout is very poor!! Looks like GAS failed……


I wonder who is paying for this event?