Live – Azmin Ali denies coveting Selangor MB’s post


But he says there has to be proper consultation in the selection of the Selangor MB to avoid nepotism, and reiterates his loyalty to the party which he says belongs to the rakyat, not to individuals.

He says he has always rejected any Umno-PKR cooperation because PKR is not a race-based party. And he will not resign his posts in the party, nor will he betray the trust of voters. Instead he has vowed to continue the struggle in the party.

He should have denied it much earlier – to nip the rumours in the bud.

But there was veiled, if indirect, criticism of Khalid. Azmin did not categorically endorse Khalid but said decisions should be made by consensus.

Azmin should recognise that Khalid remains a popular MB in Selangor.

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He and His Protecto(DSAI) can deny all they want BUT the damage is done. Now freash from May 05 GE13, now for catring to his dissatisfaction, the Rakyat has to once again hold a By-Election in Kajang for Anwar Ibrahim who is already a MP of Permartang Pauh! He is barely taking care of his own constituency and now he wants to rock the Sleangore Government because Azmin `his blue-eyed boy’ was removed for PKNS! BUT I am inclined to believe RPK and his reason for the `removal attempt’ without taking into consideration the the Sultan’s Power to hire and… Read more »

Betsy Teoh

I do not trust Azmi period! What makes he think he is better than Tan Sri Khalid?? If anyone needs to be replaced it is he! He is at the very bottom of my list. Show us some results before even thinking of wanting the Mentri Besar post! Remember, this is PKR and not BN. There is no money for you and your gang who stand sheepishly behind you. What are you trying to tell the rakyaat that you have the support of 10 people whom the rakyaat dont even know? We all know Tan Sri Khalid and what he… Read more »


GE13 has shattered the myth of return of May 13 racial incident. I hope Umno do not use it as bogeyman to scare the people. Tanda Putera should be laid rest in peace to mark BN’s sincerity in reconciliation.

Another myth shattered is chinese are scared of PAS hudud. MCA central committee should all resign to apologize to the chinese community for the print advertisement on newspapers before GE13 on this subject.

Cinamau Cincau

With this type of attitude, I hope he never becomes MB of Selangor. You will be a disgusting comparison after Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Khalid has my respect and admiration.


Anil, I agree with you that Azmin should have cleared the air much earlier to avoid bad publicity but what he says is true. In our westminster style of government, consensus is important because the one who is appointed MB must have the support of the majority of the house or DUN. PR should hold a meeting amongst all their reps and come out with a name. If need be call for a vote. How can you be a MB who does not have the confidence of the majority, who may then face challenges in passing laws and policies. What… Read more »


Azmin is so keen to ‘serve’ as MB that he doesn’t care his action at this moment hurts his party and PR’s effort to unite their supporters against BN. Is he politically immature, or greedy? He seems not suitable to be a leader for both PR and Malaysia.


This Azmin guy is like a temperamental cry baby. If he says TS Khalid is not good enough so he think he can do a better job? By acting so childishly, not showing team spirit and airing conflicts within party through media in itself speaks volume about his character..definitely not Menteri Besar material!


If he is power crazy, he lis likely to defect to Umno along with his gang.
Selangor may be recaptured by Najib by …?


Jiman, Azmin won`t defect to UMNO. He is the deputy president and should Anwar retire, he is the top person. He is still young and will be raring for the next GE which PR may have a good chance. Look at Noordin. He could have stay in PAS and fight for the deputy or even president post. He frog and now is in wilderness


Guess we must be fair that democracy must take its place when choosing a leader to lead even the person is most quality. If it can’t be endorse at the state level and it goes to the PR leadership and get it endorse and all have to accept. Then call a meeting with the other PR partners and announce the chosen one to lead. Azmin take note the Selangor Raayat have sounded who to lead and you have to accept it. Leaders come and go but don’t over promise those guys who support you but take note others can too… Read more »


Although I would preferred Khalid to be MB, the choice of Azmin is also not a bad one. With young and new faces leading the government, it would bring the state to be more innovative and energetic in line with globalization. Look at LGE in Penang, when he become MB he was only 40+. Azmin objection to the rally is right in a way. The election has been finished. We cannot have rally every week or day. No matter how many rally, the EC won`t overturned the result. Like he said we have to move forward and find a better… Read more »


Children may follow their parents to politics. However, children cannot be enriched by politics as honest politics only enriches the soul but not the pocket. This is the critical consideration and difference.

Penang Ah Pek

Typical UMNoo face. His creditbility is down in longkang already. Not trustable anymore.


Before even the dust has settled, before even being the government of the day, internal tussle has began. How is then PKR aim to govern Malaysia? Maybe, it’s right for PR to wait another 5 years to pull up each and every ones’ socks!


It is bad faith of Azmin. He as one of PKR top echelon could have easily discuss the issue with anwar and PKR’s president. Khalid is a soft leader but he is approachable , diplomatic and most important of all , able to sit down with DAP & PAS for any discussion without bad feelings . Khalid is a terrible politician but a darn good Chief of State. As long as other parties such as Pas and DAP are okay with him, let Khalid continues his work. This is all about teamwork and not about personal agenda. Khairy Jamaluddin (umno… Read more »


Azmin 5 may yg lepas aku rosakkan undi Parlimen Gombak sebab aku protes kamu sebagai calon. Sejarah … kamu semasa di UMNO dan semasa Anwar dipenjara masih berbekas. Kamu tidak bekerja utk rakyat tapi kamu hanya bekerja utk diri sendiri.

Perangai Adun/Parlimen PKR di negeri Selagor sama seperti UMNO …


Do not criticise him. He has the right to voice his opinion. We should allow everyone to voice his opinion. This should be the trademark of Pakatan. Only thr this manner we can build our strength stronger and more united. I am sure he is not cracy for power except that he wants the proper process to be followed. I will vote Datuk Khalid as the MB but I will support Azmin to hold a more active role in Pakatan. I think Azmin should be given more than MB. He is a loyalist and fighter. Let us give the due… Read more »


Frankly, it seems that Azmin gots what he wanted & hence he’s making a smokescreen message to cover himself. Meanwhile I am wondering if Anwar is working on pulling more MPs over to Pakatan

ken destino

Selangor scored 44 seats because of TS Khalid’s popularity. Please accept this. The right man to lead Selangor is TS Khalid and not Azmin. Just accept this. PAS score 15 and PKR 14. PAS is kind enough to endorse TS Khalid from PKR to become MB. So PKR has to take this into account.


When najib says we need national reconciliation, what he meant was for the chinese to support UMNO and BN again… I suppose taking that que, Azmin Ali’s consensus means, he has to agree! This is the problem with PKR… with this kind of leaders, dont voters worry what happen when pakatan is in putrajaya…will all daggers be out for the PM and DPM post for PKR?


What consensus is Azmin talking about? Out of the 44 seats won by pakatan, the parties that hold collectively 30 seats have thrown their support behind the incumbent. While Azmin may not be MB since he is not an ADUN, but maybe he fancies placing his man in the seat. But if we only have the party that holds less than 1/3 of the seat calling the shots where the choince of MB goes, what kind of democracy is that? Azmin’s call is so similar to BN’s position where they are calling the shots despite not having the popular votes.… Read more »


After 2 GEs, and also reformasi in 98, it baffles me that Azmin still doesn’t get it – still got UMNO DNA?? I mean, who is he trying to kid? There were all these rumors that he was interested in the MB post. But doesn’t he get it that it is the rakyat who decides, ultimately? Voters didn’t go through bersih or lynas or last Sunday’s election nor last Wed’s rally; and now they are being derided by Utusan and uMNO – just to have a drama minggu inin – on who is to be MB. Tan Sri Khalid did… Read more »

Mlaysian In Action

That is one big whining cause he cannot get his way.


It would be not wise of Azmin to leave PKR for UMNO for just a minister post. PKR with DAP & PAS now PR are moving towards success in the next GE. He would miss the chance of either MB, Deputy PM or even PM. Azmin wanted a consensus amongst Pakatan Rakyat but then he complained that there is no consensus within PKR. He knew that he has supporters in PKR that would ove ride Khalid and make him the choice but he forget that even if PKR support him, they must also have the support of PAS & DAP… Read more »


After all fuss..that he pledges his support to PKR..makes me even does not need press conference to states that he is still pkr man and support the decisions of the top level PR comittee!
However..judging from this step has made me to state that i’ve never trusted the PKR since it birth! To me..PAS n DAP is the real peoples party to defend our rights against this corrupt government and its sickening politicians in Malaysia! PAS & DAP is much more credible and possess integrities in their leader


Sama macam UMNO