Live – MP quits BN, launches Sabah Reform Movement to work with Pakatan


Anwar speaks in Tuaran, Sabah after Tuaran MP Wilfred Bumburing quit the BN and launched the Sabah Reform Movement. The non-partisan movement will work with Pakatan.

Yesterday, another BN MP (Beaufort) Lajim Ukin quit the Umno supreme council and his post of Beaufort party division chief.

Ideally, a by-election should be called to deter party-hopping on spurious grounds that do not have the support of the public. But in this case, since the general election is so close, the electorate can wait for the polls to express what they think of these political moves.

Anwar also announced that under Pakatan rule, royalties for oil-producing states would be raised from 5 per cent to 20 per cent.

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I’m sceptical about this whole froggy issue. Hasn’t Anwar and Pakatan leaders in DAP and PAS learnt the lessons of 2009 Perak Powergrab that resulted in so much anguish at the loss of Perak State to BN? Why did Tuaran and Beaufort resign now, …because they will soon be dropped as candidates in coming GE-13? Or their share of the loot weren’t met as promised so (like Altantuya) they weren’t happy and they left? If that’s the case Pakatan should refuse to have anything to do with them! No point picking garbage to stink your whole cart to cause more… Read more »


Withdraw the Fixed Deposit and finish off BeEnd

Gerakan K


Anil, it is time for you to contact your English teacher. Non-partisan but work with pakatan ??? Full of contradiction.

A better term is Pakatan friendly party.

p/s: Anil, sudah apply itu 1Malaysia email kah ???

Andrew I

Non partisan so you can’t lump them together with pakatan. Just like your Perakian friends who were independent but friendly. Who wants to pay for monitored email…except you?


This thing can snowball partly because Anwar can spin his magic. If Lajim and Bumburing just lay the path for Anwar and other PR leaders around the state, the other Sabah leaders even Jeffrey Kitingan will have to follow…


Is this season of the froggies, huh?
Tuaran and Beaufort must be such slow learners, though it’s better late than never but what happened?

Andrew I

Gherkin won’t be smiling for much longer. His safe deposits are beginning to look unsafe. With so much oil and so little to show for it, people will begin to realize the truth in the end.

Ahmad Sobri

If East Malaysians bangkit together with West Malaysians, then we do not have to worry about HUDUD for ALL! It is getting scarier by the day as sycophants especially GELAKAN is so quiet on this HUDUD for ALL! We hope the spirits of Borneo will help Malaysians achieve their desire for change. Change we must and change we will! Insyaallah! Prices of vehicles must come down! Malaysians cannot be made to pay for the lavish life styles of those corrupt leaders! 28 years ago, it was for Proton, but, 28 years later, what had Proton achieved? In the name of… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

How I wish we have a efficient public transport system, yes trains, trams buses and true more cycling lanes for all, healthy life style. But, err, our leaders chose to build cars instead? And when they want to build the cost is always many times that of develop and accountable contries? Why must Malaysians made to pay for a few in charge? Malaysians MUST say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Send the corrupt out come PRU 13! Please observe what I commented on the bizarre breed of men in the Olympics. I think they are victims of HUDUD for ALL? LOL! Must… Read more »


ha ha ha, sometimes i do wonder why armpit hair, so ugly especially for the female.

what is the purpose of armpit hair ? i see none.

Ahmad Sobri

Saudara Kee, I wish to differ your opinion of armpit hairs, which you said is ugly especially on women. Kee bro, armpit hairs is a gift of God, it is a work of art, and it is extremely sexy! Without it, I feel it is not natural! I remembered there was an athlete who won the marathon, remember, MARATHON, and when she reached the finishing line, it was natural she raised her arms, and underneath the arm pit there was a row of very fine hairs , and oh.. so beautiful, so sexy, now, all we see are “dying hills”… Read more »


Let’s pray: Let the wind of change blow to Sabah and Sarawak and rise up all the Sabahans and Sarawakians, and let us all unite and say, enough is enough, we shall be deceit no more. Amin and Amin !!! Insya Allah, He is on our side and we shall triump !!!


As I have said before, PR must win a substantial number of seats in Sabah & Sarawak and the rural area before they can talk of Putrajaya. Sabah is now ripe for the wind of change. Sarawak urban is looking good with the exception of rural area and Bian Baru must work very very hard. UMNO are feeling shaking with PAS maneuvering in the Felda area and that is why Nacheap is now dishing another 43 millions for the settlers. The time is ripe now for the wind of change. CHANGE IS NOW WHAT WE SHOULD DO AT THE NEXT… Read more »


Pakatan must work extra hard in the rurals of Sabah and Sarawak, and it is also very important that the priests/pastors must help to open the eyes, minds and hearts of the rural folks.

I hope the clergy themselves will not fall into the temptation of $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Rise up all the people and pray to the Almighty so that our shared dream will come true in 13th GE. Amin !

syiok syiok

RE : I hope the clergy themselves will not fall into the temptation of $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Look at the Pastor in Singapore promoting his wife Sun with millions of fundmoney as asian China Wine – SHAME ON HIM for disgracing the fai+h !!!


kesimpulan : Beginning of The End of BN !