Listen! How NOT to make your first million…


Heard over the radio that a scheduled talk featuring “Listen! Listen!” speaker Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin on “How To Make Your First Million” has been cancelled.

Apparently, organisers heeded a police recommendation to cancel the event after they got wind of plans to hold a protest outside the hotel venue in KL.

Deep sigh! Now we will never know how to make our first million…

Here’s the report in The Star.

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The reason Sharifah Zohra lashed out at undergraduate KS Bawani is that she felt she was from a stronger, more powerful community. The government’s past policies of protecting one specific community has helped groom people with the twisted thinking that they are superior while others are inferior. Yet, despite all these policies, the community is seen as weak, economically challenged and in need of support. Still, the community today is economically superior in many ways, and politically stronger. This has sent some of hard core elements into a racial frenzy. It is not the first time that you hear pro-BN… Read more »


I will give the course instead, and I’m only a mere Mah Salleh. To make your first million, you must run a few courses with BTN and 1Malaysia Suara Malaysia and ONLY listen, listen, listen, and then reach out to the raayat where you will instruct them to support a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g done by the gommen, and dismiss a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g put forth by opposition. If you cannot answer them, you intimidate them or – on second thought – do that anyway so to submit the veiled Malay masses and ensure that the odd Chinese strategically shuts up. Nemmin their vote. We will submit… Read more »


Smart malays would have got the get rich strategy.
First join Umno, then ‘invest’ time to ampu to get the ketua bahagian post.
Set up a RM2 company as a Kelas F contractor to land a high price government contract as a Umno crony without bidding.
Ali baba the job to a chinese contractor paying no more than 50%.
Then become a millionaire after 3 such projects.


The way she handled the forum is not and never as a public speaker!Go learn more before you make a mockery of yourself.

mike joey

I think it’s not worth putting in RM150.00 to hear this rude and arrogant woman talk. Better to put it in for a good lunch for 2 in Hilton Hotel coffeehouse.


I would pay 150 to learn how to make a million. But, if she is capable to make millions, why go for 150 per head? again the act in contrary to the words. Pay 150 for her freedom to speak, and burden other without freedom of listening. She could talk the bulls, but don’t you question the fact. When she speaks, you MUST listen. If one could speak with her authority and status, not words, without engaging the reasonable arguments, then, she is capable of anything under the sun. We have plenty politicians with that quality. But, first and foremost,… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, This Sharifah’s assertion that animals also have problems is insinuating that those who are not in sync with BN (read UMNO Baru) policies are equivalent to such animals! Compounding this is to suggest that if Bawani does not like such BN policies, what is she doing in Malaysia, that she can always go to Cuba, Libya, Argentina, … . So, all Malaysians have to be subservient to the govt of the day if they want to stay in Malaysia, otherwise go elsewhere! Now we even have the Wanita UMNO’s Norhayati Sadiiah, a typical UMNO little Napoleon, asserting that… Read more »


BTN Brainwashing session

Brave Miss Bawani VS Arrogant Sharifah Zohra Jabeen
(This one with chinese subtitle for all to understand)


Well, you know being a Predator is one way to do it..Her problem is she is the cat in the henhouse who pick on the little chicks and can’t even handle the Rooster and grown hen. If she teaches everyone to feed on all the little chicks, what is there left after the Roosters and the hens die?

Ong Eu Soon

To make your first million, all the sangat sangat miskin children should join BN like Sharifah , master the art of Bodek ;. listen, listen,listen, listen and keep your mouth shut up.


So this Sharifah Zohra Jabeen a/p Syed Shah Miskin in hiding now ….where to, Pakistan?
There she can go tell them “Listen, listen, listen let me speak, you listen when I speak!”


Pay RM150 or RM200 to have your brain washed


Better luck with her next event titled “How to lose friends and make enemies.”


Anilllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!1 Dont you know how to make the first million ????
Aisehman its really simple really !
1} You must be a female m…
2} Be mentally deranged….


In the first place why would any rational thinking being spend RM 150.00 to listen to someone with a low grade mentality.
Moreover the other two speakers are also non-entities. In the first place they (could) have made their millions to qualify as speakers for this forum. Surely, Sharifah could have made a fraction of a million with that IQ.


Another m… charged the country $billions to take it down the drain. So, what’s rgt 150 to listen to a mental retard? The country,as a whole, deserves the ‘lanuns’ we elect because the vast majority of its citizens are morons. Even the remote possibility that BN can win the next GE says very much the mental capacity of its electorate.


Kak Listen knows how to position herself as she is climbing up the political ladder to fame and power. How else to do except to please the masters by aligning her thoughts to theirs? Recall what Sharizat did when she was younger?

Aspiring Umno flers no need to pay RM150 to learn such trick.


Pay Rm150 to get dumber?
No way.
I had better spend it on Penang street hawker food to enrich my brain!
Rm5.00 (one hawker dish & a cuppa of Kopi-O kau kau) per night x 30 nights is more heavenly time spent than to listen to Lembu, Anjing & Ikan Lecture of No Brainers!


Sharifah Zohra is a former deputy Wanita chief of Kimma, a party that claims to represent the interests of the Indian Muslim community, and was praised by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in his speech at the opening of its annual general assembly in October last year as “a close and loyal friend of BN”. That is why she is wearing the 1Malaysia badge. So it is quite amusing that Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar tweeted taht “Please listen to me: this Jabeen lady does not represent BN. Period” and later adding that “no one has even heard… Read more »