#Lawan protest in KL calls for PM’s resignation


Youth activists in Kuala Lumpur are protesting this morning calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yasin. Watch the video here.

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1 Aug 2021 10.31am

IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO KNOW WHO OR WHICH GROUP OR GROUPS OF PEOPLE ORGANIZED AND FUNDED THIS BLACK SHIRT PROTEST/DEMOSTRATION. It definitely cannot be these foolish youths who got together themselves and organized it. Congregating together during these dangerous Covid 19 pandemic period means these foolish youths did not use their intelligence to think and say,” NO!, this is a wrong time to get together in public and demonstrate” thus putting a whole lot of lives in danger including their families and neighbors. The current Covid-19 variant which is in its mutated form and has become more dangerous than it… Read more »

Milk Tea
Milk Tea
31 Jul 2021 5.16pm

This is peanuts compared to the ICERD rally. With a growing 70% Bumiputera population, taking down the Melayu Islam government is like shooting yourself with a bullet. Extremely cringe seeing those anarchist Malay down the streets. In fact, I am honestly grateful that the Sheraton move happens. Imagine what would happen in Malaysia if PH is still the government.

31 Jul 2021 10.25pm

Olympic bronze for Malaysia’s badminton doubles

At least it can temporarily divert the attention of Malaysians from double whammy of domestic woes – Political & Pandemic troubles..

31 Jul 2021 1.33pm

Young Malaysians know their futures are at stake.

If there is no major overhaul to have competent and responsible leaders then the future will remain very bleak to cari makan.

31 Jul 2021 12.26pm

#Lawan mula berarak, bawa patung mayat dan bendera hitam