Police presence around Karpal’s Penang residence


A couple of different sources have alerted me to a fairly large police presence – perhaps a hundred or more – around Karpal Singh’s residence in Penang.

Riot police trucks are in the area and roads blocks have been set up around the Waterfall Road/Western Road area.

Reports blog reader tan, tanjung bunga:

I passed Karpal Singh’s residence at around 3.00 pm: lots of FRU personnel and other policemen in the vicinity of his residence, with FRU personnel also lining-up in front of his gate and dozens of media people positioned opposite the gate. You can imagine the traffic jams in the whole area!

From your post, it’s possible that the security personnel are trying to protect Karpal’s residence from the Umno demonstrators! Congrats to them then for protecting a citizen!

It is believed that Umno demonstrators have been blocked from heading towards Karpal’s residence.

It is understood that Karpal himself is not at home at this time.

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Actually why UMNO and Perkasa is angry is because DAP, PKR and PAS have become stronger. So UMNO and Perkasa panic lah. Next election Pakatan is going to be very strong. All the DAP members including Karpal Singh say we have no problem with PAS leading the way. So UMNO and Perkasa bengang lah.
Mat rempit hati hati ya jangan sampai jadi mati rempit pulak!


What’s this lazy,low-mentality junks trying to do?
Police are not arresting anybody for the
disallowed demo?


James …. hantar balik Indon je …


toyo is a malay ultra. beware cos hes running for umno youth chief. god bless malaysia if he is chief or deputy.

Angela Ooi

UMNO Youths are good for nothing empty vassels making lots of noise. They have always portrayed themselves in negative light. They have nothing ‘upstairs’, no substance, cannot think for themselves and just follow their moron leaders to rant and rave about their ‘ketuanan’ crap while being well-spoonfed by us rakyat who slog out at our miserable jobs. How do they assemble in such large groups when peaceful candlelight gatherings are photographed by Special Branch and FRU n Police always disperse them even when there are no ‘angry n loud’ scenes? Oh,I forgot UMNO are law unto themselves and permits are… Read more »

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil I am really wondering whether we are in a supposed to be DEMOCRACTIC COUNTRY or a Police State. If this can happen to a Member of Parliament – and he is very senior member – some young chikus were not even born when he started to serve the PUBLIC. I think this matter ALIRAN should bring to the United Nations and other Human Rights Organisation and Centres as to what is happening in the Malaysia. It looks like DICTATORSHIP and in my in order to hold on to power, BN (could resort) to DECLARE EMERGENCY with the laws… Read more »

anna brella

Product of the System: Astute view and absolutely spot on! And if true, why aren’t those who are (issuing public threats against) a duly elected People’s Representative/Parliamentarian and a Malaysian citizen, being allowed by the police without that person being cautioned? OK to protest lawfully/peacefully within reasonable limits against anyone, in my opinion. You may need to inform the police about it for the sake of courtesy or more likely logistics to balance private/public rights, but you certainly DO NOT REQUIRE police permission through a police permit to exercise that democratic and constitutional right. IMO, no matter what S28 of… Read more »


Where’s your impartiality EC?


“Amazingly, the EC did not choose to have the by-election anytime during the 1st term break for Malaysian schools during 14-22 March (13-21 March for Kedah)! Wouldn’t this 1 week school break be the most convenient time considering that most of the polling stations are at schools?”


Hey…hey…everyone, don’t mixed up the father with the son. De fella is mohd khir, the other part belong to the father…any issue any of you guys have is with the son, ah…please keep this in mind, otherwise whatever criticism you have against him fall back on you.


Looks like the police are finally doing their job, protecting the citizen rather than just protecting the umnu…


Nothing, but another political stunt. The thinking Malays are no more feudalistic. Anyway, this stunt has happened before in Kuala Terengganu, Kelantan and Perlis. It has happened many times before. Karpal does not have to worry. The thinking Malays know what is right and wrong. And they are the majority. A good moslem will love GOD more than anybody else in this world. A good Moslem seeks justice for all. Yes, it’s only a cheap political gimmick.The world is laughing …


nkkhoo on February 13th, 2009 at 9.21pm

Correction, “Mohd. Zaki and Khiry….” shall read as “Mohd Khir and Khairy….”


Idiot Toyo, you balik la…. Ooop… Selangor is PKR now…. Where you should go ahhhh?? Let me think….

Bro n sis please help me to think WHERE should we put this idiot?


United Malaysians say NO to UM-NO. We must Pakat Rakyat to oust the Be-End on the next GE-13 for our good of our future generation. Vote wisely, so that only capable ADUNs are elected. Not like our HEE from DAP, and the two frogs from PKR, which one of them is a former postman. And for Khir Toyo, …. What is he doing in Penang? Nothing to do as being out of job and trying to make noise to get notice … ? Penangnites are peaceful people, so please don’t come here to kacau. Get lost.

Ong Eu Soon

Stupid Khir Toyo with a crowd of less than 200, staged the demonstration. Poor Umno can’t even mobilise enough supporters for the demonstration. With this rate going on, Umno will be buried in the next election. Karpal will enjoy a good laught!

Penang Voter

Thank goodness, this is Penang under Pakatan where action counts and matter. If still under Gerakan, protest outside Karpal’s house will continue till god knows when ??? Probable, Gerakan may join in?

After all, Gerakan got no …. when it comes to UMNO !!!!!!!


Mohd. Zaki and Khiry both wanted to show who is more “ketuanan Melayu” before UMNO general assembly.

Who know? The third candidate may be elected as new UMNO Youth Chief.

UMNO Youth can demonstrate everyday provided they have learned how to be civilized human beings in the democratic country.


>> Looks like it sarah, Khairy,Mohamed Khir. What do they have in common? Both contesting Umno Youth chief’s post.Last week Khairy led a 1,000-strong rally in Ipoh against PR. So?

Bingo Sunny… you’ve got it. (Both) are contesting for the UMNO Youth post, and its a race to show everyone who’s the more lionhearted young punk. KJ’s not gonna let anyone steal his thunder, especially not an oldie…

What is a grandpa like Khir doing in UMNO Youth anyway?


Sun Szu;

Attack not the strongest defense of the enemies but look for the weakest. Be patience. Be patience.


This honorable Karpal Singh may not be smart afterall. A sorry lone ranger. Strategically when Pakatan sues the BN Perak State government, any conclusion to the court case will indirectly affect those who made the decision.

I hope he still see the point. If not, he is looking for some trouble with these … lawless people around.


oh wow, i was [cautiously] happy today.


wat this toyol doing in penang.

Product of the System

It’s not the fault of the police.

It’s not the fault of Karpal.

It’s not even the fault of Khir Toyo and all his unemployable NEP….

It’s the fault of the people.

If Malaysians of all walks of life are willing to stand up to these UMNO warlords and tell to get lost, (people) like Khir Toyo, Khairy Jamaludin and all of UMNO Youth will shiver and dare not rear their faces.

As it is, Malaysians are still watching after their own back, while the Karpal Singhs and Lim Kit Siangs are hung out for crucification.


…padan muka tempe toyol.


“Could it be that someone in UMNO doesn’t want Toyo to be in the limelight?” :sarah on February 13th, 2009 at 6.46pm

Looks like it sarah, Khairy,Mohamed Khir. What do they have in common? Both contesting Umno Youth chief’s post.Last week Khairy led a 1,000-strong rally in Ipoh against PR. So?