Lajim Ukin: Why I am quitting


Lajim Ukin explains why he is quitting the Umno supreme council and other party posts.

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31 Jul 2012 4.36pm

The big increase of illegals turned citizens in Sabah is really an issue of concern to all Sabahans. About time for us to punish BN in the coming PRU13.

31 Jul 2012 12.12pm

Sabahans must now wake up to exercise their votes to protect their land from the intrusion of Umno-sponsored aliens.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
31 Jul 2012 7.55am

Eastern Europe’s Velvet Revolution saw Communists become
“liberal democrats”.

So, in Malaysia, we are seeing UMNO-BN people becoming
“reformers”. (Smart) ‘rats’ fleeing the sinking UMNO-BN ship?

najib manaukau
30 Jul 2012 6.21pm

It may have taken the east Malaysians a few decades to wake up but it is better late than never ! It would be best to remain a third party, an apposition party… Just ask yourself what are you getting … ? Providing opportunities for the scumbags … from Umno to … rob from you not to mention sending you all the unemployables from west Malaysia to fill up all the government departments. All these positions can easily be replaced by your local born ! Most important of all is all the wealth and the natural resources will stay within… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
30 Jul 2012 1.19pm

I think it is not a wise move, but, we never know. Encouraging people to jump, and allowing them to contest 17 Parliamentary seats on their platform? Without joining PKR or any Pakatan parties? Well, certainly, do not feel comfortable. What if these people are the trojan horses of UMNO? Of Shafie Apdal? What if elected in PRU 13, they turn frogs and return to BN? Not convincing, I would say. Anyway, let us just hope for the best, but to encourage such people may not be wise in the long run but in the short term may demoralized those… Read more »

30 Jul 2012 11.59am

We the Rakyat, Malaysian Civil Society should demand an end to frog-jumping which is an abuse of electorates’ trust.

Let’s call for legislation to end this. Politicians on both sides of the political divide must be serious, should not hesitate but join in this call!

30 Jul 2012 11.54am

Pairin Kitingan was ‘neutered’ by M… kutty long ago. Yeah look at his pot belly, good life and a rich man, his wealth will last his 3 generation at least while but unfortunately he can’t take it with him when he goes and the reputation he leaves behind! Don’t these people have any conscience at all?

30 Jul 2012 11.28am

Ya, sometimes i do wonder what had Pairin Kitingan done for the Sabahans after joining UMNO/BN.

He was the pahlawan for the Sabahan, he threatened to pull out … but see what happened at the end??? He joined Mahathir/BN, finally. Why??? For the good of the Sabahans or selfishness comes in here, for his own good??? I think Pairin’s belly is getting bigger, good life yeah !!! (No money talk involved???)

But the saddest of all is, the aborigines of Sabah still worship him as their hero !!!

My Christian friends quote their Bible, “Without knowledge, my people perish.”

30 Jul 2012 3.35am

Somehow Lajim sounds less convincing compared to Bumburing..His reason for leaving UMNO sounds more old fashion warlord politics rather than the causes of Sabah..