Koh’s performance the worst: Former exco member


Former exco member Khor Gark Kim has rated Koh Tsu Koon’s performance as the worst among Penang’s chief ministers so far. (And to think that Koh is now in charge of monitoring Key Perfomance Indicators at the federal level…)

All I can say is if you look at the quality of life in Penang – the overall environment including congestion, the state of cleanliness, water and sea pollution, the cutting of hill-slopes, haphazard property development – since the 1970s, it has clearly deteriorated over the years.

This report from The Star:

Guan Eng’s situation likened to Chong Eu’s struggle
July 27, 2009

THE challenges faced by Lim Guan Eng as Penang Chief Minister are similar to those faced by Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, China Press quoted former Penang exco member Datuk Khor Gark Kim as saying.

He said both became Chief Minister when they were in the Opposition.

“Chong Eu’s biggest problem was to ensure the nation’s stability, and development was second in his priority at that time.

“The anti-establishment sentiment was very strong at that time because many government policies were obsolete and the country was lagging behind,” he said.

He said Guan Eng’s situation was similar to Chong Eu’s struggle and whether he could make it as a successful chief minister would depend on the state government’s relationship with the Federal Government.

In a special interview with the daily, Khor also said among the four chief ministers, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon was the worst in terms of performance.

“His team members did not have the guts to perform their duties sincerely.

“Everyone of his state assemblyman only wanted to be the ‘nice guy’,’’ he added.

He said Dr Koh inherited a state with rich resources when he took over the office from Dr Lim.

“Both the state government and the Federal Government were ruled by the Barisan Nasional during his time and he did not have too many difficulties like Chong Eu and Guan Eng,” he said.

“However, he lost everything after 18 years as chief minister and this shows that there were weaknesses during his governance,” Khor said.

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I think Dr Koh should go back to his teaching job.

Please I do not want my children or grand-children to learn anything from this guy cause he sucks.


Lim Guan Eng will bring success to Penang and if given a chance to become the PM of the country, Malaysia will prosper.


MCA,Gerakan and MIC should leave Barisan National then only our country can become fair….

John Barleycorn

For me the lowest point of my regard of KTK was when in Sep 2007,he mooted prohibiting slow and heavy vehicles crossing the Penang Bridge during peak hours, but backed down after the then Work Minister disagreed with this direction. Instead of making demand to the Work Minister, he politely suggested that the Work Minister had probably misunderstood his intention. Much to the chagrin of the Penangnites, he did not pursue this further. This was clearly a show of power by the Work Minister and our CM blinked and backed down.

bla bla bla

Totally agree with KGK’s comments on KTK…


…his photo was trampled upon fro all to see. what did he do?

at the end of the day, he called UMNO his brother.



tell me something i dont know.

…please, dont ever associate yourself as a chinese educationist. a total disgrace.


what is KGK’s intention saying this now and not before?


hey.. we’re talking about Malaysian politicians man …..

They’ve got their “reputations” to protect…


KSH’s performance is rated as the worst among the 4 Chief Ministers of Penang. And yet he’s now a federal minister in charge of KPIs! What an ironic twist of fate!

And the twist is on BN. I am sure Najib knows what he’s doing. He’s meting out poetic justice to B-End!


I think the rise and fall of a political party is in the hands of the Rakyat. So, DAP is in the right time to replace Gerakan. So, Rakyat is the boss.

That is the reason Guan Eng stepped in is because of ineffectiveness of Koh. And Guan Eng will be out if there is a better person there to replace him.

Rakyat is not stupid. Congrats to the people of Penang. You are making the choice.


Koh Tsu Koon had such deplorable evaluation as CM. A clear non performer. The lower 5 percentile slotted to be fired. Now putting such a lousy performer as Minister of KPI is asking for disaster for the country.

Malaysia, land of mediocrity.

Approving Authorities

Koh Tsu Koon was an unmitigated disaster as Penang’s CM.

He enjoyed the trappings of the CM’s office and allowed his BN cronies to rape and plunder Penang.

If KTK has any pride, any self-respect and any honour, he should just fade into oblivion.

The contempt with which the Penang Umno boys treated him speaks for itself and it is a contempt shared by most Penangites.


Agree 100% Koh Tsu Khoon is THE LOUSIEST CM of Penang.
During his tenure as CM he created more messes for Penangites.
Look at the KG Pala scandal, he buat tak tahu only. Good at blaming GE when in fact he is the source of trouble.
Koh, can you please stop hiding in PutraJaya and come back to solve KG Pala scandal! You have caused so much hardship for People in Penang!!



I am from Penang but have to so south for a living. I was told that the Tsunami victims temporary houses (if you call it house)were not built properly and became a sore eye. Can you chk on that?? That was also KTK time.

Andrew I

He was so nice he lasted 18 years. Poor Badawi only managed to hold it together for less than half the time.


so khor gaik kim, can i asked what was your contribution during your years in gerakan. i mean when they are in the opposition and when they are part of the BN.just wants to remind u and lim chong eu that gerakan is reaping what you all hv sow sinche 1969.


yes no doubt KSK is a nice polite humble man but NOT fit to be a politician as he is too ‘soft’. he had been and will be step all over his head by UMNO! in penang as CM, it is a known fact, he is a puppet CM for UMNO!!


Dia banyak takut saya punya,selalu baca buku sja yg lain tak minat


Remeber his photo being torn by UMNO penang .. what he do beside keeping mum and “kow tow” …. gerakan already become “gelakan” already … penang gerakan all wipe out by DAP and he still got face to be leader of gelakan …

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi Anil, What Khor Gark Kim said about KTK is common knowledge to Penangites. Why not take a poll on it in your blogspot? The results would be obvious and I dare say that the political eunuch would just bury his head like the ostrich, even though the potential poll results then would be so telling!! What credibility (or rather more appropriately no-credibility) does he and his Gerakan have? A president who on the eve of the 12th GE declared that he wouldn’t be a back-door minister, but now gladly accepting the post – so grateful to his political masters,… Read more »


How on earth can Gerakan have such a leader for many donkey years…beyond belief! or maybe he is easily controlled by umno and very submissive to their demands. Those racists tore his picture and he did nothing… Gerakan too! NO wonder Penang is in such a pathetic state. Now, he REFUSED to cooperate with LGE to solve Penang’s many problems when asked… Kg Buah Pala, I guess if KTK opens his mouth and leak out the secrets, they may just decide to “rough him up”. Well done.


Khor Tzu Khoon is the worst chief minister in Penang’s history. He is not fit to be a goverment officer. He enter the Parliament throgh the back door….


‘Mr Clean’ or whatever name you may call… but what makes everyone think he is a coward is when he dare not to say or do anything when his own photo was taken down & torn apart by his UMNO friends. I can’t imagine such person will still get the respect from his own members. Maybe those members is ‘following by example’.


What a BIG joke that Koh TK is now incharge of monitoring the KPI of ministers….hahahahaha…Its real sad that Malaysia has come to such a mess that BN has to appoint someone who cannot even keep his own KPI to monitor others…. I wont be surprise he will kow-tow again to the other ministers by giving a very good mark-up report on their ministeries….its expected as he is good for nothing except to carry the… of UMNO people. I remember he said he will “NEVER” accept a senatorship and not even a ministership but now see what happened? Gerakan members….this… Read more »