PM rebuffs Anwar’s call for emergency sitting


Aliran president Rama has expressed serious concern over Raja Petra’s deteriorating health (Photo credit: Mustafa K Anuar)

  • Pakatan wants Parliament to deliberate on “motion of censure”
  • PM says Parliament will convene as scheduled on 13 Oct
  • PM says no plans for more ISA arrests
  • Aliran expresses serious concern over RPK’s deteriorating health

1921: The Cabinet has approved a proposed Race Relations Act, reports The Star online.

1904: Blogger Samuel Goh sends this prayer for all ISA detainees:

Indeed let us all pray for all the detainees
Let us all do so on our bended knees
Remember that God wants us all to be free
So from truth and justice let us not flee

1900: Blog reader Harman Amri adds:

Abdullah’s refusal, first to meet Anwar, then to call for the emergency session of Parliament, is solid proof in my mind that Anwar has truly secured the support of the majority in Parliament.

1855: Blog reader Abdullah (not the PM!) has responded to the Malaysian Insider’s analysis:

Anwar holds a constitutional office, Malaysia’s Official Opposition Leader, which represents the other side. What makes Abdullah fail to meet him? What does he fear? And if Anwar meets Abdullah and fails to show the list, wouldn’t that help Abdullah more than Anwar? What makes Abdullah fail in taking up this golden opportunity?

1850: Aliran president P Ramakrishnan has expressed serious concern over Raja Petra’s deteriorating health.

Marina has every right to be worried over his health because  “her husband suffers from heart artery blockages and is on medication”. At this point in time nobody can confirm if Raja Petra is taking his medication or whether he  is being monitored by a doctor.

What he is being subjected to is absolutely unacceptable and uncalled for. What makes it worse is the fact that Raja Petra’s human rights are being violated with impunity by a country that sits as a member on the United Nations Human Rights Council that is tasked with protecting and preserving human rights. The way he is treated makes a mockery of our position on this Council and renders it untenable.

1840: Responding to a question whether Anwar would be detained under the ISA, the Prime Minister said there was no suggestion from him to use the ISA on anyone, The Star online reports. According to Malaysiakini, Abdullah said that he had no plans to use the Internal Security Act “against Anwar or anyone else”. We will be watching to see if he keeps his word.

1828: The PM has rebuffed Pakatan’s call for an emergency Parliament sitting. He says Parliament would sit as scheduled after Hari Raya, reports the NST. Now what? How is the Pakatan going to respond? Meanwhile, Anwar”s sodomy trial is set for 24 Sept.

1803: Malaysian Insider is describing Anwar’s latest moves as a “master stroke in buying time” to allow him to persuade MPs to cross over.

The Opposition icon knows that failure to deliver 31 MPs and oust Abdullah and BN out of Parliament will hurt him in the court of public opinion. His latest challenge to Abdullah suggests that he needs more time to get the numbers.

1730: Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Hasan Malek has made a report with the ACA, alleging that he was offered bribes to cross over to the Opposition, reports Bernama. He did not disclose the amount offered. “What was clear I was promised a very bright future. People can interpret that.”

1718: SAPP youth chief Au Kam Wah, who is also the Elopura state assembly member, has quit the party,  reports Bernama. He will now be an independent rep.  SAPP senior vice-president Jimmy Wong has also quit, according to the NST.

1600: The Umno Supreme Council meeting gets underway.

1443: “Tuesday is the critical date,” says Anwar. “I said we have the list of names, we want to share the list with the PM, failing which we will go to Parliament. You want me to reveal the list and let them be harassed?”

1440: He explains why they can’t wait for Parliament to convene on 13 Oct. He says the country is in a state of a political and economic flux and there is a need to resolve this quickly.

1438: The MPs want Anwar to give a guarantee that they will be allowed to attend Parliament safely on Tuesday. Teresa Kok too should be allowed to attend Parliament, insists Anwar.

1433: If this is rejected, Anwar says Pakatan will call an urgent meeting to discuss their options. “It is critical for the PM to respond.”

1431: “There is no reason for me to be arrested under the ISA,” says Anwar. “We have a major economic crisis… it is therefore important for them to think of the nation and not for themselves. This is now a minority government. The majority of MPs are now with us.”

1429: Anwar has met key fund managers and they told him they wanted to see comprehensive reforms: judificial reforms, free media, investor-friendly policies, a professional police force. The current administration has done nothing to advance these reforms.

1426: Anwar says a letter has been sent to the PM asking him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament by Tuesday. “It warrants an immediate response.” Any delay would be interpreted as sabotage of the democratic process, he adds.

1422: The press conference gets underway. Anwar clarifies that the letter he sent to the PM used diplomatic language such as ensuring national security, “We can’t very well say we want to topple you.”

1419: The room is filled with the loud chattering of several dozen media personnel present. The media conference has not yet started.

1406: The press conference is about to start.

1234: The Shah Alam High Court will deliver its decision on the Altantuya murder case on 31 Oct, reports the NST.

1216: Anwar is holding a press conference at PKR headquaters at 2.00pm. “He must reveal more than he did a couple of days ago to show that he has a majority; otherwise, he could be in danger of losing the psychological battle,” a veteran political commentator tells me.

1157: All eyes are on the Umno Supreme Council meeting at 3.00pm, which could discuss the transition plan, Mahathir’s possible re-entry into Umno, and the Cabinet reshuffle. And how will they handle Muhyiddin?

1154: The KLCI has plunged to 966 points, dipping below the 1,000 mark.

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arnie nymous

AAB has to realise his time in govt is drawing to a close, more rapidly than he had hoped for. He has no control over events that are fast unfolding. The only one thing left that he can shape, is how history will judge him, what future Malaysians will be saying of him in the years to come. Will he go down the road in ignominy, as someone who was hounded out of the premiership by his own party, who left the key institutions of the country in tatters, who left the country to wolves…? Or will they be saying… Read more »


When I was a reporter, we were not allowed to make serious allegations towards someone with dubious sources and without asking the person who has been alleged to have done something to respond to the accusations about him/her. Our editors would kill us. I am suprised that such journalism is being practiced today, where you can make wild allegations that could incite racial hatred with dubious sources such as “my friend” and without use of terms such as “is alleged to have to…”. People who practice such dangerous journalism as this are the ones who should be hauled up to… Read more »


“I think this is a classic case of what they call the ‘free-rider’ problem of the ‘prisoner dilemma’ problem in social science.”

I think it’s more appropriate to say that this is the classic game of Chicken in game theory. They are playing the classic anti-coordination game.

one sen

I think this is a classic case of what they call the ‘free-rider’ problem of the ‘prisoner dilemma’ problem in social science. Using the methodological indidualism approach, the theory argues that individuals as rational human beings act from self interest considerations. Let us say that Anwar today has the verbal support 1,000 MPs, who has told Anwar to get an emergency parliamentary session, so that they can show support for him. But during that parliamentary session, no one from the 1,000MPs is going to volunteer raising his/her hand to support Anwar first, lest the other 999 back out the last… Read more »


My kaki at PR tells me Anwar does have the numbers. Now the challenge is to get a smooth transition into government. I think now is the time for all members of parliament to do the rightr thing and give Anwar his moment in the Sunlight. Politicians are if they checked their politics 101 at Uni notes, meant to be public servants and selfless gentlemen. Well now is the time to convince us the cynical public that politicians indeed have some manners and docurum and class to allow for a smooth transition of government. I think Mr. Badawi must now… Read more »


what the heck is this Race REligion Act??

Messy Christian

Sheesh, Malaysians are really an impatient lot, aren’t they? Come on guys, surely you guys know that eventhough Badawi concedes to Anwar on 916, a new government cannot be formed on that day itself? Forming a new government is not a simple process. What more with a government that has no qualms to sic the ISA on MPs! I for one, although a little antsy (only because I worry for the fate of Anwar and the Mps) am glad Anwar has taken the more ‘scenic’ route to Putrajaya. What we’re witnessing right now is the most scary game of Chicken… Read more »


Simple… wanna come home coz BN only deals with ********!!


The question is why can’t DSAI just “go for it” now there is this ISA threat? Shouldn’t he be moving fast? Well, DSAI can’t just go for it precisely because ISA may be invoked. DSAI may have his expectation or belief about how “desperate” AAB is. But he doesn’t know it for sure. He doesn’t know whether AAB will protect his power at all costs, even that means using martial law to rule the country. But there is no way to ascertain without acting to see what AAB will do. Also, DSAI cannot delay his move because the sodomy trial… Read more »

steven see

RPK PLease Malaysia still need you. What is Malaysia without you. You say what you feel without fear or favours. Be strong coz you still have your family and thay need you.


No use to argue now because the power now is still in Bad-awi hands, if it is you, you wouldn’t too. But I’m just curious is there any shortcut for this. But from what I’m seeing, having an audience with the Agung is a bit hard, if not DSAI would have done so or perhaps he follow every procedure tightly.


Hi all,

Please sign and let others know about the following petition.

Petition to Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa Kok and Others Held Under the Internal Security Act

old ****

On RPK, shouldn’t the Selangor Sultan does something now? Afterall, he is family, right? Let’s perhaps send a petition to the Sultan to intervene to get Pete out. Don’t know about you, but I am most concerned for his well being from what I read in the blog about his treatment in Bukit Aman. What do you guys think?

wanna come home

Can someone please explain to me how a school drop-out could see the Deputy PM at his home to discuss scholarship BUT the Opposition Leader could not see the PM to discuss matters of national importance?

simon li

From …spin doctor’s Malaysia Insider: [“The Opposition icon knows that failure to deliver 31 MPs and oust Abdullah and BN out of Parliament will hurt him in the court of public opinion. His latest challenge to Abdullah suggests that he needs more time to get the numbers.”] The person NOT having the numbers want a vote NOW. The Badawi says to Anwar, “No, I have the numbers and you don’t, but I want to save your face by rejecting your call for a vote. So I am buying time for you. See?” … If you want to spin, don’t be… Read more »


The cards lay out on the table The chips piling high to see 4 cards displaying for all The challenger calls his opponent Tell me what you see? The sleeping beauty calls it bluffing His supporters drumming on the chairs Laughing and smiling on the cards display It is unlikely the challenger will get a royal flush Ever confident on his moves The sleeping beauty calls it a mirage Only the challenger can see it It is just an illusion even in dreams He lays out his cards of two pairs each A house perhaps better than his challenger He… Read more »


So we are waiting for Pakatan Rakyat next course of action. HE doesn’t want to see PR. He knew that he would loose there, now trying to hold on. Silly …!


Haste makes waste. At this jucture, things has to go slowly and carefully. Toppling a 50-year govt is not like changing clothes. One false move and you might lose everything. Be patient and have faith…like what anwar pleaded on the night of 915. Let us give PR all our support and don’t forget to pray.


Yes, Anwar has the number. That’s the reason why he is challenging Abdullah to call for an emergency parliament sitting.He is on his way to become the next prime minister of Malaysia. That’s for sure. Only Anwar can bring back the glory to the country. A selfless man, he is leader of the rakyat. The corrupt should not be allowed to stay in power. It’s time for a change. Never mind if it was not on September 16. It will soon happen. On the ground, the majority want a change to the government. They now believe that the country must… Read more »

simon li

At risk of sounding (or in fact, being) stupid, I confess I like to read books. Like me, the fourth floor boys, or even the basement boys, also read books. I have read in history books and seen with my own eyes in comic books that strategic cities are always attacked or besieged in a war, especially in the final decisive battles. They may be large or small cities but they are both strategic AND vulnerable cities. Often, such cities are in the territory of the retreating side. Their local leaders, minor-kings, warlords (whatever the name) will be furiously consulting… Read more »


I don’t know the right procedure…. but doesn’t it sound ridiculous that to overthrow AAB, DSAI has to get AAB’s permission to call for an emergency parliament sitting. Why would AAB be so stupid to agree to that?

Shouldn’t DSAI just go straight to the king with the evidence that he has the numbers?


The winds of change which swept across the world

Politics is the art of the impossible.





Now that we know that there is not going to be an emergency parliament session next week, can we please proceed to the next course of action.

Frankly speaking, I am getting tired of waiting. But if that what it takes … then you guys go ahead and do what you have to do.

And if DSAI still cannot get the support from the parliament/Agong by 13th Oct, we will know then whether he is bluffing or not.

Harman Amri

What with these people who insist that Anwar announce the names of the “defectors”? AS if, when the names are announced, Anwar will be able to move into Putrajaya immediately. How naive can you be?

Is Abdullah going to vacate his office upon seeing the list? No way…. And then what?

So, I regard those who are calling for Anwar to reveal the names now to public are no better than those who were calling for him to swear on the Quran to deny the sodomy charge…

Harman Amri

In a truly functional democracy, as soon as there is a hint that the Government might have lost the support of the majority in Parliament (for example, because of the resignation of a popular member of the Cabinet or similar event) the Prime Minister himself would call for a “vote of confidence” in his leadership. No need for the Opposition to propose a “motion of no confidence”. Ii is the Government who should move a “motion of confidence” in the Prime Minister to demonstate that it continues to enjoy the support of the Parliamentary majority. Actually, what better way to… Read more »