Klang Valley residents pack SCAH for Karpal Singh memorial


Check out Anwar Ibrahim’s eulogy to Karpal Singh ‘Good night, sweet prince’ on the Aliran website.

Thanks to blog readers Wee Chin and Don Anamalai for the video links.

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Don Anamalai

Karpal Singh short eulogy from Singapore’s Channel News Asia:
The Passing of a Legend.

Don Anamalai

Karpal Singh’s family does not expect any “favours” from Putrajaya in their appeal against the late lawyer and politician’s conviction and sentence for sedition,


No wonder Yang is so experience in such activities. We have seen it happen in Penang whereby two concerts were played to only a small numbers of supporters whereas for PSY concert , someone was booed! Anyway, Yang do hold your concert in the 7th Chinese lunar month. I believe you can always argue there are numerous unseen presence!


Tonight DAP’s Impian Malaysia Dinner at sPICE (formerly PISA) will honour Karpal Singh.

300 tables all sold out to raise RM600K. Jangan main main.

Inilah scenario Yang sebenarnya !


Aiyoh yoh fund raising we really understand. Give 30 books to each branch chief. Hey make sure you sell it all. With thousand of members what is 3000 tickets. An NGO or charity organization could easily do that.


Yang to join Penang Front Party (PFP) ?


Any Penang writer to come up with:
The Ten Karpal Principles of Upholding The Constitution
(don’t play-play with our future)
It will be a handy reminder guidebook for our pasar malam MPs in Parliament!


“The Tiger of Jelutong” now a bestseller at Borders QBay. This New Zealand author plans to write another book on Karpal. Contact him should you have good references eg Karpal’s favourite street food dishes info.

Andrew I

Anil, since this blog is called Anilnetto.com, I think it’s only right you decide what to publish, how often and how much. It’s a good way to bore trolls. The rest of us don’t mind.


Andrew I

Troll acknowledgements.

Don Anamalai

Perhaps Yang can provide some info on the plan and direction of MCA Penang Chief Chew Mei Fun on the Bukit Gelugor by-election?


Look like you could not see beyond your nose


Give Andrew some reprieve. He just woke up from a long slumber


oh my god not another one

Don Anamalai

Yang should listen to this tribute to Karpal from Ambiga on the memorial.

Ambiga Sreenevasan: An Honourable Man Loyal To His Principle, Rule Of Law, That Man Is Karpal Singh:


My neighbour aunty said to me in hokkien, “chor lang siang karpal singh, chin chia tat”. Seeing how the people love Karpal, i am touched and my eyes are teary… Mr Karpal, we are reluctant to let you go but God has a better plan for you. Indeed, you were tired for all these long years fighting an evil regime, esp the last ten years on a wheelchair. We were hurting, very much… We know you even better and your greatness through all the sharings, the lives you touched with your generousity, dedication, kindness and love. To Sir Karpal Singh… Read more »


Ah Nar! You again! Joker or fool?


ceramah or memorial