Khairy finds himself on Raja Petra and Dr M’s side


Surprise, surprise, guess who disagrees with the move to block Malaysia Today? Khairy!

Wudyabelieve it!

In the latest entry on his blog he says:

In defence of those who despise me

No other website has caused me as much bad rep and deliberately destroyed my character as Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia Today. Yet I cannot help disagreeing with the recent move by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block access to the site. Such blatant and crude employment of State power is inconsistent with the widening of the democratic space – an approach the current Administration adopted long before the 12th General Election…

And he concludes:

…Incidentally, YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed has also blogged on this issue and similarly proposed that the government avoid Internet censorship. And so I find myself on the side of both Raja Petra and Tun Dr Mahathir. It could either mean that I find myself as Alice in an impossible Wonderland or just simply the magic of the Ramadhan spirit is at work.

Read the full entry here.

Well said, Khairy! Brilliant!

Just one thing though: Why don’t you whisper into your father-in-law’s ear and ask him to lift the block. Simple, no?

And bring it up in Parliament.

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After Dark

Leadership Mind Testing…. 1. Mr. KJ walks into a restaurant. All people’s looks at him. How many admires and disgusted on you? _ / 1O prns 2. Dare swear to the people, soul and god … that you are a good leader without harming anyone before, married your wife didn’t related to the PM and didn’t lead ACA against your opponent ‘eye-nail’ before? 3. All privatisation tender in Rembau clean and didn’t setup advanced deal -…. What’s the answer in your mind? How many marks do you get out of THREE Q’ ? Are you feels uncomfortable or trying to… Read more »

Kevin Gan

Dear KJ

You are the smart one and always outsmart everyone of the old folks in umNO…..

1. after your FIL step down….you will not be accepted by N**** camp
2. your political future actually lies in the next PM in waiting
3. your grass root supporters is not as strong
4. You need to be associated with the RIGHT party
5. You need to start early…at least

Please fill in the PKR member application form and sent it to * 773H

* Read upside down


Hello Oxford boy,

Trying to jump ship or what? No place for naughy small boys. It will be “Check Mate” soon. DSAI was humiliated by you much more than anyone else. You have no respect, not professional enough to speak to schools boys, you want to go up the stage. You’re not fit to even clean DSAI’s shoes.
You provoke & poisoned my fellow young malay brothers & sisters who are innocent to demo. As though you are fighting for Malays’ rights.
Who is uncle Partick Lim than? Fooling time over, Malaysians are wide awake.



KJ is just taking advantage of the situation. KJ is extremely happy of the removal of Raja Petra’s site, no doubt about it. He is the Head of …… in Pak Lah’s team and is the one which can bite both ways.


This fella is a smart guy. Knowing the days of UMNO are limited, he better switch gear and make use of the blogsphere to hantam the next gomen.

Blog Tactic

That article was authored by KJ to fish all the left-wings bloggers to reveal themselves. And before they know it, their blog address also kena block.


Well…well!!! I cannot believe my eyes to read Khairy Ayam sedar now to side RP blog


Khairy, he can be a better actor than a politician. Just because he has been fed with silver spoons, does he know the agony and difficulties faced by the ordinary rakyat to make a decent living? He’s in the same boat as Najib and Hishamuddin where life has been a bed of roses. He’s good in his oratory, but is it of substance? He is just a pampered child and SIL.
To quote Horace Greeley : ‘The darkest hour in any man’s life is when he sits down to plan to get money without earning it.” Unquote.


I have NOTHING GOOD to mention about this KJ(PERSONAL BRAINSTORM & SON IN LAW OF THE CURRENT PM )EXCEPT that i would say HE IS AN OPPORTUNIST… what he voice out to “disagrees with the move to block Malaysia Today ” is just another disguise to cover up his inferior shameful remarks made against DSAI during his PP By-Election ! …


KJ said – It could either mean that I find myself as Alice in an impossible Wonderland or just simply the magic of the Ramadhan spirit is at work. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have the displeasure of knowing some of these Umnoputra Oxf….. Thay all are the same. That’s how they construct sentences which in one stroke tries to achieve many aims – in this instance: self promotion, holier than thou, magnaminity, intelligence etc – all of which are mere facades and mala fide. they truky are narcissist, detached from reality and of shallow intellect. moreover, many have never achieved anything tangible… Read more »

New Malaysian

Dear Khairy, (Merely practice and not to be confused with any implications of endearment), I read with a mix of emotions your remonstrance of SKMM and their ignorant attempts to block Malaysia Today from the rakyat. That it failed and failed so spectacularly is surely thanks to the incompetent, ill-informed, ill-advised officers who hold high office in SKMM, the Minister notwithstanding. The consequences of this bold and stupid move are many: we are in fact the p……. of the cyberworld! And relegated to the rungs of the most oppressive and repressive Thirld World countries… (I’m sure tha implications of this… Read more »


Alternate ways to MT no longer exists. Anyone with the latest?


Singapura, I value your honest opinion. Sounds like you know who has been “misleading” him? Care to share your views some more?


Strange that I should quote the mad, sad and bad Marquis de Sade but in his published work ‘Juliette’, (published in 1797), here is a scene frome Sade’s Juliette explaining to King Ferdinand the consequences of his policies: Though nature lavishes much upon your people, their circumstances are strait. But this is not the effect of their laziness; this general paralysis has its source in your policy which, from maintaining the people in dependence, shuts them out from wealth; their ills are thus rendered beyond remedy, and the political state is in a situation no less grave than the civil… Read more »


Dear all,

If you believe in what Khairy said, i would say you are very very wrong. Remember when Dolah Badawi first came into power. Waa… almost everybody admired him. Just see what mess he had done today. Please be very careful with UMNO leaders. Compare him tu Tun Mahathir and you’ll get the similarity. While they seem to be backing the rakyat they still drive new Mercedes, BMW and other luxury cars.

As for Dolah Badawi, i knew from beginning he is useless and I got it right! So Dolah, please continue to ‘shipwreck’ UMNO and BN.

Hjh Musalmah

Hi guys,
Listen to what is being said not who says it.

Let us not be like BN who never listen to anyone except to their own cronies.

Keep the merdeka spirit in our hearts always, no matter what.

Melayu Singapura

Hai Guys, I knew I will get those things from you. Ok fair enough. Just to be honest – I am A VERY HARDCORE FAN OF DSAI AND FAMILY – I even named my son after his. Anyway, I also very honest about what I said about this Khairy. I actualy pitty him of being mislead. That was my very honest own opinion, I also used to comment in his blog and told him off – NOT TO BE KURANG AJAR – But again, if I had the opportunity – I’ll advice him to get himself a good Mantor (NOT… Read more »

Qin Shi Huang

Congratulations KJ! This is the first time you have said something positive and sensible.

agadam magadam

Thanks KJ… That’s it… Get lost now… !!!
… Cunning ..
BEWARE OF THIS GUY… He’s a sweet talking …

When DSAI was DPM, he was a good boy with DSAI’s family… When DSAI was arrested, he dumped DSAI and Family..Back then..
Moved on to PAk Lah’s Family.. and got hitched……
Thank’s again… Berambus…!!!


This can also be possible. Khairy, apparently is not well accepted by UMNO people for whatever reasons they may have. He may find it hard to rise within UMNO. His weakness is that he is quite emotional and cannot talk in a refined manner though he may not really mean what he says. His choice of words are quite crude and offensive. Again, the moment he opens his mouth, it smells arrogance. This is the problem with this young man. In the case UMNO cannot accept him, there could be a possiblity that he may team up with Anwar against… Read more »


This ….. can ‘Change Faces’ many many times better than the Beijing Opera. It is cheap tricks playing to the Malaysian gallery.

A true Malaysian

I wish to re-post what I commented in veonszu, VoiceOfPolitic, I also personally hope that 916 will happen. But, realitically, this is tough to become a reality. If I can read Anwar’s mind correctly, 916 is just Anwar’s trick to test out BN’s MPs sincerity in wanting for a better Malaysia under multiracial ideology of PR. I used the word ’sincerity’ because Anwar clearly stated ‘no monetary’ perk will be offerred for these MPs. So, if 916 happen, then rakyat will know that these MPs are of credible, with conscience. If 916 not happen, then Anwar & PR have nothing… Read more »

china apek

singapura … we gladly export kj to your country. maybe you should give him a singaporean citizenship ….


Khairy is trying to be a nice boy at the detriment of Najib. Najib’s image got tattered by a few SDs disclosed in MT. MT, I suppose has harmed Najib more than Khairy. So, can Najib now trust Khairy? In politics, you cannot always predict. Today you are best of friends, tomorrow you are worst of enemies. When Najib is licking his wound, Khairy comes up with this sort of statement. This makes Najib more worried. Najib may end up with no friends and 2010 will see no Najib as the PM. Mahathir has said this, correctly. They say …… Read more »

malaysian niah..

sorry i have to state this here although it is a related topic. please check out datuk wong chun wai’s support for not banning RPK site on his blog. i think personally he should just not talk about it. because his – The Star newspaper is a one-sided, no b…, and certainly not the type that we want to call fair reporting medium. i think to try to steal some personal limelight for this pertaining to freedom of speech and fair reporting, he and the rest of the mainstream editors in Malaysia – DO NOT QUALIFY. When The Star got… Read more »