Karpal Singh’s final message: ‘The Constitution is the supreme law of the land’


“Oleh itu, Tuan Speaker, jangan main-main dengan Perlembagaan,” intoned Karpal Singh presciently, as an MP rose in protest while others shot up in Karpal’s defence as angry rebukes were hurled.

What an appropriate final reminder by Karpal about the supremacy of the Constitution in the face of short-sighted, ill-advised attempts to change the system of laws in the country.

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Don You are half right when you mentioned that the nightmare will continue even after Karpal’s death. I believe Karpal’s death will be the triggering point for Gen Y and Gen Z and will be given a very thorough
details by baby boomers and Gen X to not only continue the vision of Karpal Singh but will give birth to many strong willed dedicated individuals who will fight for justice. The death of Karpal Singh signal the end of his journey but it has spur many youngsters to start their own journey which will brings us to greater height


In South Korea , the honourable(Really earn my respect) Prime Minister resigned due to the ferry disaster. I strongly believe such honourable traits doesn’t exist. Sometimes, they even praised themselves! Are you sure? Honourable Karpal was jailed. Yang, you do have a selective memory. This is what we call even we lose the majority of the votes, we still can lead as the minority. Easy, just put all those who votes against us into one big constituency. It shows that even if you lose(to quote Yang) you still can rule! This is what we call even I lose, I can… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Karpal Singh had always been a nightmare to BN and this would continue even after his death. This was shown in the government’s refused to allow a school hall to be used for his memorial, forcing the party to hold it at the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall instead.


Andrew Sad isn’t it when you do not win and depend on someone else to pull you in. Normally, such scenario the beneficiary of such act will not dare to make any noises. It is just like the master and the servant scenario. I ask you to sit, you sit. When you need to …, please ask permission. Pathetic scenario! Win by your own effort or you sneak in as a LOSER! It is an irrelevant party for a Malaysian!

Andrew I

In Hokkien, I think it’s described as “beh heow kane siow”.


It show that even if you lose you are still part of us whatsoever.
This is what we call power sharing. This is what we call working together. This is what we call consensus. And its all for the benefits of the people.


Good idea Joe. Ah Nar there is a big fool writing and making stupid remarks. If it is irrelevant, don’t write. Please respect Karpal Singh as he was a great leader who has sacrificed for the RAKYAT especially the average people in the street. Ah Nar ! Again Your name! It stinks! Make my day. I will be back!


How about starting a Obama pays his respect to Karpal Singh campaign!!!!!!


I think there is a big political ceramah in KL

Don Anamalai

Karpal Singh dalam kenangan:

bowen liu

The Four Noble Truths are what I am subscribing to.

Rich Daddy

PAS Hudud sudah mari. Ini kalilah !!!

p.s. Siapa bodoh-bodoh pergi undi itu PAS dan UMNO ???

Wee Chin

The Bkt Gelugor by-election is an opportunity for MCA to seek ‘referendum’ if indeed the Chinese has returned their votes to the party as claimed. Chew Mei Fun should try again since she is the MCA chief in Penang.

Andrew I

With or without votes, MCA is ready to accept a Cabinet position. How telling is that?


Jelutong slayed the tiger, Bkt Gelugor spell his demise
Little Ram may have some reprieve now. Wu Song will finish the job next GE


Hahahaha! Ananar, and Lim Chong Eu was kenna slayed too even though he was Penang CM for how many years. Mahathir also lost his seat. Hahahaha!

Wee Chin

Since when our perlembagaan declared Malaysia as an Islamic country?

Can PAS explain how they could humanely cut off limbs of offenders under the hudud laws?


Earthly laws are made by men. Some of which can be morphed, ethically or unethically for which men (including women) by the whom is in control, rightly or wrongly.
Only the Ten Commandments cannot be misinterpreted or amended or bluffed behind God’s back or risk stricken by His Lightning.
So, no man is above the Laws meaning you risk the wrath of God for wrongfully manipulating the laws meant to safeguard the rights of men (including women).

Including “makan duit kopi”.


BUT as we have seen with “Allah” issue. bible confiscation, Anwar’s verdict, Karpal’s conviction – the Judicial system already corrupted that the point is not that relevant anymore. Fact is the Constitution is already partly compromised with all its amendments but with a broken judicial system, it offers little in practical terms without a change in government.