Karpal Singh interviewed by CNN


This interview captures a little bit about the man himself and what motivated him to persevere with courtroom battles and his political struggle despite the seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Wee Chin
Wee Chin
25 Apr 2014 10.31am

More than 4 thousand people gathered at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, to pay their last respects to the Tiger of Jelutong, the late Karpal Singh.

Eng Hock
Eng Hock
24 Apr 2014 12.48pm

Property market collapsing in China (eg Hangzhou see link below) could be happening in Malaysia ?


The scene is very similar and hope Anil can keep weary investors posted (pull out b4 get burnt !)

Eng Hock
Eng Hock
24 Apr 2014 12.30pm

Msia/Penang property speculators watch out. Credit crunch hitting China now even tychoon Li Ka-shing has pulled out completely (sold all his property assets) from China. A prelude to a crisis to come ?

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
24 Apr 2014 9.52am

Karpal Singh – A man who is said to be Anti-Islam but defend 4 Malay student

23 Apr 2014 2.08pm

Singapore was right to bar him for meddling into Singapore politics and affairs. He should have known that it is Singapore prerogative and rights just like the French govt that also has the same rules. He took on every cases in defending drugs pedlars and also issues that infringes on the rights of others religions and country. He was the first to accuse Anwar of homosexuality and yet continue to defend him in the sodomy act. Why is it so. Is it because he must keep Anwar out of jail for PR and DAP to survive and win Putrajaya. If… Read more »

24 Apr 2014 2.33pm
Reply to  Yang

Singapore’s ban is just an admission Singapore is conflicted in this area and do not welcome anyone outside telling them what to do. Karpal was never generous of politicians who are unclear of what they should do and that include Singapore. Why should Singaporean not have available pressure on their politicians when they fall short? Singapore govt has the right to keep him out, but by then, Karpal already made his point..