Journalist asks Obama why he won’t meet with Anwar


Forward the video to 36:30, when a CBS journalist questions Obama, whose response is somewhat wishy washy. Najib is also asked if he has made any effort towards political reforms.

Meanwhile, Anwar’s lawyer N Surendran has responded to Najib’s statement:

I refer to the statement by PM Najib on 27 April 2014 that the sodomy case against Anwar Ibrahim is just ‘ an action taken by an individual’ who is a former employee who has taken up a case against him, and not a case of the government against Anwar.

This statement, made at a press conference with President Obama, is shocking, dishonest and blatantly false.

The case against Anwar is not a private action by an individual. It is a criminal prosecution brought by the Attorney General against Anwar Ibrahim. The A-G is the government’s legal advisor and acts on behalf of the government.

It is also a notorious and indisputable fact that the AG is not independent of the government, and has been partial to government interests in instituting prosecutions.

Najib’s claim that the government is not involved in Anwar’s case is a complete pretence and a shameless attempt to hoodwink the international community.

In fact, Najib himself is directly involved in the case against Anwar. It is undisputed that Najib had personally met with the complainant Saiful at his residence two days before the alleged incident occurred.

If it is just a case of a complaint by an individual not involving the government, why did the Prime Minister meet the complainant before the incident? No reasonable explanation has ever been given by Najib to explain this sinister meeting.

Najib also deliberately ignores the widespread concern and condemnation of Anwar’s conviction by government’s and organisations worldwide, and puts on a hypocritical pretence that this is just an ordinary case in court.

Najib’s position becomes even more absurd when it is remembered that Anwar is the Leader of the Opposition, and the most prominent critic of Najib’s Umno/BN coalition.

Najib’s statement was plainly ridiculous and a gross embarrassment to our country in the face of the international media and the visiting American President.

Issued by,
N Surendran
Vice President,Keadilan
MP Padang Serai

28 April 2014

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Wee Chin
Wee Chin
1 May 2014 10.46am

Najib has hard time pronouncing the word ‘Proliferation’:

Enough reason for us to bring back PPSMI!

29 Apr 2014 12.52am

I can’t believe Najib lied in front of Obama. Obviously, this is not a case of an employee suing his boss but an employee (planted?) … that went to see Najib before filing a claim of Sodomy.

Independence of Judiciary is another lie. It was so blatant that the appellate court went out of its way to speed up the trial as well as in handing down the conviction. Never before in Malaysia where the appellate court is so efficient and in handing down convictions so swiftly.

28 Apr 2014 11.35am

Trust Walter Cronkite’s channel to stand up..

I thought the more interesting aspect was
1) Obama was asked about Anwar and not Najib but Najib insisted on delivering a short comment.
2) When asked on delivering on TPPA – Najib said “signed 13 FTA” – canned answer – and there were clearly a few others.

Obama will clearly learn – Najib will not deliver on TPPA and then he will understand exactly where Najib’s “moderation” really stand..

28 Apr 2014 10.48am

No more ISA? But Sedition Act could still be used against political foes!

Rich Daddy
Rich Daddy
28 Apr 2014 10.37am

Obama: I sked so do mee

28 Apr 2014 8.25am

“TPPA or Anwar? Obama, think hard about ‘fine twisting’ your human rights evangelism.”
So hard he had to think about RedNeck Americana debt-saving benefits above decency of human right in Malaysia inside his Air Force One on the way to Malaysia.

Awang Selamat Ori
Awang Selamat Ori
28 Apr 2014 5.12am

I think visiting Malaysia as the President of USA, makes USA looks as though they support racism, corruptions, the use of religion to stoke racial unrest! Just what had Obama done to alleviate the religious “persecutions” of the Christians by disallowing them to use the word “Allah”? They had been doing it for centuries, and suddenly they are not allowed to do so? This is the only ridiculous ruling in the world. Don’t trust Obama’s visit is to look into the sufferings and mistreatments of the suffering minorities, it is more to do with securing the agreement on the TPPA,… Read more »