Is there something afoot?


Last night, I spoke to a friend of mine over the phone.

He sounded depressed about the future of Malaysia. “I don’t see much hope for this country.”

“Don’t worry,” I told him. “A lot can change very quickly in politics.” Deep down, I felt all those years of reformasi struggle – more than two decades worth – couldn’t just disappear overnight.

We are on an inexorable process of evolution to a higher level, and the old politics of manipulating race and religion for personal interest has no place in modern society.

What we have seen in recent months is a pushback from these discredited forces. But that came more from desperation, backstabbing and baser instincts than any sense of enlightenment. That is not a recipe for a stable government that has the confidence of the people.

Quite a bit is happening behind-the-scenes, away from the public eye. Meetings and more meetings involving PH leaders.

Even as civil society activists and opposition politicians are hauled up for questioning under the PN administration, the numbers game goes on.

Could we see something happening in the next few days? Much will depend on the MPs from Sarawak and Sabah. Bear in mind that Sarawak faces a state election very soon, so how will some of the Sarawak politicians in PN explain to voters their cooperation with the ethno-religious parties in the peninsula?

But first PH probably wants to thrash out the question of its own PM candidate (see video above).  Mahathir as PM for six months, followed by Anwar? (see video above). Or will there be resistance to Mahathir returning for a third act? In which case, what role will Mukhriz and Shafie play? What about other newer faces or younger leaders? We should have a clearer picture by today.

But aren’t we missing something here? What about the ordinary people’s concerns? What about improving the public healthcare system and the quality of education? Providing more genuinely affordable homes? Eradicating poverty? Promoting sustainable food security? Putting a stop to ecologically harmful projects? Reducing wealth and income disparities? Shouldn’t we be talking about all this as well?

It has got to be more than elite politics this time around.

But then again, I suppose the more immediate concern is turning the ethno-religious tide and nailing the corrupt politicians, especially the kleptocrats.

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A good comment from a Malaysiakini reader: Tun faults the Chinese for the wealth gap but he fails to understand that traditionally the Chinese are a hard working community, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. Instead Tun has to see what were the shortcomings that has not uplifted the Malays & in my opinion it has to do with the policies. The policies that were promoted by Tun & then after only enriched the rich where they became richer thus causing the widening gap among a particular community/race & with the others. There needs to be a total… Read more »


not really. second and third gen chinese orso began to lepak. They are brain washed with too much risk management and rot education. they orso enjoy the money father give them. They open hand phone shops and sell accessories. In the past, we have ah mois in the tine mine and building construction. Now Indos are taking over.


Even if you are sober and not drunk, please drive carefully at night, especially on those kampung roads.


Anil do register for Batu Uban state election our votes go to you, we USM 18 yrs above need a true influencer to shake up status quo favouring developers!!!


Penang is Pulau Pinang; not Butterworth or Bukit Mertajam. Everyone wants to live on the Island not in backwater. Why not tell 18 years USM go and live on the Mainland.


We at USM to support Independent professional candidate and we hope more will step forward to minimise patronage system in Dewan Negeri and Negara.
Anil if you are not indeoendent but with PSM we still vote you into Komtar!


In drawing its election battle plan, Pakatan cautioned against writing off ‘Bossku’ Najib

Years of rivals harping about Najib’s link to the 1MDB fiasco and the constant media spotlight of the drama around his criminal trial instead have induced a sense of fatigue, or even scepticism about the allegations, something particularly evident among ethnic Malays.


KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 — Malaysia’s bid to rise in the economic value chain is set to stay stagnant, according to Fitch Macro Country Risk and Industry Research that predicted the country’s growth for the coming 10 years to be half what it was in the past decade.

Cannot expect growth and progress when GLCs are helmed by unqualified and incapable political appointees?


Civil society groups in Penang have been so blinded by their partisanship that they dont realise that the development projects that been implemented and proposed by DAP have caused greater environmental damage than whatever Gerakan did when they were in power. Not only that there have been elements of impropriety in these projects. (Come on RM300m spent on studies). Ptmp tunnel etc..

Civil society groups should be impartial and call a spade a spade as a voice for society, if not you might as well register as a political party.

Last edited 3 years ago by Robin

Gerakan build the sore thumb Komtar and why the project was done by Sinkapore Architect who was mentioned as his relative.


during gilakan, penang was half jungle. same as kuala lumpur and ipoh with lakes of tin ore dredges and rubber estates. only satu suku lives in the towns. (others) live in the villages or country sides outside those towns. ipoh was the third largest in malaya. now ipoh more historic and has more heritage shop houses than penang. 60 years bn has been gorek and every land is chip chip and potential for $$$. now tell us where to find the land bank?


Happy Father’s Day.

Here is a good song from AGT 2020, by a daughter singing for his father:


Can 3rd Force professionals from the commons be good option now that many already sick with same old faces claiming to be the elite “goose” to steer the nation???


18 years old – time to be the 3rd generation leaders. Trouble is we have kataks still obessed and think religion and race are threatened. Where are we where BLM is sounding and vibrating around the world?


The whole of Bolehland in a time machine, going backwards — maybe to the era of dinosaurs. Ha, ha, ha.


so are those now in usm orso going backwards too? last time, penang free, chung ling and sxi produces top students. now they are orso dinosaurs too?


PKR should see ahead Sticking with its president as PM candidate Though it seems it is its right But has the leaders forgotten the numbers game? Anwar can’t handle crisis in this magnitude He should recognize it and stay on a safer mode Dr Mahathir has the clout to handle crisis management He learned it through his experiences PH lost the government through traitors It has to get it back for the people Who is the candidate who could pull it off? It’s the Old Man We can recognize Dr M make his mistakes By his experiences he shouldn’t have… Read more »


It is long accepted that PM must be a Malay. But must the PM also be from a Malay party, not multi-racial party? Anil please enlighten us.


Tun M claimed he could not let DSAI become PM because malays would only support a PM that is from a malay party, not a multi-racial l one. More because of his personal bias and prejudice that had somehow influenced the mind of the malays.


Possibly because many ethnic indigenous Sabahans (bumiputeras too) have been converted to Islam after massive dakwah promotion over the years?


ony 2 Ks mental thinking. That is why his friend feels depressed. Hey, Dr M said Malaysia is a developed country by 2020. Are we? We still a tribal and third world in 2222,