Is Selangor next?


After Perak, is the BN now eyeing Selangor? That is the question that seems to be on quite a few minds.

Malaysians politics is now in a state of flux, with both the BN and the Pakatan suffering a series of setbacks.

This is a piece I wrote for Asia Times:

No winners in Malaysia’s political tussle
By Anil Netto

PENANG – The political situation in Malaysia is in a state of flux as both the ruling coalition and the opposition alliance face mounting challenges and uncertainties.

A huge rally in which thousands of Malaysians gathered in the streets of Kuala Lumpur despite a tight security clampdown demonstrated once again that a large number of Malaysians want greater civil liberties and are increasingly disillusioned with the current political system dominated by the Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling coalition. Full story here.


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PR leaders,pls focus on more important issue such as BN’s plot to grab back Selangor state,be united n lets not splited by BN govt..alcohol n gambling,real a big deal?


Hello Anil
Understand that MOH do not have enough Tamiflu even for 5% population.Minister is very secretive about this shortfall….


I believe in the next GE , PR is gone.
with PAS imposing its will on others, I believe they will loose in next GE.


The way everyone is talking, it is as if ALL non-Muslims are alcoholics. Everyone is talking about the “rights” of non-Muslims. As if ALL non-Muslims are for beer-drinking and gambling. As a devoted Buddhist and parent of 2 kids, I too am concerned about the problem of excessive/habitual consumption of alcohol and the issue of alcohol consumption amongst youths. The Anguttara Nikaya VII.39 of the Buddhist Suttas talks about the virtues of the “5 precepts” and one of them being “abstention from intoxicants”. The reason for abstaining from intoxicants is its effect on the mind and Buddhism, being the practise… Read more »


Anil An excellent and object analysis of the situation. However I am unconviced that there is a plot on Selangor. The situation in Perak was different (wafer thin majority) but to be fair I don’t think BN had any plans to bring down the PR govt there. If we remember, BN was in such mess that they were clueless and behaving like headless chickens. I hardly would think they would be plotting against PR. Alos Pak Lah had stated many times his opposition to such scheming. My guess is when the UMNO ADUN defected, the BN decided to strike back… Read more »


Dr.Hassan Ali,is ex BTN,(believed by some to be) an “UMNO mole” in PAS, plus an ex BTN. Man,these fellas went all out to (undermine) the “erdogans” in PAS (like Husam Musa,Khalid Samad..).The important thing to note, is THEY ARE FAILLING!!


Bro Anil.This ia an ol issue.UMNO/BN has targetted all the 5 Pakatan states since last year.The PM has a deadline.By such and such date,he want to “takeover” all the Pakatan States.


YES….YES…YES….Selangor the next to fall back to BN very soon unless PR comes back to their senses and return to being the People’s Mandate and not quarreling among themselves and trying to show who is the “tai kor” in the coalition. We all are aware that Hassan Ali is the guy who (allegedly) tried to bargained with Toyo to be the MB after 308 GE12 but was not successful (Thank Goodness). If he is still in PAS, we can continue to see more damaged to PR and very soon he will lead the PAS section loyal to him to jump… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

I see some similarities with
dirty tricks used by the Republican Party in the USA i.e. over there, “wedge issues” (such as abortion, gay rights, etc) are used to divide the ordinary people so that plutocratic/kleptocratic elites can continue to remain in power.

Over here, one of the wedge issues to divide the
PAS-DAP-PKR alliance could be things such as access to alcohol. People working for progressive change in Malaysia should not be manipulated but should work out reasonable compromises on issues such as these.


I agree with please do not sell alcohol to Muslims.
Its okay to sell alcohol to non-Muslims.

What so difficult with that?
The country is run by Islam UMNO, they dissect and cut-paste the Quran according to their needs.

Next, when rakyat press of Corruption to be in line with Islam…..

Islam UMNO will have headache & migrain.


TO: Shamshul Iskandar 9.31pm,

U tak pi tengok ke demo anti-isa?

U ok kot muslims dalam isa bertahun2? 8tahun?
Sapa sara anak2 isteri2 mereka ni?

It never happened to you, you dont know what is ISA
to begin with. Pegilah tengok senarai, paling ramai
Islam kan? Melayu kan?

Buat apa ada ISA tetapi Muslims ramai dalam tu?
Ini lah UMNO, sama je dgn negara barat, kena tunjun kepada negara Barat yg UMNO anti-terrorism.

Yang ada sekarang Islam UMNO, Islam chauvinist Malays.


Yes, Selangor is next, they will scheme and plan and do whatever it takes to take over Selangor and the rest of the PR ruled states by whatever means they can. …this dictatorship gomen (may not even give) up power even if the opposition wins the next general election. … cos if they loose, it’s like a death sentence to them. They have too much skeletons and corruptions in their cupboards.. like direct nego contracts and all those contracts to cronies classified under OSA which is bulls… mana ada transparency? Remember the ex dentist MB (administration) of Selangor remove all… Read more »


Next, no beef in Indian majority area and buddhist majority area. Aisay, that is what Najib is about… segregation. (btw, still think that Hassan and Zul is just a puppet for UMNO)


Stop selling Alcohol is not an issue to many of us.

We just felt that this should have been done longtime ago before the opposition took over and it just smell kind of
alcohol politic.


to: shamshul iskandar 9.31pm, i) u try to get a crowd to support isa and see how many turn up. ii) then, we get a crowd (again) to mansuhkan isa, and we see how many turn up. iii) on both occassions, must be peaceful and accompanied by the police no problem. but police must not kacau. i’d say the result would be something like this:- pro-isa: total, maybe 5,000 (mostly pewaris, magaran or whatever their name is, some silat clubs, another 10 or 20 obscure roups – but all predominantly umno members). mansuh-isa: 1,300,000 (all volunteers, most take unpaid leave,… Read more »


I Totally agree with Hassan Ali and Khir Toyo. Pls stop selling alcohol in Muslim / Malay majority area. Pls also take note that from now onwards all GLC ( Government Linked Companies which are controlled by Malays / Muslims – which erver comes first coz i’m confused ) should stop selling alcohol. That goes to MAS, Hotels, and all related investments. Better still build a 12feet wall segregrating malays / muslims from the rest of non-malays/muslims….


Cant you see the saliva dripping onto that Big piece of Cake ?

Now it’s the showdown between Tom & Jerry..
Whom do you think fit to play the role of Jerry ?

May be the Kids know better ?

That’s all folks….


Can I suggest PR has its own symbol like
three colours(green,red and blue) rectangle boxes with PR in black at the center? I think the three
PR parties can comes closer together and cooperated better to win the next GE! All PR members and supporters will not shy or reluctant to vote this
symbol in the next GE!

Ex Neutral

Surely there will be some extream from PAS of anywhere who will not be satisfied with anything.
Are they asking that shares in beer companies cannot be own by muslims. (Please go check out shareholders and even the people on the board).Shares in gaming companies. Go ask all the muslims who work in the racecourse, the syces, trainers, jockeys and even one chairman is a muslim. The royalty have grace the course before. Well there’s so many other areas. So can we have some moderation.PR please don’t wreack the oppurtinity.


Selangor Pakatan Don’t shoot each other back The black knight is charging into your castle And you guys are playing hide and seek You forget disunity falls Of any coalition for a common goal It is for the people so stick your promise Tackle your enemies at your doors Don’t waste time issuing stupid statements It doesn’t help matters……you spoil our votes Macc running you down Serving its black knight nothing else Police … lopsided prosecutions Leaving black knight the easy job to hit The loopholes he needs to establish Anwar in his sodomy 2 He has tied down with… Read more »

Shamsul Iskandar

If you are stupid and dumb,don’t try to act smart.20,000 out of 26,000,000,which is less than 1% is not large number of malaysians idiot!…


PR lost Selangor.Lost tentatively but not all lost.It is good for PR to lost Selangor like how it done in Perak.The rakyat knows how to deal coming GE


Also, ban muslim from working in genting because casino and alcohol is everywhere!! These PAS is a real … stirrer in PR


Chinese must not vote for PAS in the next by-election in Penang!!! If PAS hate so much on alcohol, pls ban also muslim who work in duty free shops selling alcohol!!!!….


Naif is Selangor’s Umno chief for nothing,he (could) plot and caused PR to break up and he has all the right (instruments of state) to back him up..its going to be a uphill task for PR to overcome all this barriers…but they have to..PR have to sit together and work things out in the interest of the Rakyat who voted them in the first place to get rid of the corrupted BN regime who have fallen out in favour of the people ..