Internal dissent over ‘Red Shirts’ rally strains BN coalition


BN component parties have expressed grave misgivings about the Red Shirts rally on 16 September:

Sabah’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Teo Chee Kang has reportedly denounced the rally.

United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) acting president Madius Tangau has also condemned the rally organisers.

PBB supreme council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah urged Sarawakians to stay away from the rally.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai said the rally must not be allowed to proceed.

MIC president S Subramaniam said the rally may cause cause sparks that result in unrest.

Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong said the rally may worsen race relations and disrupt tourism and trade.

I suspect that there will be concerted last-minute behind-the-scenes attempts today to get the rally called off (before Najib leaves KL tomorrow?). But these are unlikely to succeed given the high-stakes game being played. (Read also Aliran’s statement ‘Red Shirts’ rally a despicable ploy to divide Malaysians’.)

It tells you how much the coalition partners’ views are worth. If I were the BN component leaders, I wouldn’t know where to hide my face.

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Ironically it is reported that the service centre of MIC’s Kamalanathan was used to distribute red shirts for The Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu rally. He cannot claim to be ignorant, right?


16th September 2015 is indeed a sad day for malaysia !!!

Tunglang, your Tanahair negara cinta mu is gone… many of my friends are lamenting “leave if you can”, they are hoping their children will get out if the opposition cant win in the next ge.

Glad for kee he has left, my buddy actually…

I really feel so sad malaysia has come to this state of affairs !!! Thks to BN’s leadership !!!


My spirit want to leave, but my financial state won’t allow.
I just hope my children will find their niches in greener pastures.

Anyway, I will live alternative choices as best as I can in Tanah Air Cinta Ku –
a peaceful & serene sanctuary in Belum Rainforest far away from the racist discriminations, strifes, conflicts & nak cheats of present regime. Unless they want to enforce their rules of the jungles in Belum.

gk ong

At lunch time today, overheard next table diners talking about the red/black shirt rally. One guy said Umno will be Malu if the rally participants tomorrow is fewer that that in Bersih 4.0. That could possibly see Mat Rempit buat kacau later in the evening(?)


The himpuan needs help from yang, annars. lesters etc. Will they be there? All free trip, makan, lodging, transport, black and red t shirts throw in. Not enough? Free training course fron master sifu, highest dan throw in.


Yang, Ananar, Lester & co. literally ‘disappear’ from this blog.
Makes me wonder if they are trolls or paid trolls.
If that is the case, ‘hantam’ them is right counter strategy.
Be prepare for their sinister moves – which I don’t think they will go away but may come back in other names just like the proverbial demons which if you exorcise one away, they will return in a multitude.
They probably have a mentor in a Blue Ocean Strategy of Nak Cheats.


I was thinking one person wearing many hats just like in malaysiakini the bulls come out in pack. I have since discontinued subscription as i cant stand nonsense plus nuisance…

Pray n hope all is well on the so called malaysia day !!! Sad !!!


Dr Mahathir has poured scorn over the “red shirt” rally planned for tomorrow, saying it did not champion the Malays and was meant to demonise the Bersih 4 rally as racist.

“They say this rally is because the Bersih rally was racist. But the Bersih rally was not racist, every race was there together. “So, they make Bersih racist, to show that they are championing the Malays. They are not fighting for the Malays, so there is no need for it,” the former prime minister replied to reporters’ questions in Kuala Lumpur today.


MadHatter fighting his own created demons?
Karma has a boomerang effect on those who sow the seeds of discrimination, hatred & class citizenship.
In the coming months, he may have his hands full fighting more demons.
Wish him longevity until the exorcism (of demons) job is done.


“Kurang Ajar” according to Jamal Yunos’s Red Army in the end splitting DISAGREE to AGREE to DISAGREE BN components ????


3 years ago, Anil actually introduced to us this Umno’s Jamal Yunos who has a Ferrari despite selling Ikan Bakar.


See, now agreed to disagree already ! Pandering to the core !?


ExTraveling minister yenyen can call this warna warni Celebration of Colours in KL?
Mainstream mediaprima or Astro Awani appear to push the Maruah agenda of the major stakeholder of bee end and not showing the views of the rest in bee end???

Phua Kai Lit

UMNO Baru (Baru) is turning more and more fascist
but there are cooler heads in other BN
political parties.


16 sept is supposed to be a big day for north borneo and sarawak. Free and independant from eng land but now find themselves as east tanah melayu.


Indonesia, the theme for this year’s national day celebration is “Ayo Kerja” calling for ordinary citizens to work along with the government for the betterment of this country. Indeed, Indonesia has its share of problems during the course of the past one year: intricacies surrounding the rivalry of vested interests, a depressing economy, the plummeting rupiah and the presence of a small group of racist hooligans with their failed attempt to create some trouble. But, the Jakarta authorities are reluctant to dance to the tune of these unruly politicians, and the ordinary citizens are equally unwilling to get enticed into… Read more »


THERE IS NO STRAIN ON THE COALITION – In the end, BN component parties will just suck it up. Their corruption ensures they will just suck it up..THE GREATEST ENEMY AND TRAITOR TO SABAH AND SARAWAK PEOPLE ARE THEIR OWN LEADER’S CORRUPTION…So long as they are corrupt, THEY ARE NO DEFENSE AGAINST UMNO’S MALICE…


On 16 September, all rakyat can see that the BN component parties are meek and kow tow to their master Umno, who has turned Hari Malaysia into an racist-laced event to perpetuate Ketuanan Umno.