Inside the ex-Malaysian prime minister’s home


This was recorded by Daphne Iking a year ago, in May 2017 (and published a year later, a week after the general election), about a TN50 dialogue involving artistes.

It gives us an idea of the opulence and splendour of the place – at a time when ordinary Malaysians had to bear the brunt of the GST and budget cuts.

It also gives us glimpse into the lifestyles of high society. It is a different world – and maybe that is why it was so easy for Najib and Rosmah to be so detached from the reality on the ground.

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Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng asserted that more financial scandals in the vein of 1MDB remain locked up in “red files” that were previously restricted to only a select few former officials at his ministry. Lim was granted access to the secret files after he was sworn in as finance minister, and immediately discovered that his ministry had paid almost RM7 billion in 1MDB debt and interest payments last year alone. “Actually the debts of 1MDB before this was paid by the government. Before this, 1MDB said they paid it themselves. They have never paid a single sen of their… Read more »


Should freeze the assets of MO1, Arul Kanda and that Serigala guy.

Mah HS

Lim Guan Eng was just trying to bait Najib Razak and the self-proclaimed Bugis warrior swallowed the hook, line and sinker. Without realizing his moronic remarks, Najib has just implied that the Chinese government had colluded with the Malaysian government in (alleged) corrupt practices. Mr. Lim was just asking the strange payment arrangement and Mr. Najib spilled the beans. At the end of the day, Najib cannot explain why the pipeline projects, if indeed they were so noble and clean as claimed, had to be kept secret and hidden among the “red files”. It will be fun to see if… Read more »


MCA Liow and MIC Subra did not go to Najib’s Hari Raya open house in Pekan.
Possibly both parties are leaving BN soon?


How many homes Najib have?
What is safe home – home with safe to keep valuables?


Oh I thought it was their personal home. But instead it’s the opulence of the official home which mahathir built and are residing in it again.


Turn it into museum like the Melacca CM home.
People willing to pay good money to see the designer bags and shoes.


Just compare with singland lky’s house and its furniture. But lky wishes his house to be demolished if his daughter not going to live there. Unfortunately, he does not want to turn into a zooo with curious passerbys. The interior and furniture is dated in the 50s. Furniture at that era are solid

BB resident

The CSIS Southeast Asia Program is pleased to present “The Malaysian Election Tsunami: What Happens Next?” a panel discussion featuring Dr. Meredith L. Weiss and Ambassador Joseph Y. Yun. They discuss the outcomes of 14th Malaysian general election, and what the election means for the state of democracy in Malaysia and the region.


That is so kind of them. We need the valuable opinion of the Global Terrorist and Big Money on what to do next.


Embattled Najib has engaged the services of a team of top US lawyers, including former attorney-general John Ashcroft and star litigator David Boies, in a clear sign of concern that the widening global probe into 1MDB could snare him and his family members.

Cash is King at play again?


Engaging top US lawyers means one sure thing – he’s got the money (alleged) from illegal theft. Once he spends it, we will never get it back.
PM should ask investigators to expedite the case(s) against him so he won’t have the time left to finish the chunk of illegal money at his disposal.
Of course, investigation of money payment trails to these US lawyers should begin as well.
God, You have eyes. Help us nail this ruthless criminal & his associates.


Najib watches too much Suits tv show, or How to get away with Murder?

BB resident

60 Minutes Australia: Dirty Secret


When wsj said about 1mdb being siphon off, why this bloke dont engage top usa lawyer and sue wsj. Usa lawyers will fighr for if jib no win, will be no fees.if win, the usa lawyers will get a hefty fees paid by wsj.


After a few years in any country, most of the “supreme” cabal undergo a transformation. They acquire insulation from exposure and accountability, enabling them to ignore promises, live opulently, amass wealth and even embark on tyranny. The syptoms include sycophancy, surfeit of titles and medals, posing against large portraits of themselves, misusing government assets, cracking down on criticism, and launching delusional projects. This would not be possible without the manipulation of the Evil Empire.

Phua Kai Lit

Let them eat cake ….

Datuk Seri YB Loh

No big deal. There are so many houses in Pulau Tikus, Jesselton, Seri Tg Pinang, Tg Tokong, Minden Heights, Tg Bungah which are equally opulent occupied by low profile owners.

Ho Wan Lai

Top 50 Richie Rich of Malaysia own RM240 billion of wealth while total of B40 wealth only RM20 billion.
Reference :

Clearly BN past 61 years of economic policies not creating well of middle classes, and will Harapan policies more hopeful?