Images from the PKR Congress in Kota Bharu


Parti Keadilan Rakyat is holding its congress in Kota Bharu over the weekend as it licks its wounds after a spate of defections and a by-election loss. It is a time for soul-seaching – but the party has bounced back before.

Photo credit: Tian Chua

Photo credit: Jonson Chong

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Excellent success of 1 Malaysia in PR Congress Meeting when ppl feel that they are Malaysians and not Chinese, Malay, Indian and lain lain. SIgn of success ! If Khalid is not an effective Leader it is very hard for those more effective to wait for him to develope, he is kind, honest, good integrity but I think he lacks FIRE and CHARISMA to LEAD. Does anyone know if he has any baggage? PRK needs LEADERS who can do the job, influence Rakyat and speak convincingly! Khalid Samad? Ezam (if he fits the bill?) Act fast and effective, don’t sit… Read more »


Word of wisdom from unlikely place. πŸ™‚


The country will go bankrupt in lees than 9 years from now? Who are stashing their ill-earned wealth overseas? Who are making all the money now? Corruption? Any action against the big fish? Bloated sums for contracts? Billions for IPPs? Billions in properties overseas? This is scary. Let’s vote for PAKATAN to govern the country.


At the end of the day, the outcome of PKR Congress in KB must reflect on the future of what the party is made of…having fresh ideas, vision and courage. Be wiser from past mistakes and pick quality candidates for the coming GE. Above all, have a clean image, the electorate have up to their necks of UMNO crude corruptions, unashamedly, seen in the recent Buy Elections!


Adakah benar … ADUN BN Kuala Nerang akan sertai PAS? Atau mengosongkan kerusinya? Apakah terjadi pada project Kedah, sekiranya tiga lagi ADUN BN yang diberitakan tinggal BN untuk menyertai PAS di Kedah benar?

Sama sama kita ikuti perkembangan politik panas di Kedah.

PAS untuk Semua. Salam Reformasi!

Ho Ho Ho

Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
πŸ˜† PAKATAN RAKYAT the πŸ’‘ FUTURE for all peace loving and Multi Racials Malaysians πŸ˜†
Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘


thanks Anil, there were a lot of opportunities to catch up with old friends. There was a lot of introspection done by PKR leaders and this was really good. I am glad the race card was not pulled out and instead emphasis was placed on the socio-economic issues bugging Malaysia. I think PKR has been doing a lot of house cleaning and it was good to see the police keeping a watchful distance for a change. Mudslinging was kept to a minimum and you could feel the positive energy flowing in the ceramahs. To be honest you actually felt like… Read more »


Good luck, Pakatan. The people’s support will make the party strong.

Sibu Mari

Flush out all the frogs first. I hope no more frog in PKR.