Images from the High Chaparral protest in Komtar

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These people have no brains,instead of demo against the company,they went against the state government as if it is the state government who is going to evict them.The company Nusmetro Venture is a small company with a paid up capaital of just RM250,000.00.I believe this company doesn’t even have one single staff !

…Send them to hell-lah idiots !

anna brella

Perfume Spray, thank you for the info that KBP is outside the UNESCO delineated heritage zoning. Even so, if KBP is indeed of historical value to the state, then CM LGE should still be able to take the executive decision to protect it as a local conservation area and put into motion the process to give that decision legal effect asap either through available intra-vires executive powers or through an urgent new state law approved and passed in the Penang Legislative Assembly. Assuming it is true that the Selangor PR government is indeed putting a stop to all its iffy… Read more »


JoeJambo This Perfume Spray talked rubbish, Perfume Spray is either stupid or (perhaps) from the gang that benefited from crony system. First he/she mentioned some old NST report, but when he/she is asked whether is he/she keeping all old copies of NST, he/she has no asnwer. Then he/she talked about the land sold is NOT CHEAP under the close crony system, and gave all rubbish figures and excuses to back up the land sold under close crony system is with reasonable price, maybe even so high no other taker/buyer (hahahaha, what a joker). Now without any proof this Perfume Spray… Read more »


Perfume Spray on July 2nd, 2009 at 7.36pm Pls substantiate your allegations as it does carry some weight as to your last comment. If this is true, this would indeed make DAP look morally wrong (only as to the promises but LGE is still right about not paying the compensation). Remember, you are categorically specifying DAP instead of PKR / LGE or an individual candidate. You may be subject to a defamation suit if it turns out that u are making unsubstantiated libelous statements. Of course, if you know for a fact that it is true (and not relying on… Read more »

Perfume Spray

Perhaps CM LGE could then go one step further for a win-win solution by preserving the KBP land as a heritage site

Heritage site ? Whole of Penang can be considered a Heritage Site or Heritage Island by virtue of it being called Prince of Wales Island once .
And moreover that place is out of the Heritage Zoning .

Perfume Spray

nb ?? No ….? I may be stupid but I gotta … unlike you No … . If its cheap don’t you think they are other developers who might be interested ? Are you from Penang ? Have you been to the place in question ? If not I am talking to a piece of dead wood . The issue today is not the price that the previous govt sold to Nuesmero Ventures , but what exactly happened to get the villagers to protest against the DAP and not the BN and Koh Tsu Koon . Don’t try to divert… Read more »


Stupid Perfume Spray, YES, YOU ARE MORE STUPID THAN I THOUGHT. Lebih bodoh daripada … Corrupt government, corrupt political parties and corrupt politicians can win election after election because of STUPID rakyat like you are still around. NOT CHEAP???? Why there is no open tender, no open auction???? Only stupid people like you will not agree it is cheap and will not push goverment to be more transparent on land sales and tender. You sounded like from the group of people who benefited from this corrupt close system. Stop using this Anil website to justify and to prolong the corrupt… Read more »


I wanted to know what was the ‘PROMISE’ DAP made to Kg Buah Pala residents? Was the promise to ‘RE-EXAMINE’ the issue OR did they promise that they will ‘SETTLE’ and return the land to these residents? IF DAP said the latter, then i think Guan Eng is digging his own grave. IF DAP said the earlier, then i see no foul play or so called broken promises. Suppose THIS was the scenario instead: BN is the state government. BN sold their land. Residents complaint to BN. BN says no issue. Residents complaint to DAP, DAP say NO issue &… Read more »

anna brella

I wonder what it is that makes anyone anywhere sit on their laurels and think that smart voters – who live within a one-voter-one equal vote democratic system, such as that in place in Malaysia – only have democratic voting choices between sorry political failures or potentially sorry failures when it comes to choosing their governments and political leaders. Isn’t it often said that a day is a long time in politics? So perhaps the PR-political folk should wise-up and heed that saying and perhaps try to understand that everyone only gets one chance to make a lasting, good first… Read more »


wow, there are so many version of what happened in Kg Buah Pala. The only way to know the truth is to have a live face-to-face 3-way dialogue; Team KSK, Team PR & Team High Chaparal residents.

Perfume Spray

Indonesia says I am stupid ! hahaha get your facts right , that’s why I need to spray perfume when talking to you , cause your mouth sure stinks ! How many days have you not washed and brush your teeth ? Better use listerine . “It was (former chief minister) Koh (Tsu Koon) and BN that sold out Kampung Buah Pala at the cheap price of only RM10 per square feet in 2007 and without consulting the residents.” Land sold for RM10 per square feet ? Cheap price ? How do you come to equate that is cheap when… Read more »


Why the kg pala residence didn’t ask MIC to come out the fund to help. Hindraf should seek MIC help.. Imagine when the father promise the son university education than later he found out that he can’t get enough fund, will the son blame the dad for this ill promised? as a son, try to learn the problem in the family and seek cheaper education else where. In hindraf case, they want it badly but the road to Rome is close today. Accept the RM 200K or move out since Hindraf or MIC were not there to help you from… Read more »


Heritage or not, if it’s time to go, you go!!


Hello Perfume Spray Yes, cattle ranchers are not stupid, but you are stupid. The land is sold during the watch of BN/UMNO with CHEAP price, of course BN/UMNO will do all it can at that time to convince the tenants to move out with some little “rewards”, so that BN/UMNO cronies can reap huge profit from the land. Nobody knows where you get the NST report from about Dr. Hilmi trying to “help”, do you keep all old copies of NST???? Even if the NST report is true, Dr Hilmi who is part of the administration responsible of selling the… Read more »


Forget idea of using Penang State fund to buy back land for residents in Kampung Buah Pala.

Can Hindraf launch a campaign to raise fund for state government to acquire land back? This is more meaningful for combative Hindraf in helping their indians.


Its funny how this thing whole argument is going. These supposedly Hindraf protestors say LGE can just sign a paper to stop something but LGE is saying the option to buy land is too expensive. LGE says nothing or little about amount offered by developer and the protestors are saying LGE is lying about the amount. Somehow its like they are having two different coversation and really its about talking to the media only. Who is the one NOT wanting to talk to the other and why?

Chan Kim Huat

I meant “I used” not “If used”

Sorry for the typo.

Chan Kim Huat

Actually where is Kg Buah Pala in Penang? If used Google Earth (,100.30524&z=16&t=h&hl=en)and found Lorong Buah Pala near the Kg Kastam (Customs Village) off Jalan Yeap Chor Ee. But there is no Kg Buah Pala. Thanks.

It’s in Bukit Gelugor, behind the Shell Station, just after the southern end of Green Lane. – Anil


The people have been fighting since 2005? why only started to fight in 2005 since they have been staying for 200 years? or they realised that it is their heritage land only after 2005?


This demonstration by Hindraf is totally disgraceful.

Hindraf doesn’t even have the courage to seek an accountability from Koh Tsu Koon who is responsible for this fiasco.

KTK and Gerakan members – not a single word uttered. They act as if nothing is happening.

Shame ! Shame ! Shame !


Anil, See I have already told you about how majority Penangites felt. Like it or not, when it touches the financial reserves of Penang State Government, many people would surely up at arms. It would be politically suicidal for LGE to buy back the land given to the development by Koh Tsu Koon’s government. Like the Famous Yes, Minister series, BN is playing “Pass the Parcels”. Now LGE is at the receving end on the Pass the Parcels game. And it’s ticking. Notice how Koh & Gerakan has been very silence over this especially they are the one who created… Read more »

Perfume Spray

The residents and the previous govt had been negotiating on this issue for years. See the below extract from the NST as related by the ex-DCM Hilmi Yahya. I am aware of this issue and been following on this for last several years. ============================================= On the Kampung Lorong Buah Pala issue, Dr Hilmi said the previous administration had discussed with the land owner and developer to help the 31 affected families then. Meanwhile, the NST learnt that 11 of the 31 families had since taken up the offer made by the previous administration. Those who opted for cash were given… Read more »

Perfume Spray

This is really the joke of the century by people who have eyes that do not see and have ears that do not hear by simply blaming everything on BN .
Luckily the villagers are smarter than many people here , at least they know who is the culprit .

Hahahaha please , please do me a favour go and ask the villagers and don’t think just because they are cattle ranchers they are stupid and gullible …

Perfume Spray

This is what the Cheap Minister of Penang says :: Penang Chief Minister Guan Eng makes several points: * The crisis was created under the previous BN administration; * The Buah Pala villagers should distinguish between their friends and those responsible for their predicament; This is what the villagers say : Villagers: “We want our land which is our life” The Kampung Buah Pala residents have released a statement today, expressing dissatisfaction with Pakatan politicians who had promised to defend their right to the land during the general election campaign last year. The villagers, who had earlier filed a complaint… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

15 months the lawyers were working with the Penang Pakatan Government without protest , yet , no result. LGE lied about the 200k compensation offered to the villagers…