Images from the DAP national convention


Some 1,000 delegates are attending the DAP national convention at a hotel in Ipoh today.

Photos by Kinta Kid (Click the arrow in the centre and then click the icon at the bottom right to toggle to full-screen slideshow mode)

The theme this year is “Transformasi Malaysia“.

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Most M’sians are apolitical but care deep enough to know the country has its back against the wall – the nation got rape while all stood still and took no notice – damage done to the tune of billions of ringgit. I’m not a card carrying member of any political cause but realising what I wrote above, many came out to vote last time round and as a consequence, UMNO fell in Selangor, Perak and Kedah while Ah Koon lost an island. Many have asked the obvious – the lack of a certain shade in the front lines of DAP… Read more »


LBJ, Not that easy, don’t think DAP wants to be the another garbage dump, see what’s happening to PKR!


DAP is the only pure bred political party that fights for a Malaysia for Malaysians!!!
The only lacking point in this ‘above average non-corrupted’ party is the leaders should concentrate and have an all out campaign to woo more non Chinese brains into the party. At least, half of top positions filled with non-Chinese. It is difficult but, must be made to be seen as not lack of trying.
Capturing Putra Jaya is one thing, building a political with a strong foundation enhanced with a multiu-racial taste is another….


Gerakan members. It is better off to join DAP.


I agreed with loose74, no point mentioning Gerakan any more! It is a party headed by (political) eunuch and has nothing to offer except kowtow.


Just change name to Cinta Malaysia lor.

Same ppl, diff party name and most importantly, no KTK…


“Kenapa semua orang cina saja” …lee

Bcos of the earlier demonisation by UMNO & MCA.
Things are changing, now they there are about 1,000.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Lee

DAP has a significant number of Indian members.

Lately, DAP has been attracting Malays as members. You can read about this on YB Teresa Kok’s blog.

DAP is also a member party of the Socialist International (international organisation of social democratic parties and labour parties, of which the most interesting and innovative include the Social Democratic Party of Sweden and the social democratic and labour parties of the Scandinavian countries).

My prediction is that some of the current DAP leaders will be Ministers in a future, more progressive Malaysian federal government.


Why DAP full of Chinese and not other races ?
DAP must invite more non chinese to join and to lead also to make it a malaysian party or opt into Keadilan which is truly multi racial.
Still Dap is doing a good job in Penang….cleaner and less corruption ! Syabas


Allahmak, DAP miskin sangat, beg-beg pun terbalek!

– Nevermind, DAP does not care as long as it’s Malaysian-made, colorful, cheap, strong and useful and able to contribute towards our struggle for a better Malaysia! LOL!!!!


Forget about Gerakan? Gerakan is a lost cause ever since Tan Chee Koon & Syed Alatas has left the party. Worst, it went downhill after Lim Chong Eu left the leadership.


To looes 74 Yes, bro, just trying to enlighten Gerakan K. You know he has got such a strong mind set, like previously when we were told by our elders, never to vote PAS as it is a party of Islamic extremists and so on and so forth. Remember how successful they were with the ability to brainwashed the entire community? Each time comes an election, the MCA’s favourite slogan was, “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS” which was devastatingly effective? Next, do you think the DAP’s war cry should be”A vote for BN is a vote… Read more »


O, Dr Lim Chong Eu has made a tactical error of yielding to Tub Razak, Najib dad. of course, Penang is not the same as in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew knew of UMNO’s intention, stood its ground & defeated UMNO’s onslaught on malay majority constituencies including Geylang Serai Even if Gerakan then had no choice, Gerakan should have maintained the bastion in Penang. Hey, they had won 20 seats out of 24. The dynamics in Penang is extremely pathetic to Gerakan. Besides, sharing power with hostile UMNO, They need to slug it out with MCA. First thing, Dr Lim should… Read more »



Our biggest error was not to listen to the call of Lee Kuan Yew during the final GE before their separation.

I do remember the Seenivasagam’s brothers contribution to Ipoh very much. For their contribution, Malaysians of all races still appreciate it, and today you cannot miss DR Park in Ipoh which in remembrance of DR Seenivasagam! Cheers.


DAP does not care what your colour is, as far as you are a Malaysian, capable, honest, competent, accountable, and transparent, you are welcome to join in the struggle for a better Malaysia! DAP works for a better and more efficient work force. DAP works for the betterment to upgrade and uplift the standard of living of all Malaysians, through its efforts to promote quality education to all, regardless of race or religion. DAP works for Malaysia and Malaysians. DAP works to upgrade the country to be a knowledge base economy through its efforts to promote the teaching of Science… Read more »


Kenapa semua orang cina saja ….mana multi racial society ?
Dap must appeal to all not just one race !
Keep up the good work as Penang is much cleaner and better administered under YAB CM Guan Eng- also less corruption.