Images from Sarawak PKR ceramahs


A couple more images from the PKR ceramah last night in Lawas, Sarawak, where a crowd turned up to listen to Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian.

In Kampung Long Tuma at 7.30pm

and in Kampung Siang-Siang at 9.30pm

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Sarawak Mariner/Diver

All Sarawakian Voters either in the Urban or rural area are to perform their Noble National Duty to vote out the BN in GE13. Spread these campaign to your friends and associates and that will goes into a network of National Duty until the GE13 to kick BN out of power. Do it without fail, friend to friend and associate to associate.


taib gotta call for more bomohs.

najib, what say you?

Yeap Cheng Liang

Sarawakian, forget about ‘you help me, i help you’, but remember to help yourself by make everything baru in Sarawak.

Kamsiah Yasin

Yes. Sarawakians must remember that any alternative government could bring better progress to them with less corruption to utilise the riches of the state for the people!!!


We really need a change but it seems that we may be deeply disappointed due to majority voters are gullible.. A little bit of sweet and candy the war is won. They used to be the warriors who feel so proud to live and so proud to die..but it’s gone with the winds where even Hornbills cry on the BALD forest high…. On top of that , the magic of David copperfield may help too at the ballot box ?? As seen previously large crowd does not guarantee Victory. More and more independance party (commercial fighter ?) coming in to… Read more »

Orang Lawas

wow…great response. This is very encouraging. Baru, I am confident you can make this time.