How the ruling elite remain in power


Basically through the ignorance of ordinary people in the street.

The mainstream media generally show little interest in educating people about the real issues; so many people tend to believe everything their leaders tell them.

Now, you might argue that we have the internet media to inform the public, but what percentage of people actually look up independent news websites?

The percentage of people attending opposition rallies is even smaller, perhaps less than one per cent.

Surely, our university students must be better informed. Don’t count on it: one lecturer told me that some students in a particular university even have trouble identifying who the prime minister of the country is. (On the bright side, at least they have not yet been brainwashed by BTN!) And I don’t think that’s mainly due to the UUCA, but perhaps the blame must lie in an education system that does not encourage students to think – let alone think critically about the issues of the day.

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Main stream media in Malaysia is just one of the many propaganda tools of the ruling elite, not a platform to inform and educate Malaysians. Many in the rural area don’t have any access with internet usage, even though independent online news can be read. The ‘race card’ in the hand of ruling elite is the triumph card that is time tested since independence, that will continue to play its pivotal role and sway the sentiment of Majority race toward the ruling elite during the election, together with the use of fear and ignorance factors effectively, ruling elite will continue… Read more »


If I were to broadcast the Invasion Of Mother Earth by 1-inch Aliens in October 2012, these permeable American minds will truly believe every words I said!
That’s how social media works in easy-to-listen-to-believe USA!
And that’s also how the Barang Naiki Sicko want you to believe in sex stories and deaths by sky diving out of windows.
Cheers to 1st world USA with Kopi-O kau kau from my Belum sanctuary of spiritual clearness of mind, body and spirit.
BTW, Fox Mulder’s (of X-Files) life mantra: “I Want To Believe” is never further from the truth!

semuanya OK kot

They tried to suppress or trivialise the Occupy movement. Before that, they tried to hide the servility of elected reps to big business, and the sham of their “democracy”. They successfully erased the trajedy of the Vietnam War, which is how they got to launch the current wars. Now, they are determined to turn common people into homeless slaves grateful for anything doled out. They are the most rabid racist and religious fanatics.

But what about Malaysians who still worship them. Thanks to these Malaysians, we may also be heading the same way.


The rich, wealthy industrialists of the elites, the highly paid and connected politicians and the proponents of Open Society are but some of the ugly facets of secret manipulators who intend to rule the poor and those going-to-be-poor not only in dream maker USA, but elsewhere where financial loopholes and political weaknesses in countries are ripe for their cannibalism. They will make no bones about cleaning off the assets of vulnerable countries or those in ‘the axis of evil’ in the name of IMF or World Bank or counter-terrorism to complete their slave mission. FYI, the US authorities have ordered… Read more »

Gerakan K

Yup, some people say LGE is our PM and DPM is Anwar.

Andrew I

Really? Who? Must be mixing with some mixed up people. Birds of a feather flock together.


And you are the one to believe all these lies. Could you have been drinking all these while


How can our media educate the people when they are all control by the ruling BN govt. They are not out to educate but to propaganda and brainwash the people by hook or by crook.

Dr. Amir

Dear Readers, It is not the media alone, not the university system, it is everything and anything. I guess any ruling party wants the citizens to believe in what they say and what they did is in the interest of the rakyat. I really want to see PR ruling Malaysia (which will not happen due to the uneven playing fields in the voting system) will they really open up Malaysia to that of the western system or even the Korean or the Japanese system of governing? I believe everything lies in the race itself, (those from a certain ethnic group)… Read more »

Gerakan K

Dr. Amir: I really want to see PR ruling Malaysia

Dr. Tan Tun Tin GK: OBJECTION !!! Saya tak nak hudud. Sila hormat kepada perlembagaan negara.

Andrew I

Dr. Tan Tun Tin GK. Getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Or is it the same as Dr. Frankenstein?


Just take for example – I’m amazed at the number of people who have been caught up in supporting the 1Malaysia campaign. I can’t blame them, I suppose.

Many of us really, really do wish it too work…. if it were for real.

But its not for real. Its a con job , just a slick propaganda campaign to ensure the survival in power of a crooked regime….

Mr 1Malaysia now spews race politics instead…

Asam Garam

Kalau cakap serupa bikin, negara Malaysia memang sekarang sudah maju lagi developed dan rakyat berpendapatan tinggi dapat menampung kos hidup yang betul betul barang naik harga !

Rakyat tertipu sepanjang masa ?