How Tajuddin’s boorish conduct united Malaysians in their outrage


Tajuddin Rahman’s appalling conduct at a press conference on 25 May after a collision between two light rail trains the night before outraged many viewers.  

The Prasarana chairman’s condescending dismissiveness of reporters’ probing questions, his lack of empathy for the victims and his sneering remark with racial overtones towards a woman reporter from China were apparent for all to see.

With his appalling conduct, he unwittingly succeeded in uniting the nation in the public backlash that followed. This was clear when stand-up comic Douglas Lim received many positive comments from a multiracial audience for taking the mickey out of Tajuddin’s appalling press conference in a spoof. Full article on Aliran website

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Tajuddin treated the press conference like his stand up comedy session. His proficiency in English is laughable. Douglas Lim should tell him talent us needed in telling jokes.


Watch this FB Live Harith Iskandar with Chef Wan, no-holds-bar & in your face discussion on racism, corruption, quota system etc in Malaysia:


Under what circumstances will you consider a non-Malay as PM?

There is NOTHING in the constitution to say that Malaysian Prime ministers must be Malay.

The ultra-nationalists demand PMs be Malay and some non-Malays, who have been conditioned by fear, agree with them.

All our PMs (had) Thai, Turkish, Arab, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian blood coursing through their veins. You also know which pseudo-Malay PMs betrayed us.

Ray of Light

Douglas Lim became more recognised now with his parody.

Likely he may get advertisement offers since he has reached out to multi-ethnic audience with his comic relief.

Douglas now appears to have stepped out of his local kopti tiam sitcom limits and may seize the opportunity to go international like Ronny Chiang in USA and Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger in UK?

He should be able to get the world to understand Malaysia more? We have wait and see.


Douglas Lim seized the day with breakout parody performance

Ray of Light

Advertisers loves those who can reach out to multi-ethic audiece.

Just look at comedian Harith Iskandar with a Chinese wife in so many tv commercials.

Douglas can speak decent Malay so he can capture the hearts of biggest comsumer group in Msia.


Douglas Lim can follow Friends to have a reunion show for Kopitiam? Tajuddin can be guest star.

Millennials can follow Kopitiam on Netflix.