High noon for Malaysia as Anwar makes his move


When Anwar Ibrahim made his move at noon, many Malaysians were sceptical about whether he really had the numbers for a “formidable majority” to bring down Muhyiddin Yassin’s government.

When Anwar Ibrahim made his move at noon, many Malaysians were sceptical about whether he really had the numbers for a “formidable majority” to bring down Muhyiddin Yassin’s government.

After all, in 2008, Anwar tried to take over the federal government by enticing MPs to switch camps, but the move fell flat. This time around, he had been quiet for some months now, prompting many to write him off.

But it looks like the “world’s longest prime minister-in-waiting” is on firmer ground now. He claims he has a solid majority – which doesn’t include the defectors – though it falls short of a two-thirds majority. When asked by journalists whether his slate of MPs includes former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar responded with an emphatic no. Full article on Aliran website

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Probably the PM-obsessed DSAI has fallen into Le Meridien entrapment set up by Umno to force the desperate PM8 to dissolve parliament and call for snap election, that could spell the decimation of PH YBs.

Bossku meanwhile provided comic relief in his FB by stocking up his cheesy Super Ring snack to mock DSAI.

Cpuld it be a false/fatal move by DSAI will bring curtain down to his political career, with DAP and Amanah being the collateral damage?

Wonder who to have the last laugh?


Umno is worried Anwar’s association with the Democratic Action Party and other non-Malay groups mean he will fundamentally change Malaysia’s preferential policies in the long term, which threatens their survival. Anwar has said publicly just last year that the “obsolete” race-based New Economic Policy (NEP) must be dismantled.

PAS views Anwar as being too liberal and his appointment as PM as a threat to their goal of establishing a more pious and religious Islamic state.



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This is getting comical. Someone seems unable to recognise the front door, and cannot help seeking the back door. When the PM has not resigned or been ousted in Parliament, what is this guy trying to prove?


End of the road for Reformasi as desperate DSAI embraced tainted Umno folks to be PM9?

Warisan++ to replace Pakatan Harapan?