‘Hard Talk’ with Mahathir, Husam and Saifuddin Nasution


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Penang Forum should pursue electric car sharing concept to relieve the hazardous carbon footprints on congested island.



Penang Forum can look into this scheme.

SL Tay

AZMIN: Mahathir insaf, siapalah Najib…

Selama 20 tahun tidak gentar lawan Tun Dr. Mahathir, apatah lagi berhadapan Najib ‘cicak mengkarung’

SL Tay

Umno deployed populist policies years before Europe and the U.S. caught on, including spending billions annually on cash handouts and other aid for lower-income Malaysians. Race also plays a part: UMNO was set up to champion the needs of the ethnic Malays that make up about 69 percent of the population. (Chinese are 23 percent and Indians 7 percent). In 2016, Najib warned that Malays would be “beggars” in their own lands and that Islamic institutions would fall should the opposition take over. That said, ethnic and political discord trail far behind economic concerns as priorities for voters, according to… Read more »


Najib has promised PAS and Hadi that Umno will support RUU355. Most legal experts believe that once RUU355 is passed by Parliament, it will be the first step in altering Malaysia’s largely secular federal constitution. The unwritten deal between Hadi and Najib is that once Najib wins the general election, Umno will (allegedly) adopt RUU355 as a government bill. The electoral strategy is for PAS to play “spoiler” at GE14 by creating as many three-cornered fights as possible in 110 to 120 rural Malay-Muslim seats, which are targeted by Dr Mahathir’s party, Bersatu, and PAS splinter party, Amanah. Traditionally, three-cornered… Read more »


Thank you for the video. Today newspaper is unreadable too much report on UMNO assembly.


GE14 likely before or after Cheng Beng as outstation Chinese likely not return home twice in short period to deny Harapan the Chinese votes.


Malaysia must return to its traditions of compromise, conciliation, tolerance and compassion in Islam as it has diverged from the path despite the government’s push for moderation, said constitutional law expert Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi. The emeritus professor at Universiti Malaya, who is under police investigation for one of his newspaper articles on Islam, said Malaysia’s founding fathers had built a country that was different from other Muslim countries, setting an example on how to succeed in inter-communal living. “Malaysia was an exemplar to Third World countries (and) Muslim countries up until the 1990s. Then we sort of made a… Read more »


UMNO leaders are deliberately distorting the message in their speeches as the party grows desperate to win over the support of different communities ahead of the next general election, said opposition Pakatan Harapan vice-president Mukhriz Mahathir. According to Mukhriz, recent speeches by two top Umno leaders were contradictory and clearly meant to deceive their audience. He cited the speech by Umno’s Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil during the recent party general assembly, where she claimed that veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang would become prime minister if the opposition won the next elections. “Then she says ‘emperor’ Lim Kit Siang… Read more »


The most interesting statement was made by Najib’s aide Ishan Jalil, that Pakatan has forgotten the Chinese vote, taken them for granted. It’s so racist because it assumes and therefore accuses the Chinese of only caring about their selfish interest, and their issues, concern is not what is good for the nation and everyone.

SL Tay

PAS Masuk Pilihanraya Nak Menangkan UMNO-BN

UMno concedes Kelantan to PAS, PAS splits votes for UmNO to regain Selangor(?)


Isa has the Port Dickson immunity card and will be set free from any charges on Felda wrongdoings. Right now Umno is having sandiwara to deflect the attention from 1MDB scandal.


If they want to reach to wider audience , pls put subtitles.
We do and still do have a lot of overseas Malaysians.


Anil, the comments and comment panel under Readers’ Alert seem to be missing. I could be mistaken.

Anil Netto

Thanks for informing me. Not sure what happened there. Will see if there is anything I can do about it.