Hahaha, you can’t legislate against laughter


One of the unanticipated outcomes of yesterday’s Nowhere-to-Hide… I mean, Nothing-to-Hide forum was that it led to half the nation ROFLOL (rolling on the floor, laughing out loud).

You can legislate against ‘sedition’ and peaceful assembly; you can take action against opposition politicians, editors and cartoonists – but there is not much you can do when half the nation is spreading jokes via social media about Najib’s no-show at yesterday’s ill-named “Nothing-to-Hide” forum on 1MDB. Unless you come up with a National Laughter Act.

I have lost count of the number of cartoons, jokes and witty remarks I have received following Najib’s no-show at the forum. (I must say Malaysians are a witty lot!)

You can bet these have received wide exposure on social media (including WhatsApp), which has replaced traditional media as the primary source of news for younger Malaysians. They provide a welcome relief from our regular diet of dire economic news, the latest being the worrying slide in the ringgit.

Whatever you might think of Mahathir, he has succeeded in turning the tables on Najib just by showing up and trying to tell all while the self-proclaimed “warrior” stayed away after the IGP’s cancellation of the forum.

Najib’s “warrior spirit” remarks could enter the Malaysia Book of Records as the most famous last words before a downfall.

Perhaps Mat Sabu may have hit on something a couple of years ago when he asked Malaysians to laugh out loud and publicly at those who have lost much credibility. (Watch the clip from 6:15)

In an environment of repressive laws, however, private laughter and mirth may yet prove to be one of the most effective strategies of the weak and disempowered. Don’t underestimate such humour – especially as an expression of dissatisfaction and unease with the lack of accountability over the huge 1MDB scandal. A bit like the crescendo of whispers in the fable that the emperor has no clothes or, in this case, the prime minister has no … never mind.

Could the barrage of secret jokes be another of the Weapons of the Weak (which is actually a book by Yale University political scientist James C Scott researching into “everyday forms of peasant resistance” in Malaysia). Or another manifestation of Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts (another book by Scott), which includes private jokes among the oppressed as a form of resistance. (A social scientist referred me to these books when I asked him about the ‘weapons of the weak’.)

Well, after what we witnessed yesterday, I don’t think an army of public relations consultants will be able to repair the damage done to the Prime Minister’s credibility. Like Humpty Dumpty after a big fall…

Excuse me while I go back to ROFLOL @ #NowhereToHide

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gk ong

Tunku Ismail of Johor said this:

“How can you have a dialogue called Nothing2Hide featuring a person who has everything to hide? Obviously he won’t show up,”

“For those who have been entrusted with the responsibility, do not blame the people for losing confidence and trust in you, but think of why they no longer have the confidence and trust in you.”

gerak khas

Part 2 of the Najib vs Mahathir pokemon fight has just been released on Youtube, featuring Rosmah’s “If tomorrow never come” singing as weapon.


“The prices paid for Genting Sanyen and Ananda’s IPP were well above market price. Genting Sanyen and Powertek were nearing expiration of their licences. Had 1MDB waited until the licences expired, the price would be next to nothing. “Why did 1MDB not wait until the expiry of the licence is a mystery. Genting and Ananda clearly made more money than they were entitled to. One estimate is that the high price netted the sellers an extra RM3 billion. Besides they are relieved of the loan of RM6 billion. “So not only is the borrowing costly but the high cost of… Read more »

Elias MJ

1MDB saga continues to drag down the value of Ringgit.
Our purchasing power is eroded big time.
Nabob and BN must go!


Malaysia’s ringgit is sliding toward its fixed exchange rate of a decade ago and Bank Negara assurances the weakness will prove temporary aren’t convincing everyone. Macquarie Bank Ltd. is reviewing its year-end forecast of 3.75 per dollar after the currency sank last week to within 0.7% of a 3.80 peg imposed by former prime minister Tun Mahathir in 1998, during Asia’s financial crisis. Westpac Banking Corp and Macquarie say it’s just a matter of time before that threshold is tested, given waning demand for emerging-market currencies as the US moves closer to raising interest rates.



Video Mahathir VS Najib – Pokémon style battle

This is trending now, viral on social media!


Young rural kids growing up playing.Pokemon cards as internet access limited. LKW if in opposite camp will devise such be-end pokemon style cards for free distribution to clamping to counter BTN doctrines/brainwashing.
Pokemon cards indicate strength and weaknesses. Jibbie one must rank high in hiding powers!


LKW will have to design new Pokemon games to provide Jibby with more weapons, eg. Cincin to fight off Mahathir.


Oops, you’ve been duped!
For about a year now, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir ‘s relentless campaign for the resignation of Prime Minister DS Najib has yet to succeed…………………

Many Malaysians are a funny lot in that a great percentage thinks they have been empowered by democratic space in Internet and that the country must dance to their tune with the click of a mouse to post a comment, update or share something in social media.

Now I am waiting to see who shall have that last laugh…..


“It is a definite sign of trouble when things can no longer be called by their usual names or described in plain speech.” – George Orwell
“To learn who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticise.” – Kevin Strom
“The amount of comedy permitted in a society is an indicator of freedom. There should be no immunity from laughter.” – Eric Idle

Ed G

The use of PR and advertising to prop up the images of the PM and his administration have been used for far too long and frequent (since TDM’s era) so-much-so that they have lost their appeals to the general public. After all, PR execises are no subtitute for bad products in the long run.

Phua Kai Lit


Let’s see, weakening RM is not due to very poor financial mismanagement by our
1Finance Minister or 1MDB.
It is:

1) Anwar Ibrahim’s fault
2) Sarawak Report’s fault
2) Lim Guan Eng, the DAP and CAT’s fault
3) Dr Mahathir’s fault
4) The fault of pro-Opposition bloggers
5) All of the above !

gk ong

Najib blames Tun M for democratisation of information on internet and social media.

Is he willing to clamp down internet freedom to hide the truth from rakyat? Wrong advice by Lim Kok Wing?


Plus, you are being too an obsessive sycophant. Whatever you should know it’s not totally mismanagement or it could also in a way be contributed by them by the way they demonize the country. Did you know that most of the world currency now down compared to the US. Japanese yen is now at it’s more than 10 years low. Who are you going to blame.


Yes as predicted because its crystal clear.

Ed G

Sukaguam’s version for Najib’s no-show is totally different from the IGP’s.

Ed G

You are quite right as these two are fit to occupy the bottom two notches among all other PMs of Malaysia with Mahathir still being the number 1 from the bottom.


(The Rakyat Post) – Online blog Sarawak Report has come under attack again for misleading publications related to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), with another online blog Benchmark accusing the former of withholding key documents.

1MDB repaid RM3.6 billion today

As the truth start prevailing, we shall soon see who has the last laugh. Najib will turn out to be a better PM than Mahathir and time will attest to it.


Most people I know fear for Malaysia: poor leadership, worsening economy, falling Ringgit, increasing cost of living, poor education system, communal politics… sigh!

So please do not amuse ourselves with the silly antics of Najib and Mahathir when they are playing hide and seek.


When there is an infighting among the Malay leaders, they tend to find fault with other races. So no different this time as Tun M has made references to Chinese a few times to anger the Malays to gain support because (some of) the Malays never admit their leaders are at fault. The Malays should see that they could be led by non Malay leaders. Look at what Lee Kuan Yew has done for the Malay and Indian communities in Singapore. Today Singaporeans enjoy strong Singapore dollar with better purchasing power than most Malays and Indians in Malaysia. We must… Read more »

gk ong

Malaysian Ringgit slumped to a new all-time low against the Singapore dollar yesterday, intraday low of 2.7724! No laughing matter for those currently on overseas holiday.

Stylo Logan

Middle income folks in the cities are hurt by falling Ringgit that erodes their purchasing power on imported goods to suit their affluent lifestyle.
No impact to
1.rich people (likely have too much cash and already invest in other currencies)
2. Poor people (kampung folks) as they believe in Bank Negara, BN, BR1M, KR1M,….


The ringgit tumbled to its lowest level against the dollar since 2006, following better than expected U.S. non-farm payroll data in May.

ANZ Senior FX Strategist Khoon Goh spoke to Bloomberg TV Malaysia’s Han Tan, about the factors that could impact the ringgit’s performance in the coming months.

Phua Kai Lit

When the wily old fox comes around, the feathered avian creatures certainly need to watch out

Amutu Nwakaeme

The mural of M at Alor Setar reminds Jibbie not to offload the son as MB?


for those who watch Astro Awani, it appears that the tone starts to portray M in a better light probably becoz the paymaster not engage the producer and hired LKW instead ?

Don’t believe go watch video snippets concerning M like “Dia Tak Bohong” reagrading that Pandikar issue being played before prime news……….

M or N, hopefully bila 2 gajahs bertembung the benefits of kancils (rakyat) not being compromised !

eng hock

Some will be equally pleased that Soi Lek-liked wall mural being portrayed on Upper Penang Road wall as a beca man instead of as that hotel man.

eng hock

Now that DAP do not want third party to mend severed ties initiated by Hadi, it means MCA may also need another LKW to strategise as MCA has used PAS’s Hudud to bombard DAP for past 3 years at least.
I bet Aninetto now doing reserach to publish a paper on The New Order of Malaysia; with inputs from iyangsuper feeding ready made LKW expected pointers to save Anil’s time to engage in laborious reserach; and now have to focus on PKR/DAP perpectives.


Hadi is clearly pushing for a malay unity government with the Umno led by a very desperate Najib. Now that DAP has severed ties with PAS, soon MCA will have confront Umno for collaborating with PAS/Hadi including hudud. Not sure if Liow and Wee have the …. to take on its political master Umno.

Meanwhile Yang should stop defending Najib who is paying Lim Kok Wing to do the job. Why bother when you are not being rewarded by Najib? I could be wrong as Yang could be a Gerakan agent sucking up to Umno.

Phua Kai Lit

I came across this joke on the Internet:

a) Tunku Abdul Rahman – Bapa Kemerdekaan
b) Tun Abdul Razak – Bapa Pembangunan
c) Tun Hussein Onn – Bapa Perpaduan
d) Tun Dr Mahathir – Bapa Pemodenan
e) Tun Abdullah Badawi- Bapa Mertua KJ
f) Datuk Seri Najib – suami Rosmah

Amutu Nwakaeme

It means from your list a) to d) we see something to do with nation. from the era of e) and f) our leaders want us to care more on filial piety and loyalty to father in laws and wives?
Yangisuper may not ROFLOL about this and may restrategize with LKW to counter such ROFLOL ?


Najib is Bapa Slogan or Bapa Akronim.


What about Bapa Mirzan and Bapa Koridor?

Phua Kai Lit

Nobody respects the 1PM anymore. Not even within UMNO Baru-BN.
They only respect the colour of the $$$ he is dishing out to stay in power !
(It’s our tax payer money, folks)


Hé knows how to target ignorant poor folks in rural area. So hé wants poor malays to be uneducated to deveive them with easy money?


There is speculation that 2 ministers will resign and many will desert Najib. There is speculation that when the DPM returned from overseas, thousand will greet him and he may confront Najib. There is none. Mahathir told the people that Pandikar and this so and so will resign but they never did. Instead he was played out. He thought he can get rid of Najib with his allegation and confront him in the dialogue but was in fact played out. Cartoonist, bloggers and commentators here even made stupid and idiotic cartoon remarks but were left delirious with fever. Mahathir is… Read more »


Mahathir legacy being reminded n revived with Wall Mural at Alor Setar’s heritage Pekan Melayu/Pekan Cina area?

Amutu Nwakaeme

there’s speculation among 7000 followers of anilnetto.com whether iSuper is a reformed Gerakan K having realised that Yang of now is actually a different Yang of 2 years ago. The reboot Yang could be Gerakan K in disguise among the speculation as well. LOL LOL LOL !

eng hock

infamous regular names eg tunglang or gk ong can be hijacked easily to mask the real identity of future cybertrooper especially before next GE to confuse the 7000 followers !

so such regulars must guard their “registered” names with Anil being a fair guardian.


To the sycophants of the opposition who are laughing, I am waiting to see who shall have the last laugh.


To those who are talking of credibility of Naijib they must be naive and ignorant. How much credibility does the CAT & senior, Defacto, DAP or PKR have when they have have already rubbed shoulder with the devil M that have lost billions or lock them up under Operation Lallang. We don`t need credibility anymore cos all have none unless you can prove Najib otherwise. Now its either me or you and that`s matter but you can bet on it that Pakatan PKR & DAP shall vanquish now that we have PAS in the card. Better ask the CAT and… Read more »


While certaintly Najib has become a collosal joke. What is not so funny is the fact the joke is still in power when he should not be – all thanks to Hadi & Co. There is no doubt that Najib would be finished, even with all the money and favour he dished out, if not for Hadi & Co..

So for those who were ROFLOL – remember that the tens of billions lost and will be lost possibly up to Hundred billion ringgit range because of Najib – Hadi & Co are now co-responsible for it..


The term “najib” a verb in social media mangling or homeland English meaning to not show up without a reason.


Hadi & Co keeping Najib in power? I won’t be too sure of that.

There was a report that this afternoon, when an after-shock shook the Kinabalu Park headquarters at about 1:35pm, several VIPs ran out.

Notably, there was Muhyiddin… and Hadi.

I do not recall Hadi being known to visit disaster sites in Peninsular Malaysia, much less far off Sabah.

Which begs to big question: Why was the newly re-elected PAS president on a trip with the DPM? Any cause for Najib to be sleepless in Saudi Arabia?


New order is expected.
even in the realm of anilnetto.com we witnessed camp switching like Yang Bertulang reserve the bones not for the cats anymore ? No surprise isuper become a darling of the meows in near future if being offered the vacant pas spots in Penang?

gk ong

Hadi ‘aligned’ with DPM in Sabah, to show their presence in Sabah as prihatin leaders instead of traveling overseas in time of crisis, flood or earthquake.


One thing for sure: the Mt Kinabalu spirits know the depth of hearts of men, including these opportunistic politicians. Whatever their intentions, the midday tremors have sent a dire warning not to bluff the people no more.
My challenge to these politicians: hike up the mountain & reveal their intentions in action.
No crocodile tears, pls.


All it take a little fake smile or laughter to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken they really are !!!!!

And I am afraid for these injured soul cos they go the way of Robin William


BUT THANKS TO HADI & CO, Najib don’t need much credibility if at all.. Hadi & Co actually owe Rafizi & Tony Pua a bid debt that Mahathir has taken THEIR issue and a bigger star than them..Hadi & Co may actually owe THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AN ENTIRE REFORM MOVEMENT – a completely new and different government in Putrajaya no less. Hadi & Co are co-liable for the BILLIONS that Najib are losing and will lose further…


Now he is ‘Ah Chick Kor’!


Ayam RM1!


Now it’s getting from bad to worse.The whole nation is watching, anyway !