Gutter journalism


Today’s front page of the Malay Mail is a regrettable example of gutter journalism. It features a headline story about nude photos of a Selangor female politician circulating in the public domain.

The photos were believed to be taken using a camera phone without her consent by a former boyfriend while she was sleeping.

“The Malay Mail played dirty by putting a picture of a bare-backed woman next to the story,” said one political analyst, who described it as “gutter politics”.

On the front cover, an unrelated photo of a bare-backed female Formula One driver on the right is staring towards the left at the bold headline of the Selangor nude photos story, “Fury over bedroom invasion”.

Apart from the juxtapositioning of an unrelated picture next to a sensationalist story, the choice of front-page story is revealing.

We are being struck by probably the greatest global economic downturn since the Great Depression – and some are predicting that it could be worse than that. Manufacturing and exports are nose-diving, workers are being laid off, others are struggling to cope with the high cost of living. Many ordinary people are suffering.

That’s not all. The Selangor state government is in the midst of crucial negotiations to take over water assets from private concessionaires who are eyeing a tariff hike. Perak is experiencing a major constitutional crisis.

None of these merits front page coverage in the Malay Mail, which instead has other priorities in its bid to sell more newspapers.

Disclosure: I contributed a few stories to the Malay Mail during last August’s Permatang Pauh by-election upon their request.

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UMNO maybe evil, but I believe they are not blackhand for this scandal.

(I believe:)

1. It’s PKR own people are toppling Eli.

2. The photos are taken with Eli’s knowledge.

3. Not her ex-boy friend distributing the photos.

More details are slowly come out to reveal the truth of this scandal.

Those people who blindly to condemn BN or UMNO shall be more rational. PR with fanatic supporters is no different with BN.

… In my opinion, PR is evil as BN.

k c low

Eli and CSL, both of you have done nothing wrong. Those who have done this will be CURSED FOREVER including their generations to come. As in the old saying, curse in any form will come true. To those …, you may be laughing and enjoying your lowdown achievement but when the curse takes place, see who is laughing.


For our YM RPK, Eli, MB Nizar and all our other “Fighters”, if you have done & given your best for what you believe in, as one of the “Defenders of truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality” have no fear, as God Almighty hears your voice. Remember “What goes round, will come round to these Desperate “UMNO Beggars” SOON. Through “Devine Intervention”, the “Opressors” will “FAIL” & God Almighty will ensure “Justice” will be done. May God Almighty bless, protect & guide all our “Defenders of Truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality”. This great nation, its assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia… Read more »


to “Phua Kai Lit on February 18th, 2009 at 9.26am ”

what?? u expect that toyo to be a gentleman? … how could he be a gentleman?

i say down with umno!
i say down with bn!
including mca/mic dan lain lain lagi.

let PR rule!!


Phua Kai Lit

My very strong support goes to Elizabeth Wong.

As for the ex-MB of Selangor, can you just
keep quiet and behave like a true gentleman?


YB Elizabeth Wong, take heart and do not fret over a dirty newspaper’s tactics… in league with dirty minded, perhaps sex-starved persons who would stoop to the level of … it is their style! The Malay Mail is digging its own grave… fine day it will stop being in the gutter,as it is now, it is going to disappear from the scene completely….good riddance to some dirty rubbish… It is not enough saying that you have every right to sleep in the nude in your own home…. the dirty filthy …. took those pictures would need to be whipped publicly…you… Read more »


i strongly hated the dirty trick by the so called malaysian leader in power. what are they doing, they should focus more in economic and not playing dirty tricks. i do not believe the ex-boyfriend will just put up the photo without any “benefit” in hand, who will enefit most from this. We are not the malaysian we were 10-20 years ago. if given another chance, i will not think twice of who i should be voting. our economy will definitely go down the drain,no thanks to the so called politician, when the world is focusing on economy , we… Read more »


Boycott MM, NST and Utusan. Blacklist all those botox face and B.End corrupts. What CSL and EW did are their own rights and privacy. They served the rakyat well, they spoke out for human rights, they fight for the people’s welfare and livelihood. They stand up for the deprived, the poor and the victimised. We respect you as a leader, you are a real person, a normal human being trying hard to lead a nation/community the best you can, to serve the people as much as you can and to save this country from going rotten in the corrupt, hypocrits… Read more »


This is most disgusting and disturbing! I’m sadden and furious, how low can those moronic …. go in their political game? – peeping into bedrooms, under the sarongs and into people’s private lives, that’s gross invasion of persons’ privacy! Having said that, I am saddened and disappointed by the quality of some PKR politicians who can’t even be discrete with their sex lives?!! Look at the two Perak PKR toadies that caused the downfall of PR State Government! Unforgiveable and Perakians are still very angry. Those two PKR State Assemblymen were hardly embarrassed or ashamed when ‘caught and exposed’ they… Read more »


Circulating nude pics of a woman is akin to raping her publicly. However, I would reserve my judgement on her innocence until I see more details emerge. I wouldn’t want to be fooled by the propaganda fed by the PR spin machine just like in the case of ADUN V. Arumugam. Let’s not pre-judge and say this is an act of political assassination. PR supporters did the same and ended with egg on their faces in the issue of V. Arumugam. Mike Mah : Not sure what pics you are referring to. People who had actually seen it says there… Read more »

MIke Mah

Elizabeth Wong has nothing to worry about. I’ve seen the photos and they are very grainy photos of her sleeping fully clothed. But why did that gutter newspaper blow up the matter over some trivial non-issue? Trying to help BN?


to…”Eric on February 16th, 2009 at 4.51pm …”

eric, just joking lah. caught in a sudden outburst mood.

of course i am STAYING to FIGHT THEM!

as dsai says, LAWAN TETAP LAWAN!!!

they’ve got only thousands of bad eggs (90% in umno, 10% in army, judiciary,police,etc…), we’ve got MILLIONS of good souls!!



Arggggggggggggggggggg……………….when can we flush those b….. into the potties…?

Cant stand to see their ****-all face no more.


like malaysian came down from those trees and yesterday was their
first day in the world! like malaysian have yet to see the world let alone know the world! like naked woman did not originate till Elizabeth Wong! and all women don’t have the same thing as Elizabeth Wong! and most pathetic of all – all women don’t have emotions!


Sue Malay Mail reporters immediately. Ban the paper!


It is just another cheap trick of … and his cronies. How many millions did this innocent woman reject from you? It is not wrong for a woman to be naked in her own privacy? Arrest the boyfriend first. And put into bars all those papers who are ridiculing her. You b……..! You are the dirty crooks who … sleep around. Elizabeth stand up for your right girl. DOn’t worry. We are here for you dear. SAVE ELIZABETH DEAR LORD!


After all have been said about Khir Toyo. Nothing has been done. Police is no going to do anything. Shall all Malaysians including those Melayu/Malays come out and protest against this Khir Toyo?…


As Najib Razak makes his final bid to thrust himself upon us as Malaysia’s 6th PM, the reek of hell can be discerned all the way from Putrajaya to the Titiwangsa Range. My fellow Malaysians, are you going to watch silently as the most scandal-plagued politician within memory attempts to insinuate his way into power – backed by other moral **** who can think only of their own access to ill-gotten gains… and who fear an end to the Umno gravy train when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government?


YB Elizabeth, we always behind you. … In fact toyo should apologise to YB Eli.

Phar Kim Beng

It is sad to see journalists descending to such depth to cruficy a perfectly innocent assemblywoman. Sigh.


For goodness sake don’t compare YB Wong with that … CSL. There is no basis for comparison, …CSL is a willing participant in adultery and he was entrapped. In YB. Wong case, she is a victim of invasion of privacy. Botox face, you are no better than CSL, your filths have yet to surface so don’t cast the first stone. Malay Mail is a gutter press, don’t call that breaking news or sensational news, it is sleaze and invasion of privacy. YB Wong, your privacy has been invaded, sue the gutter paper and the person responsible. YB. Wong you have… Read more »


Malaysia is such a funny country – lie, cheat and steal millions from the national coffers- no biggie. Biasalah,tu. Someone takes pics of u sleeping in the nude – wow, national sin. Let’s stone her , shall we? Folks – news flash! 2009 here. Even if Eli was doing something other than sleeping, so what? She is a 37 year old single non muslim woman in the privacy of her home. Who is she cheating or hurting? Let us not impose our interpretation of morality on her. If Eli is guilty of anything – it is poor choice in men.… Read more »


It is interesting what she said about the Chua Soi Lek affair.

Chua Soi Lek should now be a gentleman and come to her defence.

As for Khir Toyo – He is the …… ……… in the country.


There is nothing wrong with, to be nude in private place ,is life everybody geos nude in private,in shower ,in bed so what’s the fuss about it.the person who release the pictures is an idiot (probably) all out for money…
Be strong fight to the end,we all support you